How SEO Strategy 2019 Will Be Different From Previous Years

How SEO Strategy 2019 Will Be Different From Previous Years


What started with keyword targeting and link building is now evolving to meet the needs of the recent changes in the cyber realm. Google has launched a series of serious updates that have established a firm grip on the state of online experience and set a new standard of user experience prerequisites. The SEO strategies in 2019 will be totally different and dependent on actions were taken by Google.

Site developers following old SEO rules and tips and tricks to optimize their sites have started to face the most significant challenge yet. As they skip to make an SEO Strategy 2019. To rank in Google’s top results, you will have to implement severe changes in not just your content but the overall design and interface that you’re setting it up with.

Mobile Friendly:

We had heard the news about RankBrain being serious about ranking sites based on the mobile version rather than the desktop versions. The reason behind it was that the ratio of smartphone traffic to desktop traffic was almost 60:40 in favor of smartphone traffic.

Mobile Friendly SEO Strategy 2019

This result automatically proves that smartphones are the primary criteria search engines are focusing on when it comes to judging a site to rank it in SERPS.

You can find yourself facing a lot of difficulties if your site’s interface is not optimized for smartphones. Even if it has been successful in attracting site traffic and ranking high in SERPS before, it won’t do so now as you can find Google changing the whole engine’s interface altogether.

Up till last year, we were hearing news about Google demoting sites that are not optimized for mobile phones. However, this year, Google is set to completely shove the unoptimized sites at the last pages of its search results.

Under SEO Strategy 2019, you can find mobile site themes being developed and worked upon to optimize the main landing page that is taken into consideration by search engines.

But keep in mind that both the versions will have to deliver impressive and engaging user experience. Your desktop site will still be ranked, but the initial version for the site will be the mobile-optimized version.

On top of all of this SEO Strategy 2019, you need to understand that speed will be a significant factor in Google’s observations and calculations. Check your website’s speed and give it the necessary tweaks it needs before you lose more conversions and leads with each passing moment.

User-Friendly Designing:

Up till now, you have been optimizing your site for the search engine crawlers that are going to rank your site. But now, Google wants you to design the website in a way that appeals to the user experience enough to make them stay. We’ve come a long way from using imagery and graphical illustrations.

It seems images are now considered necessary along with enough text to make the content seem not only legit but exciting as well. You can take a look at the recent search engine behavior changes.

For example, now, Google prefers sites that offer information along with snippets and images that answer questions.

You are not only competing for the ads, but you are now also competing the People Also Ask section, but the images also result in the section that causes your site’s link to go down in the rankings and other sites fighting to be on top.

Make sure that you are getting enough traffic on your site by optimizing your site’s content to fit the changing requirements.

You can use alt texts with images and have a detailed written answer to a question that you’re sure your client is going to be asking.

Niche-Oriented Content Only:

Google is paying close attention to the techniques people have devised to make their pages rank on Google like Keyword Cannibalization. Therefore, only the content that is thoroughly answering the query asked by a user on Google is worthy enough to rank higher.

In a similar update, not having a niche-oriented site is going to kill all your hopes of ever ranking in Google again as the search giant is getting more and more specific about how users want to experience Google.

Your pages will have to be fully elaborated, with all sorts of engaging and interactive content that can and should include, video and image files along with relevant and helpful text that is strictly targeting the topic of the page.

For example, if your site is about helping people figure out how to catch a cheating spouse, the content needs to be graphically illustrated with plans and clearly laid out text that states how the strategy will go.

Linkless Backlinking:

Seeing the recent developments made in the social media platforms with regards to verifications and security, it is easier to rely on them for search engines to authenticate results. What this means is that you won’t necessarily have to make backlinks as your mentions and shout-outs, tags and shares, retweets and likes are all going to count as backlinks confirming Google that your site is in fact, the real deal. Social media is now the perfect tool for promoting your business.

Of course, having proper backlinks in guest posts is an excellent practice, but in 2019 and the coming future, it will be of little value as social mentions and references are going to play the role correctly and more efficiently.

Ultimately, the goal is to provide the perfect results for the user as the most authenticated page would be the first in the SERPS. This can cause a lot of people to reconsider using other tactics to optimize their site’s SEO.

SEO Tools to Have:

Search Engine Optimization tools have been around for a long time and have gained popularity with many apps that are available for purchase for direct online help. These are pretty useful in SEO Strategy 2019.  If you buy some of these tools, you won’t have to do much, the experts behind the services will do everything for you.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that helps you analyze your site’s traffic data that helps you further optimize your website to either increase traffic or improve the user experience. You can find a lot of other tools by Google that enables you to achieve a lot of milestones as you gradually rise towards the top rankings.


Forecheck SEO Strategy 2019

Improve your CTRs and CPAs by using Forecheck’s services that include graphically illustrating the red flags in your site’s infrastructure.


DeepCrawl SEO Strategy 2019

As the name specifies, deep crawl deeply crawls through your website. Navigating through the traffic on the webpage to broken internal as well as external links, and other points of a stop. It provides a comprehensive report of the analyzed website, which elaborates on the current condition of the page. Through the data collected by deep crawl, an optimum level of web page experience can build upon which suits both the users as well as search engines.

ContentKing App

Contentking in SEO Strategy 2019

ContentKing app is the auditor of SEO and a must have tools while building your SEO Strategy 2019. Like other SEO tools, it crawls through the website, spotting errors, notifying the bugs which appear. It introduces its user to a short report analyzing the data through graphs and charts. The edge of ContentKing app is that regularly crawls through the website and notifies as soon as a problem appears around the clock.

Conclusion on SEO Strategy 2019:

SEO is a field that is evolving as we speak, and every year many developments and enhancements in the tactics, strategies, and protocols followed by search engines are recognized and worked upon. Making sure that you stay updated to how they’re operating can be very important to remain digitally active and ahead.


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