Which WordPress Theme Is Best For SEO? Imperion Theme Ultimate Guide

Which WordPress Theme Is Best For SEO? Imperion Theme Ultimate Guide


As you can see, it becomes colder and colder outside. Christmas is coming and you can’t deny that this incredible holiday atmosphere is everywhere! Well, it doesn’t matter whether you like winter because Christmas is a special time for everyone. By tradition, a lot of people make their best to finish off all the job. So, are you sure that you completed everything you were going to complete in 2018? For today, running a trendy and a well-featured website is a must-have for any business. For these simple reasons, people spend big money on their online projects. And how can you stand out from the crowd?

Although the beauty of your site matters, there are many other things that influence its popularity. Among these things, there is Search Engines Optimization on board. To make a long story short, thanks to SEO-friendly code, Google and other big search engines will quickly notice your website. It will receive higher search results, which means that there will be more people to visit your website. Seeing that, you may have only one question: which WordPress theme is best for SEO? And here’s what I’m going to talk about.

Before we get started, I recommend you to check out these top SEO books in case you are a beginner. In this post, I’m about to show you the product named Imperion. This a ready-to-use digital item was optimized by a pro team. In a word, Imperion is a brand-new WP theme, which meets all modern-day SEO requirements. I won’t say that Imperion is the best WordPress theme in the world because it always depends on your personal taste. And there are lots of SEO themes for WordPress you can find on different marketplaces. However, if you have no idea how to boost your traffic, Imperion is just what the doctor ordered! And what does it have for you?

Which Kinds Of Business Services You Can Showcase With Imperion?

First things first, Imperion is a multifunctional (or multipurpose) product. For these simple reasons, the pack of Imperion contains a wide range of skins for all kinds of business. These are the sets of ready-made pages. They contain all the must-have pages and many useful UI components. For example, any set contains such pre-designed pages as:

  • Our Team,
  • Contacts,
  • Gallery,
  • Maps,
  • Blog,
  • Services,
  • Our Projects,
  • Shop, and more.

And which sets you will get choosing this SEO-friendly theme? Here is what I can see in the pack of Imperion.

  1. Firstly, there is the original theme, which covers any business niche.
  2. Secondly, there is a set that was made for your presentations.
  3. Thirdly, there is Imperion Digital. This variant suits all business niches that are somehow related to digital products or services. This skin contains everything and anything you may need to set up a powerful marketplace as well as a premium shop.
  4. Fourthly, you can try all the ready-to-use designs that come with Imperion Finance. Needless to say, it was made for financial companies, advisors, and so on.
  5. Fifthly, you get an excellent Imperion Experience demo.
  6. Plus, this WordPress theme contains full-fledged Shop and Blog templates.
  7. Besides, you will get a brand-new landing, a theme for cryptocurrency business, and much more!

Is Imperion a Code-free Theme?

Needless to say, in 2018, there’s no need to work with the code. Now, you can style and run a magnificent website without having any special knowledge. It became possible as soon as drag & drop technology appeared. All the modern WordPress consultant themes already come with it in the pack. So what is drag & drop and why do you need it?

For starters, drag & drop is a popular website building (or editing) technology, which allows you to work on the project’s design without touching a single line of its code. Actually, all you will need to do is to choose a feature of an element. Then simply pick it up and drop the editor window. And here we come to another important question: which editor Imperion provides its owner with?

So, the theme contains Elementor that, for today, is the #1 drag & drop page builder for WP sites. Elementor has an extremely comfortable interface. It’s easy-to-manage and 100% creator-friendly. Still, it’s not the only reason people love Elementor. Among the main features of the editor, there are:

  • a live preview that works in a real-time mode and allows you to avoid common mistakes,
  • a built-in library with numerous web design elements, options, and widgets,
  • also, there’s an opportunity to create your own designs as save them as new skins to use later,
  • regular updates that you get automatically, and much more.

As you can see, Elementor provides its owner with WYSIWYG experience, so here’s your must-have tool.

Which Plugins Does Imperion Contain?

As expected, the theme comes with lots of premium plugins. Here’s a short list of what you’ll find inside the package of Imperion.

  1. Cherry Search plugin will boost your online project with advanced search functionality. Services List plugin will help you to introduce the company’s services to the audience in an eye-catching way. Wizard plugin will help you to install Imperion in a single click. Trending Posts plugin allows you to display the most popular posts right on the main page. It helps to keep the visitors engaged. Socialize plugin will help you to integrate the website with all popular social media. Testimonials plugin allows you to show off the positive feedback from your customers. By the way, testimonials were pretty popular during 2018. Today, it’s a real web design trend which you may use to improve site’s look.
  2. JetMenu plugin allows the website owner to create an outstanding Mega Menu of any complicity. You can add there as many pages as you need. Just divide your content into categories and subcategories, so the menu will still look minimalist. Besides, you can add different CTA buttons, banners, promos, images, videos, and animation to the menu’s design.
  3. Revolution Slider plugin is a simple but useful feature. With it, you can create slides, carousels, bright animation, and other beautiful elements. What’s more, all of these will be so easy to customize.
  4. TM Timeline plugin is another must-have for any business website. Thanks to the plugin, you will speed up the company’s work. Use it to arrange any business plans and events in chronological order.
  5. Events Calendar plugin is even better than the previous one! Thanks to the feature, you can plan all your future events and make more people to attend them.
  6. Cherry PopUps is a must-have plugin, which creates this important connection between client and website owner. Use the feature to notify your audience about all the events, sales, new arrivals, special offers, etc. The plugin creates popup windows with social media buttons that appear when a person enters the site for the first time.
  7. JetElements is an outstanding WP plugin made for Elementor. It contains so many design components and options you will work within the drag & drop builder.
  8. WooCommerce package will help you to build a high-quality online shop. Needless to say. eCommerce is a popular business model. Thus, adding a shop functionality would be a wise step.
  9. Cherry Project will help you to master business projects and showcase them it all their glory.

What Else Will You Get With Imperion?

As you can see, Imperion is full of helpful features. You already know about the importance of planning and creating a SEO-friendly website. So what else will you get with Imperion? The theme is absolutely easy in installation and customization. What is more, all the elements you find in the pack of Imperion, are 100% versatile. They can be changed easily and you can set any detail up to your personal taste. Without coding or any other special experience. What else this product brings to you? Let’s see!

  1. Before everything else, Imperion has a responsive design. It’s a very important point not only for the popularity of your project but for SEO as well. Thanks to the feature, your clients will forget what the limits of time or place are. I mean people will be able to enter your site whenever they need and wherever they are. Because of responsive design, all the elements of the site will look professional and work great. And it doesn’t matter which gadget your client uses and which screen size it has.
  2. Secondly, the theme is crossbrowser compatible. It means that Imperion looks fantastic in any browser.
  3. On the other hand, Imperion is mobile-friendly, As you may know, these days, the huge and the biggest part of the world traffic relates to mobiles. For these simple reasons, making your website mobile-friendly is a nice way to increase its audience. Besides, this point is also important for your search results.
  4. Talking about SEO, here is another must-have option the theme comes with – WPML-ready design. Translating your content is not just a smart step to attract more people to the website… Yes, it also influences SEO results. In fact, there are some search engines that work with the native-speaking websites only. Actually, that’s how it works in France, Korea, and many other countries. However, these systems will notice your site if it has translation-ready content.
  5. By the way, it’s easy to backup your site with Imperion. If anything went wrong, you will be able to fix it and get your online project back very fast.
  6. Plus, there are different layouts for footers, headers, and blog pages.
  7. In addition, Imperion provides its owner with all the images you can see in its demo

How Much Does Imperion Cost?

To make a long story short, the regular price of Imperion is $75. However, now the product is on sale, so it comes with 35% off. As a result, today, Imperion’s price is only $49. When it comes to money, people always ask questions about technical support. Talking about Imperion, it has free and friendly technical support that is available anytime. To say more, this support is lifetime!

In Summary

To sum everything up, I should say that there’s no such theme that can be 100% perfect for any website owner. Still, in case your needs are based on modern trends and SEO requirements, Imperion is definitely worthy of your attention. There are lots of well-known WordPress flagships that are good for search engines and Imperion is certainly one of them.

There are many myths about SEO. And what’s good about SEO is that you can’t buy the results. The feedbacks of Google and other systems are based on the way they analyze your site. I mean everything is fair and you can’t just pay money for being first in Google search results list. For these simple reasons, you should simply provide quality and unique content, make your website as visitor-friendly as possible, and follow all these SEO demands. In fact, it’s not so hard if you know what to do. So, are you ready to begin?


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