Top 10 WordPress translation plugins for multilingual website

Top 10 WordPress translation plugins for multilingual website


A multilingual website is one which displays content in more than one languages. Your business may have clients in different parts of the world, and for your international customers, to understand the information on the website, it is important to make it available for the clients in different languages. For this very purpose of translation, there are a number of WordPress translation plugin for your site.

Multilingual websites make your business reach to a wider section of the market. But, choosing the right translation from the WordPress repository may be overwhelming. There are a few things which must be kept in mind while selecting a translation plugin for your website.

You need to make sure that it is SEO friendly because no matter how many things it makes easier for you if the plugin is not optimized in accordance to the search engine, your website’s marketing strategies will backfire, and you wouldn’t want that, right?

The second most crucial thing that needs to be kept in mind is that, if you are creating a localized website, then you must go for hiring a human translator. But if you want to provide your viewers with the convenience of choosing the language in which they see your site’s content, only then you should go for automated translation plugins.

Having said that, here is a list of top 10 WordPress translation plugins which can help you with your multilingual website.


WordPress translation plugin

WPML is one of the most acknowledged premium WordPress translation plugin for translation purposes. It is capable enough to translate pages, posts and even custom post types on your website. However, it is recommended that you make a full backup of your website before incorporating it this plugin, to be on the safe side.

If you need the help of a human translator as well, WPML can also get you in touch with the leading translation services from which you get the desired human help. It is compatible with most of the WordPress themes and plugins so you wouldn’t have to make changes furthermore for it to work.


Polylang is also one of the most famous translation plugins for WordPress. This has an easy user interface, and you can use it to easily translate your website for a wider reach of your business. Polylang allows you to make use of many different languages. Moreover, the WordPress language pack is automatically downloaded when you incorporate it with your website. It easily makes the list of our WordPress translation plugin.

One of the best things about this plugin is that it is compatible with most of the themes and plugins of WordPress. This plugin even takes under consideration multilingual SEO which prevents it from boomeranging your marketing strategies. One thing that you should keep in mind, however, before choosing Polylang is that it does not provide you with any support on its free version.

Multilingual Press

Multi lingual Press WordPress translation plugin

The multilingual press is yet another great WordPress translation plugin for WordPress. It can deal with 174 different languages and allows you to run each language on a different site link. It has an inbuilt switching widget which allows your viewer to select the preferred language when they visit your site. Once they click on their preferred language, they are redirected to the version of your website featuring that very language.

Another crucial feature of this plugin is that even if you disable the plugin, all the sites for the different language you have chosen will remain functional. It is indeed SEO friendly and is able to generate SEO friendly URLs and also automatically incorporates hreflang support.


WordPress translation plugin

Next on the list is this plugin. Xili language is a powerful translation tool which you can get from the official WordPress repository. It allows you to translate the content present on your website effectively and efficiently. However, you can’t use it on your website if your theme is not translation ready. Therefore, you need to make sure that your website’s theme has translation enabled to make use of this WordPress plugin.

Xili language lets you create great multilingual content; it also can be of some help in changing your website theme in accordance with the content language. It is a developer friendly plugin and comes with an inch of APIs which help you to control your theme’s behavior.

Google language translator

WordPress translation plugin

Google does not need any introduction as it is indeed the most trusted one of them all. It is the most lightweight plugin which you can use to translate your website content into different languages. After you incorporate this plugin in your website, you need to enable some requirement in the plugin settings. You also need to select the default language along with the ones you want your content to be translated in.

The translation widget will be available to your website viewers; they may select the preferred language and be directed to the link dedicated to that language. It is SEO friendly and is compatible with most of the WordPress themes, so you need not to check if your theme is translation ready or not before getting this plugin from the WordPress repository.


GT Translate . WordPress translation plugin

GTranslate is powered by Google translator. Hence, its abilities should not be doubted at all. It can easily help you translate your website content into 103 different languages. You can also manually correct the Google translation if you see a mistake as it has inbuilt Google analytics interrogation so you can keep a check if it is actually translating your content in a different language to help the users of your site.

GTranslate comes with a ton of different widgets which can help your users in many ways to make their browsing easier and faster. The pro version of this plugin also comes with SEO tools and theme.

Loco translate

Loco Translate Plugin

Moving forward, Loco translate is one of the most used and powerful WordPress translation plugins which can easily translate your content in different languages. This plugin has almost 500000 active downloads from the official WordPress repository. It helps you translate your content effectively and gets plugged in directly to your browser.

This plugin is useful for those who want to offers their WordPress themes and plugins internationally. It is also compatible with most of the WordPress themes and plugins; hence, you can make this plugin work out with almost every tool. When talking about search engine optimization, this plugin is capable enough to generate optimized URLs for sites dedicated to different languages that you select.


Multi lingual Press WordPress translation plugin

The MultiLanguage translate helps your viewers to see your website content in a suitable language as preferred by them. All thanks to this WordPress translation plugin. It supports over 80 languages which can be increased as per your need. The plugin comes with a different widget which allows your website viewers to manually set the language they want to view the content in; they get redirected to the dedicated link for that very language.

It is compatible with most of the WordPress themes and plugins, so need not to alter your website theme in order to make this plugin run. It is also SEO friendly and develops optimized URLs for different sites dedicated to different languages selected by you.

Google translate widget

Google Translate widget

This is a lightweight plugin by WordPress which you can download directly from the WordPress repository. It can help you translate your website content into a number of different languages as per your choices and client base. Your website viewers are given the convenience in the form of a widget, using which, they can select the language in which they want to see the content.

This also comes in with Google analytics that can be used to check your site’s progress in terms of the viewers. You can literally check the difference in traffic before and after the translation is done. And also, you can typically check if the translation has worked out well for your website or not.


Lingotek WordPress translation plugin

Lingotek is also one of the most used transaction plugins which you can directly download from the WordPress repository. It provides you with an automated translation of your content into different languages chosen by you. Other than that, it also gets you in touch with bilingual people who you can hire for the purpose of manual translation.

The translation process is something which is carried out transparently so that you can check the procedure at each step and execute any changes that you find necessary. When talking about SEO, this plugin is SEO friendly and takes care of your SEO needs while carrying out the process of translation. You need not to worry about anything when Lingotek is at work.

Conclusion: WordPress translation plugin

Translation business is now growing because most of the website owners are well aware of its importance. Translating your content into another language not only provides convenience to your viewers but also increases your business sale by making it reach to a wider section of the market.

Thus, make use of any of the above 10 WordPress translation plugins and watch your website and client base grow like never before. These tools are automated. Hence, there is nothing that you need to do, other than choosing your preferred plugin and incorporating into your website.


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