6 Little-Known Factors That May Help To Grow Your Blog

6 Little-Known Factors That May Help To Grow Your Blog


The concept of blogging in and of itself is pretty simple. The execution of a good marketing plan based on blogging, however, is anything. There are many reasons why you will or will not succeed or fail to grow your blog.

If your blog is under-performing, you need to figure out how to grow your blog. Below are six ways bloggers can audit both the content itself and how that content is being delivered and promoted. Which of these stand out when you think about your blog in its current state?

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The Layout And Text Format

In terms of how you present written blog content, breaking up text into small bites is a good strategy. Two to three sentences per paragraph are plenty.

Presenting the content in this way does two things. First, it creates the illusion of a smaller amount of reading. Several short paragraphs of about 60 or 70 words each look far less daunting than a single 200-word brick of text.

You can also paginate your blog articles to create the illusion of fewer words and make the reader click to read the next section. This can drastically reduce bounce, and that leads to better page rankings.

The Degree of SEO Optimization

There are many considerations successful bloggers have when developing an SEO strategy, but the on-page SEO considerations are the most important. Here are several ways to help build and grow your blog:

  • Keep the content relevant to its target audience
  • Produce blog post content that is 500 words or more (longer-form content is better)
  • Research keywords for every piece – never recycle them
  • Utilize meta tags and descriptions on every page
  • Use mouseover text in images to seed with relevant keywords
  • Keep image dimensions around 600×400
  • Keep image sizes as small as possible – use a resizing app to optimize all images

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The Way New Posts are Promoted

Make good use of all promotional resources. That means always sharing new blog content on social media and sending autoresponders to your entire email list to alert to new posts and other updates. Spending a little money on paid ads can also be very advantageous.

We recommend focusing advertising efforts on the social networks where your blog gets the most engagement and expanding out from there.

Levels of Engagement With Your Audience

Install and use a tracking app that provides all of that information and use the data to determine how to engage your audience best.  Zero in on details like individual page engagements, post engagements, comments, shares, and responses to CTAs in particular.

Depending on what the data shows, making a few changes or shifting the focus of your blog a little could be necessary. If the goal is to expand your audience, you’ll need to think about their wants and needs ahead of your preferences.

How You Use Visuals

Try to steer away from stock photos, especially ones that have already gotten considerable mileage on social media. Using branded, original visuals whenever possible is the best strategy. If your current budget doesn’t allow it, at least choose stock and royalty-free images that haven’t already been used to represent a dozen other brands.

All of the above factors can have a direct effect on job performance. We recommend doing a full audit to determine how your blog measures up against the optimization measures suggested above and make the changes necessary to boost engagement.


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