A Complete Guide on WordPress popups

A Complete Guide on WordPress popups


It is essential thats websites provide a great user experience to be successful. If you aim to attract a significant amount of traffic on your site, you not only need to ensure relevant content but also keep the user experience at its best. One such way to do that is to use WordPress popups on your WordPress website.

Talking about UX, including popups can add to the convenience of your users along with enhancing the chances of a sale. Not just that, but accordingly, WordPress popup can also help increase the conversion rate. This guide is going to cover everything that you need to know about including popups in your WordPress site.

Firstly, here are a few statistics that reflect the advantages you can get out of using popups.

  • In one of the latest study, it was discovered that Matthew Woodward experienced a massive 45% hike in the number of his subscribers which got converted by adding popup plugins to the website.
  • WPBeginner made for 600% upliftment in the number of subscribers by adding popups to their WordPress website.
  • Another study shows that KISSmetrics generated 600% more subscribers after adding popups to the website. This only becomes possible by including the popups in a way that they do not hamper the user experience.

Why use popups on your website?

WordPress popups

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WordPress popup is indeed a proven aspect of a website in catering the user’s convenience, attracting traffic and also providing the owner with a higher scale of sales. Here are a few benefits of adding popups to your WordPress website.

  • With popups, it is always about increasing your revenue and the number of subscribers as they pave a path to elevating the chances of getting a new subscription.
  • A wisely used popup can also prove to be an effective means of converting your viewers into customers as they can be redirected to the purchasing link of a product.
  • If it is used correctly, a popup can provide the user with an expression of a much larger organization. You should use other website presentation elements in order to make this even more effective.
  • Moreover, popups tend to provide your user with an element of ease. If they want to know more about your business or just want to subscribe you, a popup lets them know that your website has a newsletter even if they are not ready to commit just yet.

How to add Popup using plugin?

After reading all the whooping statistics of integrating popups to the WordPress website, you definitely would not want to lag in the game of revenue generation.

If you have a WordPress website, you can get plugins from WordPress.org without spending any cost. Moreover, there are various other platforms as well from where you can get your hands on plugins as per your requirements.

All you need to do is install popups from WordPress site itself or from various other reputed platforms that provide plugins for popups. For you, here are the steps to add WordPress popup to your website using a plugin.

Step 1:

Head over to “Plugins.”

Step 2:

Click on “Add New.”

Step 3:

Now you need to search for “WordPress popups.”

Step 4:

When the search is complete, click on “Install.”

Step 5:

Once the plugin installation is complete, you need to activate it to make it functional on your website.

You can also install WordPress Popups plugin called Wp-Exit Popup

You will then notice a new menu created on your WordPress website called, “Popup.” Here you can see all your existing popups and also the new ones. This menu is the place from where you can control the settings of your website’s popups.

Step 6:

Go to “Popup.”

Step 7:

Then click on the “Setting” menu. This will allow you to configure the popups accordingly. Furthermore, you will also be able to choose which shortcut works the best with your WordPress popups.

Best practices to make your popups more effective

Now that you’re aware of the process of adding popups, here are some of the essential factors to keep in mind while creating a popup for increase conversion and traffic. Make sure to keep the followings things in mind whenever you’re planning to use pop-ups for your WordPress site.

  • Timing

 Do not display popups right at the beginning

Many website owners may show a popup as soon as a viewer reaches your website. Although this increases the chance of your popup getting noticed but at the same time, hinders the user experiences.

This practice might give the user a bad first experience of your website and eventually lead him to leave your site without conversion.

Do not let the user leave with a wrong impression

Another tactic is to include the display of your popup when a viewer is about to leave your website because it is considered that, you have nothing to lose at that moment. However, this can sometimes give the user an inadequate expression of your site in a way that he might never return.

Avoid when the user is midway reading the content

Some website owners try to display a popup after a specific period of time like after 60 seconds of the user being on your website.

At that moment, your user may be halfway an article or any other information published on the site and a popup at that moment may disrupt your viewers’ concentration. This might make your content near to ineffective to your viewer.

Here’s how you need to include the popup

The above three ways of displaying WordPress popups on your website may increase bounce rates. What you need to do is, show your popup when your user is done with an article. This will not cause hindrance to the user’s concentration and also lead the reader towards conversion.

  • Frequency

As said in the starting, the user experience is an integral part of your website success. You would not want to display the popups more than once. Although, what most of the website owners do is to show the popups on every page visited by the user.

This not only spoils the UX but also your users might consider you desperate and irrelevant. If you do not want your viewers to get irritated, you need to display your popup just once and that too with a spot on timing.

  • Eye-catching design

WordPress popups

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Regardless of the frequency of your popup being displayed, your visitors do not want to see any unworthy design placed in a secluded corner. So, to give the most of it to your users, you should incorporate good designs. You need to make use of bright colors, clear headlines, relevant images, and content in order to ensure a decent appearance.

This will somewhat hold your viewer from leaving your website instantly or being irritated. In fact, a good design can effectively make them interested in the popup. This not only promotes conversion but also results in a better scale of revenue of generation.

  • Persuasive headlines

WordPress popups

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When you put bulky content in your WordPress popups, there is a very less chance of the users reading it paragraph by paragraph. If you want your viewer’s attention, you need to use short and catchy headlines.

The more attractive your headlines are; the more subscribers you will attract. Your headlines must talk to the users so that they need not get into reading the whole thing. This will increase the rate of conversion and end up to be a profitable deal for your business

  • Easy to use

You shouldn’t make the user jump hoops if you are looking for a more significant number of subscribers. If you are trying to get a bigger email list, include a lesser amount of fields. You need to understand that a viewer might refrain from filling up a long form to get a subscription.

Also, additional information like what goes where will increase the level of confidence of the user on your website. And, to make it easier for the user, make sure to keep the “submit” button stand out. Many a time, a user may leave your website while filling up the form because they could not figure out how to submit, you would not want that to happen at any cost.

  • Targeted

Relevancy is essential when dealing with a large crowd; each user has different preferences and interests. You need to show a user precisely what they are interested in or something which might lead them to conversion.

For example, if you post articles related to cricket on your website, most viewers will be people who have significant interests in this sport. In this case, displaying WordPress popups about hockey will not only make the user disinterested but also they might want to leave right away.


WordPress popup for your website seems to be a very active and useful way of increasing the rate of conversion and the number of subscribers. The right use of popups can result in the enhanced scale of revenue.

Your credibility on the world wide web can go from zero to hundred in very less time. User experience is something that can do wonders for your website; a good UX can make the users love your site and visit it on a regular basis, they may also turn to be a customer. So, make sure you’re making effective use of them.

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