Why a WordPress designer should be your first choice

Why a WordPress designer should be your first choice

WordPress designer

WordPress is the dominant website platform globally. Recent statistics indicate that WordPress holds nearly 34% of the market share globally. That means each and every website ever built. Additionally if you look at websites that are built on a CMS – content management system, WordPress dominates the market holding a strong 60.5% of the global market share. By choosing a WordPress designer, you are selecting a professional that can work with over 60% of the websites published globally.

 A WordPress designer has the widest resources

First of all, WordPress is open source. This means that no one person holds the copyright to the code. There are hundreds of thousands of developers that work on WordPress related software everyday and make it available – Free. This means that you do not have to pay over the odds for additional development. Your developer may need to make a few changes to code that has already been published, but they wont have to start from scratch. This is why a good developer can deliver a site that looks like ten thousand pounds for less than two thousand pounds.

Integration is easy and effective

Integrating other important parts of your digital strategy is easy with WordPress. Your WordPress designer will also be experienced in implementing good SEO practice. This means that your Website will not only look good, but will also be technically sound. SEO will be effective and you wont have to worry about common technical issues such as page speed and visibility.

After sales support is inexpensive

One of the  pros to a WordPress site is that once built, they are very difficult to break. Your developer should have a backup copy of the site and the database. If it has been properly indexed with Google, within days the site content will be stored elsewhere. This means if your site gets hacked or accidentally deleted it should take hours rather days to restore it to health.I always recommend an after sales support contract, at least for the first year, while you get your head around the dashboard and console.

Obsolete is a word WordPress doesn’t know

Because of its market share the worlds most popular CMS may update regularly, but it will not be rendered obsolete. Not for the next few generations anyway. The fact that WordPress is now being used to develop hybrid apps illustrates how it is developing in tandem with global tech advances. Everyday new themes designed for the current digital market are released at a fraction of the price that it would cost to develop a whole new site inhouse. Your WordPress expert will hold a developers licence for hundreds if not thousands of theme options. This means that if your theme is updated under their licence, so will your website.

Keeping the cost down

An experienced Web designer including those that develop WordPress will work within a team, Even successful freelancers are well networked with SEO specialists and expert programmers. They will themselves have high level training in PHP or have an associate that is. Having knowledge of SEO, Server management, organic and paid search as well as marketing makes your developer valuable. Whilst the overall development will still incur fees, you are likely to find a team that doesn’t break the bank.

The final result is value for money

WordPress has evolved to be visible. Some of the best software engineers in the world build its ever growing ecosystem. Building your website using this CMS means that you benefit from the best of the best and don’t even have to pay copyright fees. The core is already designed for optimal SEO. In many instances you simply have to fill in the blanks. The updates are free, although it may be best to pay maintenance to an experienced developer. That way you know updates run smoothly.

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