FlipHTML5: Convert PDFs to Interactive Page Flipping eBooks

FlipHTML5: Convert PDFs to Interactive Page Flipping eBooks


January 23, 2019

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What is FlipHTML5?

The FlipHTML5 is a powerful software that converts PDF files into interactive page-turning HTML5 and jQuery flipbooks.  It’s a perfect tool for marketers and designers to release magazine or advertising content online.

However, With FlipHTML5, you can convert PDF catalogs, magazine and pamphlets into realistic page-flipping eBooks and host them in FlipHTML5 cloud for free.  What’s more, it allows publishers to connect their FlipHTML5 homepage with your own domain, as well as add a brand logo, integrated website link and customize background and toolbar of publications!

This powerful tool allows you to spread and share dynamic publications on website or blog page, whether via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social platforms.

Flipping eBooks

Key Features of FlipHTML5

Flipping eBooks

What you can do with FlipHTML5:

  • Enrich you publication with multimedia, such as video, slideshow, and audio
  • Monetization your content: it is possible to sell your publications online
  • Google Analytics integration: track the behaviors of your readers online
  • 100% compatible with mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, and tablets
  • Security: add a password to your issue and control the access
  • Publishing in various formats: HTML, EMAIL, ZIP, EXE and APP for Mac devices
  • Search Engine Optimization: edit the meta info and make sure your issue can be found on google
  • Bookcase embed: you can build a Bookcase for your flipbooks and embed it to your webpage
  • Social share: share your publications on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more

Customize the setting of the book

Flipping eBooks

From the book title to toolbar color, you can customize the appearance of the publication flexibly.

  • Book Info: Edit the detailed information about your issue.
  • Template: Select a pre-made template from dozens of flipbook template from FlipHTML5 template library. Each template contains a unique layout and well-designed icons.
  • Styling: In this styling setting section, you are allowed to choose a background from theme library, customize the color of a toolbar, add a brand logo with the link of your website and customize the style of the book cover.
  • Advanced setting: Edit the table of content give your readers quick access to a particular page of your publication.

FlipHTML5 Online Editor

Apart from the basic editing functions mentioned in the previous paragraph, FlipHTML5 offers Online Editor includes powerful tools that can help you give life to your PDF eBooks.

Flipping eBooks

Moreover, here we highlight the main functions of the Online Editor:

LINK: add a clickable URL of your website or online store

IMAGE: embed photo or image gallery into any place of the book page

VIDEO: add YouTube or Vimeo video to your publication into the flipbook content. Just copy the video ID from YouTube, you can embed the video you want directly.

TEXT: Click the “Text” icon and add it onto the page, input text, then you can present your readers with astonishing text display.

HOTSPOT: Simply add the interactive hotspot into your page, it’s the best way to emphasize the highlight of the page online.

FlipHTMl5 Plans

Flipping eBooks Pricing

Users can choose one of the 5 plans available to use this tool:

  • Free
  • Pro
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Enterprise

Each of the plans has different functions and limitations, you can choose a suitable plan based on the need of your business. The free plan will include AD and FlipHTMl5 logo in the view of a flipbook. If you want to embed rich media, such as video, audio, and animation, you need to choose the Platinum plan and above.


In the end, FlipHTML5 provides a unique solution to publishing digital magazines and catalogs. It tries to do this by converting original PDF files into responsive page turning eBooks or Flipping eBooks. Rather than upload a PDF to the host of your website and display it in a static PDF viewer, FlipHTML5 allows you to create a more dynamic digital publication with multimedia and animation and deliver the realistic reading experience to readers.


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