Create extraordinary connections with a simple lead generation tool

Create extraordinary connections with a simple lead generation tool


The process of Lead Generation comprises of all the actions a business takes to identify and onboard users who may take interest in the products or services of that business, and eventually make a purchase hence lead generation tool comes handy.

Leads are real people, potential customers, not just numbers. And no matter what type of site you run, building leads is one of the things you should be doing from the start. One of the best ways to do it is through email lists.

But how do you obtain these lists? How do you go on about capturing those valuable people who may take some, if not, complete interest in you what you have to say?

Luckily, lead generation does not have to be a tiresome mind-boggling activity, if done the right way.

One of the easiest and cost-effective ways to do it is through forms. Doesn’t matter what kind of website you have – business, personal blog, eCommerce, marketplace, or service-based – forms are important!

Here are the simple tweak businesses need to understand and employ thoroughly: lead generation and forms go in tandem.

Contact Forms as a lead generation tool

You’ve built your site, you’ve put out the best of designs, and the most eye-catchy stories to attract your readers. But wait before you move on to more important goals. Stop to check if you overlooked this very basic element – contact forms!

Contact forms have been proven to be impeccable in encouraging effective user engagement, easily segment leads, lower bounce rate, and increase conversions.

The good thing about contact forms is they make everyone’s life easy by providing a way for the audience to interact with a business directly without resorting to intermediate ways, like email exchanges. Visitors get to contact you without leaving your site and they don’t even have to look for your email address.

Contact forms also prevent a lot of spam emails from entering your inbox through verifications and other built-in filters. Thus saving a ton of time.

But there’s much more you can do with forms, than just using it as a means to provide support.

What we’re missing out with forms

Forms help you at any stage of the buyer life cycle and sales funnel. You can use forms to:

  • Allow your visitors to contact your business and interact directly
  • Take online registrations for any kind of event
  • Get subscribers for your email list,
  • Get contacts for your CRM that you can follow up with later
  • Take product orders and payments
  • Obtain feedback for website, products, and ratings
  • Promote products and a lot more

So here you go – you’re bringing in more people to know about your business in various ways through a very simple method – forms!

From converting visitors as leads to customers and evangelists – forms are amazing and do a multitude of work for you.

Though forms are quite common and widely used today in websites, they are not utilized to their full potential. In fact forms are underestimated to serve a variety of objectives, though they can!

But not all forms are flexible enough to be implemented everywhere.

Things you should look ideally for in form builder tools

Some things that you should look for in a user-friendly form are:

  • Good design and attractive interface
  • Easy process to create form. Preferably, no coding!
  • Useful form fields like text boxes, radio buttons, drop-down menus, checkboxes, multi-steps, multiple choice grids, linear scale, location, payment, etc
  • Customization options – like CSS form fields, conditional logic, custom HTML, stylized fonts, and background colors
  • A hassle-free process to publish form on site frontend, and achieving a sleek look

There are also some important things you’ll need as you become more proficient in using forms like:

  • Setting post-form submission messages, direct users to relevant landing pages, notify a user via customized emails

It doesn’t always require a complex solution to get these benefits. Especially when you have WordPress!

Adding a form on site is not that complicated

If you’re running your site on WordPress, there are hundreds of form creating tools that make the process of creating and publishing forms a piece of cake. You need zero technical or website building knowledge!

With over 1500 WordPress form plugins, the market is truly saturated and presents a huge number of choices for users.

And why not..WordPress is the no.1 CMS today and has built around 30% of all sites. New products are constantly coming in and defining better ways to do old things. So let’s take a look into how a new form builder is letting businesses use different ways to generate leads.

A refreshing entry into the form plugin industry

WeForms lead generation tool

Free doesn’t always mean having less. Efficient forms increase the time users spend in your website, your site ranking, as well as grow your audience and business. Some even customize to match your brand.

weForms for WordPress conveniently let rookies, bloggers, and businesses create clean and sleek web forms without having to compromise on features and functionalities.

Single page operation means that form creation happens very quickly, without reloading the page. In fact, weForms builder is one of the fastest with one page app in the backend and strong features.

lead generation tool

Settings are self-explanatory and privacy and controls are well-placed. The minimalistic design and intuitive interface make the process of creating a form very simple for the average user. Besides, all configurations can be done from a single page.

The live preview feature enhances its built-in drag and drops function. Users can check real time how the form is going to look from the frontend even before publishing.

So it’s ok if you’re a rookie on web development and not tech savvy. The process of creating a form is as easy as putting a cherry on the cake for even the uninitiated users. It’s intuitive, fast and interactive.

What else?

Though the full version of the plugin comes with 25 fields, more templates, and 20 integrations, don’t mistake it to be a complex solution. In fact, it runs so smoothly, fits countless themes, and works so logically that you would think it’s a built-in app like SmartArt for MS Word. It’s there and you know you’ll need it at some point to get better results.

lead generation tool

The multi-step and quiz features divide lengthy forms into more digestible and easily absorbable information. These type of forms have been shown to increase conversions.

Built-in spam protection and reCaptcha fields also make weForms safe and reliable to use. The built-in shortcode lets you insert the form in any page or post and publish with one click.

With conditional logic, you can set rules, options and follow up fields based on the user’s actions. Conditional logic in forms has been shown to increase conversions So you can do a lot of cool stuff, keep the form short, and customize the experience.

Highlights of weForms:

  • Easy installation and configuration process
  • Beautiful AJAX drag-and-drop builder with instant live preview
  • Provides enough fields to create full-fledged forms for your site
  • Can create both professional and regular forms
  • Works smoothly and super lightweight
  • Fast support

Some exclusive lite features:

  • Image, audio/video & file uploaders
  • Set expiry time; limit number of entries; download forms as PDF; SMS notification
  • Responsive design, so you can build forms that can be easily loaded, read and filled out on mobile and handheld devices
  • Create exclusive campaigns by controlling user access, redirecting users to a URL, adding start and end dates, or limiting the number of entries
  • Import user submissions easily in an organized spreadsheet

lead generation tool

Exciting premium elements:

  • Data and settings from another form can be migrated easily to weForms
  • A host of useful templates. These include a contact form, registration, volunteer applications, feedback, and many more
  • Email marketing integrations with MailChimp, AWeber, MailPoet, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, Get Response and Convert Kit
  • Productivity integrations with Zapier, Trello, Google Sheets, and Slack
  • CRM integrations with HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho
  • Payment integrations with PayPal and Stripe

Final thoughts

Just like with any other plugin, with every release, the developers of weForms too are adding more useful fields and API integrations that would help users make the best out of their forms.

But in the form game what really makes weForms stand out as a top contender is its ability to let site owners manage form submission data in the WordPress admin, and customize forms as they like. That’s what forms are for – giving control to businesses so they can access more interested users to convert.

By using forms in all their capacity you’re building, following and reinforcing your sales funnel to grow more conversions. And when the communication between your business and visitors is swift, be sure that it will strengthen your brand value as well.


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