Things that Professionals do when they Run Into Problems In Getting Domains Name

Things that Professionals do when they Run Into Problems In Getting Domains Name


Acquiring a Domains Name can seem like a daunting task, especially when you consider everything that is involved in choosing an appropriate domain name and securing it. With an increasing number of hosting companies offering web hosting services, as well as the looming threat of web-based attacks, obtaining a domain and successfully maintaining it requires vigilance.

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So how can you do it right and get your website up?

1. Choose the right domain name

One of the first steps to take when you run into problems in acquiring a domain is to ensure that your domain name includes a keyword from your company. An alternative to this is to include your geographical location, or what you specialize in. This is important, especially when someone looks up keywords that include your location, or what your company does.

2. Register it under your name

Make sure to register the domain under your name. This establishes you as the domain owner and administrative contact. This will make any business transactions through your domain more transparent, and any profits are made in your name.

3. Do not forget to renew your registration

Renew your domain name registration as often as is required. The best options are to either to set up an annual auto-renew payment method or to pay for registration up front. By renewing your domain name, you avoid potential problems such as someone else buying your name which blocks you from access and consequently losing your business.

4. Do a thorough background check before committing to a name

Before you make the decision to buy a domain, conduct a background check. This is to confirm that the name of the domain you are intending to purchase is not too similar to another company’s. By taking this cautionary step you will be saving yourself from legal issues such as infringement of a registered trademark, which will cost you a pretty penny in lawyer fees.

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5. Consider the .com extension

The .com extension is the best option for you, especially if your business is small. You might be tempted to buy other extensions such as .net and .co when you register your domain name, but you will get more value from the .com. Other extensions on the hand serve a better purpose when it comes to protecting your trademark.

6. Keep it cheap

If your main aim is making your hosting cheaper, a great way to achieve that is by obtaining your domain name and hosting from the same company. In order to do this, conduct thorough research to find a host that suits you best, then obtains a domain from the same company. Getting a domain and hosting from different companies will not only cost you more but will also be a source of a great inconvenience since you will be forced to connect the domain and hosting on your own.

7. Do not forget about security

Domains Name

Securing an acquired domain from attacks is vital. There are many ways you can protect your domain from getting hacked.

They include:

  • Employing strong passwords and keep this information to yourself
  • Securing your domain from malware by utilizing anti-virus and spyware
  • Enhancing your domain privacy by concealing your contact information
  • Employing a registry lock service to prevent anyone who attempts to transfer your domain without your knowledge.
  • Consistently updating your contact information with your registrar in order to receive notifications whenever any suspicious activity is detected.

Conclusion on Choosing Domains Name

A unique domain name, registered under your name, a background check, an appropriate extension, and security are some of the most important concerns before you start conducting your business via your domain. Getting this preliminary exercise right from the get-go is setting yourself up for a stress-free run of your business online.


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