LinkedIn Announces New Ad Research and Insights Series to Help Marketers

LinkedIn Announces New Ad Research and Insights Series to Help Marketers


LinkedIn has this week announced two new initiatives designed to help LinkedIn marketers make the most of their on-platform promotion efforts.

The first is LinkedIn Ad Review, a monthly series which will look to highlight a brand and campaign that’s performed well on the platform, providing key insights and tips for advertisers.

As explained by LinkedIn:

Every month in the LinkedIn Ad Review will shine a spotlight on a top-performing piece of LinkedIn Sponsored Content. In the Review, we’ll analyze why the Sponsored Content’s headline, visual, and copy work together to get across the brand’s message.”

And for the first month, LinkedIn has offered a few free, general LinkedIn ad tips:

  • Get Specific – Don’t be afraid to tailor your content to the audiences that need and value it most.
  • Make It Human – Adding a human, relatable element to your content helps your audience members see themselves in the story.
  • Don’t Overthink It – Not all content needs to be complicated – if you’d click, it’s likely that your community will, too.

​The first campaign highlighted is a recent LinkedIn sponsored post from Autodesk.

LinkedIn Autodesk ad example

LinkedIn offers an overall analysis of the Autodesk ad, along with some key tips, linked back to the above-noted focal points, on why this specific promotion works:

  • First, it’s specific. It’s about can manufacturing. I don’t know how you get more specific than that.
  • Second, it’s human. Even though the photo is a metallic manufactured good, the questions surrounding the can spur the curiosity of engineers, the target market, by implying that a satisfying answer will be given to those who click through.
  • Third, Autodesk didn’t overthink it. The can is a simple but engaging image, and the ad delivered a well above benchmark CTR of 1.49%. For the many who did click through, the ad leads to a landing page that includes a video about how a company called Can Lines Engineering relies on Autodesk. This video works seamlessly with the can image in the Sponsored Content.

​The tips provided could be a big help for marketers looking to maximize their LinkedIn content performance, while also sparking inspiration for those who may be considering the same. LinkedIn’s ‘Ad Review’ posts will be published monthly on the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog.

The second initiative that LinkedIn’s rolling out is a new, weekly ‘Research and Insights’ program, which will highlight key tips on “how and why people buy, who those buyers are on LinkedIn and more”.

This series is designed to be quick and to the point, with little graphics related to key platform stats to help get marketers thinking.

LinkedIn thought leadership stat graphic

This is the type of bite-sized insight you can expect. It’s not much, but it just might evoke a key thought, a key revelation in your approach which could help you re-frame your on-platform campaigns. 

LinkedIn social media research stat graphic

LinkedIn says that it will highlight these weekly stats on its LinkedIn Marketing Solutions page on the site – if you’re interested in learning more, it may be worth giving the page a follow.  

Both initiatives add a little more LinkedIn insight, provide a little more of a push to help you understand the platform and what works best. They’re not hugely in-depth, so you probably can’t rely on them to show you the way. But as noted, they might just be the spark you need to improve your on-platform results.




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