Themify Review: One of the Most Popular Premium WordPress Shops (2019)

Themify Review: One of the Most Popular Premium WordPress Shops (2019)


Themify is a premium WordPress theme provider, creating drag-and-drop WordPress themes and plugins that help users build sites quickly, without a line of code. Since 2010, Themify took the WordPress theme industry by storm by creating one of the first drag-and-drop user interfaces called the Builder. Let’s do a quick Themify Review.

Now, nearly 9 years later, they’re known for their leading Ultra theme, and for their many updates to keep improving their users’ experiences.

Together, we’ll take a look at Themify’s most popular themes, plugins, and add-ons, and their Themify’s memberships, including how they work and how to get the best value. Let’s start!

Most Popular WordPress Themes

Themify Review

Themify is known for their wide-ranging and versatile themes, but there are a few that stand out above the rest. Their most popular and highest selling premium WordPress themes are ranked by popularity:

Ultra - Themify Review

Themify’s leading pick, known for being the most versatile and powerful theme, it’s packed with 18 skins (or instant demo sites), and we hear there are plans to double that over the course of a few years. Includes 12 bonus Builder addons.

Themify Review

Themify’s professional eCommerce theme, allowing users to create online shops with search functions, shopping carts, wishlists, and various product views. Includes 12 bonus Builder addons.

Themify’s solution to a burgeoning talent or veteran music artist – with an audio player, a press page, merchandise shop, and tour date page, ensure your fans are in the know!


Get the most out of your single page design. Create a super simple but dynamic viewing experience using the parallax scrolling feature and impress your visitors today.

If you’re a subscriber to the first impression being the lasting impression, then Landing is for you. Make your mark with a fullwidth and breathtaking image on your landing page and capture your reader’s attention.

Inspired the Jobs movie site, and the iPhone 5c webpage, Fullpane brings together a mix of what people love so much about the Parallax and the Landing theme. Create a seamless scrolling experience and immerse your visitors with your beautiful photos.

Themify’s Pricing

Like others in the premium WordPress theme market, Themify operates as a membership-based business. But unlike other premium theme providers, Themify’s pricing has dropped considerably lower to rival WordPress giants like Elementor and Elegant Themes. They offer 3 memberships: a single theme purchase, the Master Club, or Lifetime Club.

We’ll break down each membership below.

Single Theme

For $59, the purchase of a single theme offers you access to one theme’s updates. Themify’s support staff, and their built-in drag-and-drop Builder – for a full year*.

Master Club

For $89, this is easily the best value. The purchase of the Master Club offers you access to every single Themify theme. Every theme’s Photoshop files. Every Themify plugin, every Builder add-on, plus every Post Type Builder add-on – for a full year*.

Lifetime Club

For $249, this steep increase is for good reason. You basically get all of the above, but forever. For those looking for that long-term commitment, the Lifetime Club is your best bet. Like many veteran users of Themify, after several years of subscribing to the Master Club, many eventually move over to the Lifetime for forever access to Themify.

Note: After your membership for a single theme or Master Club expires after a year, you will still be able to keep all of your themes and plugins at their last updated version forever. However, if you’re keen on keeping your products current, it is recommended that you renew prior to your expiry as you will receive a renewal discount.

Final Thoughts

There are so many WordPress themes out there. Choosing one can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Our recommendation? Go for a theme provider you like, then select your theme using trial and error. You sometimes have no idea what something will look like until you’re working with it yourself.


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