YouTube Announces New Partnership with AXS to Facilitate Concert Ticket Purchases from Videos

YouTube Announces New Partnership with AXS to Facilitate Concert Ticket Purchases from Videos


Given the popularity of music videos on YouTube, it makes sense for the platform to add in more ways for users to purchase concert tickets direct from those clips.

Indeed, the majority of the most viewed clips on the platform are music videos. YouTube first sought to tap into this opportunity in 2017, with the announcement of a ticket purchasing arrangement with Ticketmaster. They added Eventbrite into the same process last year, giving YouTube 70% coverage of the US ticketing market.

And now, that’s been upped to 90%, via a new partnership with AXS.

YouTube AXS ticket purchasing integration example

As explained by YouTube:

“Partnering with AXS, the second-largest ticket provider in North America and partner to iconic music venues like Red Rocks and Forest Hills, marks a major expansion for YouTube in terms of artist reach and show availability. Already the biggest community of music lovers, ticketing partnerships are another way YouTube is growing into the most valuable platform for artists. In addition to sharing and promoting new music, artists can engage directly with fans and sell tickets for upcoming tour dates all in one place.”

The AXS integration adds another element to consider for artists, and marketers in associated industries. Along with its gradually expanding merchandise options for artists, YouTube is becoming more of a hub for musicians, where, as YouTube notes, they can directly interact with engaged fans, and build their presence on one of the most popular platforms on the web.

For marketers, that could mean greater opportunities via related YouTube ads. As artists give the platform more focus, you can expect more of their fans to be paying attention, which could facilitate expanded opportunities.

It seems like a fairly logical link, people who watch music videos are going to tap through to buy tickets if they can. YouTube hasn’t released any official figures on how many tickets have been purchased through its on-video processes, but it provides additional promotional opportunity – and as noted, works towards making YouTube more of a hub for musicians looking to expand their profile and community. 




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