Best Visitor Session Recording Tools to look out for in 2019

Best Visitor Session Recording Tools to look out for in 2019


Visitor session recording is the new muse of e-commerce entrepreneurs in 2019. Analytics can now go deeper than ever before by recording the actual live movements of visitors on your site. While analytical tools with session recording abilities have raised some eyebrows over privacy concerns, they have gone above and beyond to provide e-commerce site owners with the information they need to improve the customer experience and increase revenue.

Visitor session recording tools work to record the navigation, scrolling, and clicking of visitors on your site. This is a crucial tool when you are trying to optimize your e-commerce site to convert visitors into customers. Not only do recording tools allow you to see the good aspects of your site, but they also provide great clarity into faulty funnels, cart abandonment, and pesky bugs that you may be unaware of. Session recordings can also aid significantly in testing when you want to implement new aspects into your e-commerce site.

While it’s largely up to you to interpret the recordings, it is nonetheless a valuable tool that is sweeping the realm of analytics in e-commerce for 2019. Here are just a few of the top session recording tools that you may want to implement this year to help fine-tune your strategies and up your revenue.



HumCommerce is a trending ecommerce conversion rate optimization tool. Having used it, I feel it’s a must-have tool for any ecommerce store owner. HumCommerce has a plethora of features that’ll help you analyse your website and visitor behaviour and in turn increase conversions. It is a good Hotjar alternative.

The visitor session recording feature of HumCommerce is quite well built. It divides the recordings pageview wise so that you can focus on the session recording of one pageview at a time. They provide all sorts of filters as well that can be quite helpful.


Mouseflow logo

Mouseflow is easy to install and has been around for a while. The software provides plenty of introductory information to familiarize you with your dashboard, explain heatmaps, and overview session recordings. With Mouseflow, you will be able to analyze the behaviors of visitors from your various traffic sources, allowing you to determine which source is converting the best.

Mouseflow does have a few bugs. The playback lags sometimes and skips intervals of inactivity. This can be problematic when you are trying to efficiently analyze individual sessions. Overall, the dashboard is laid out in a user-friendly way and offers excellent customer support if you need it.


inspectlet logo

The code of this software is so easy to install, a kid could do it. Everything is nicely labeled. All you have to do is copy and paste! Inspectlet offers a free option which allows 100 recordings per month. This is a perfect option if you are a small e-commerce site that’s just getting started.

Inspectlet’s playback is so crystal clear, you might forget you are watching a recording. It plays back just as if you were perusing the site yourself. They have mastered the art of lag-free playback, saving you precious time on watching and analyzing the recordings. While their playback is unmatchable, their dashboard needs a bit of work. It isn’t overly complex, but it is rather dull and not insightful.

Lucky Orange

lucky orange logo

From form analytics to heat mapping, Lucky Orange is a decent recording tool that starts off with a well-done site tour and code installation tutorial. With the ability to segment and filter recordings, you will clearly be able to see where visitors are turning away.

Lucky Orange has a few bugs to work out when it comes to loading videos and playback. There is also some lag, which can be frustrating if you are trying to work quickly. While the playback needs work, the interface is impeccable, straightforward, and easy to navigate.


hotjar logo

Similar to Mouseflow, Hotjar is one of the most popular session recording softwares out there. Hotjar is unique because it allows you to annotate recordings, tag them, and share them with team members. It is a comprehensive tool that is easy to set up.

Hotjar does just fine when playing back recordings. However, like most session recording tools, it lags when the visitor is scrolling. It’s best to playback the recordings at half speed. Fortunately, Hotjar offers this option. Hotjar’s dashboard isn’t as robust as some of the other recording tools available, but it is simple enough for beginners to learn and navigate.


smartlook logo

Easy to set up, Smartlook features a nice user interface that includes everything you need to know. The playback is okay when you are watching the mouse but can lag when the person is scrolling. There is the option to watch at half speed.

The best part about Smartlook is that details of recordings are visible at a glance. By minimizing the amount you have to click, you save time and frustration. Watching endless playbacks can be very time-consuming. Smartlook does it’s best to reduce the time spent by offering a toggling option and readily presenting the data.

Wrapping Up

In 2019, visitor session recording tools are taking e-commerce data collection to the next level. You will be able to monitor visitor actions like never before and adjust your strategies accordingly. By leveraging live recordings and heatmaps, you can optimize your e-commerce site to create a stellar customer experience that fits your audience like a glove and converts like crazy.


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