7 Best Affiliate Marketing Tools and Plugins for WordPress

7 Best Affiliate Marketing Tools and Plugins for WordPress


What are the 7 best affiliate marketing tools and plugins for WordPress? That’s a question that every affiliate marketer needs to find an answer to. In this article, we give you suggestions on the best plugins and tools for affiliate marketing on WordPress. Read on. 


Affiliate Marketing Tools

One of the best tools for managing affiliate links on WordPress is undoubtedly ThirstyAffiliates. It works well for people who already have WordPress blogs. You can use this affiliate marketing tools to manage links in several ways including inserting and checking how your links are performing.

This tool is great for the quick insertion of links using the auto-insert or cloak links. But that’s not all. ThirstyAffiliates also makes it easy to sort your links and place your affiliate networks in different categories.

Constant Contact

Affiliate Marketing Tools

No doubt your website attracts a lot of traffic in any single day. The problem is that many of those visitors may never make repeat visits in future. How do you ensure that you are constantly in contact with them? The best strategy is to add them to your periodical email list.

But in building such a list, you need to do it with the help of Constant Contact, especially if you are a newbie. This affiliate marketing tool is available free of charge. Once you have signed up, you can embark on the process of creating an email list.

Trading Calculator

If your WordPress blog is dedicated to the financial markets, it is necessary for you to install a trading calculator. Its purpose is to help users to know the likely outcome of their trade long before they pay and risk losing their money.

It doesn’t matter if your blog is about stock or forex trading. Your customers will appreciate it when you provide them with a trading calculator. It is a great affiliate marketing tools for both risk management and risk avoidance.


Affiliate Marketing Tools

To build an email list, you have to place the sign-up form in the right location on your website. If not, you will not be able to generate leads according to expectations. To help you in that quest, you need OptinMonster. You can use this tool to add floating bars, after-post signup forms, sidebar forms, slide-in signup forms, or lightbox popups.

As visitors keep bouncing off your website, this tool will help you to monitor how each of the opt-in forms is performing. With the help of split tests, you will be able to improve your site’s email signup rates.


Affiliate Marketing Tools

If you are into affiliate email campaigns, you need a tool to efficiently manage it. Where possible, all your outreach campaigns should be managed from a single dashboard.OutreachPlus enable you to do just that. It has great features such as smarter follow-ups, auto-personalization, email tracking, and automated replies.

This tool accommodates several email accounts so that all you need to manage them is a single inbox. With this tool, you can generate traffic, build authority, get backlinks, check press mentions, and link-up with influencers.

Google Analytics

Affiliate Marketing Tools

When it comes to analytics, this is perhaps the most powerful tool you can get free of charge. As a blogger, you could use it to check the number of people visiting your site. The fact that it is free does not make it any less powerful.

You can use Google Analytics to track links, run split tests, track goals and conversions, and get insights into the kind of interactions users to your site make. Whatever you do, don’t overlook this powerful analytics tool.

Google Webmaster Tools

Affiliate Marketing Tools

Most blogs get the largest percentage of their traffic through search engines like Google. That’s why you need knowledge on how your site is seen by the search engines. To help you with that, Google webmaster tools come in very handy.

Use it to check out the number of times your site is crawled, the popular keywords, and how your web pages are being indexed. Through Google webmaster tools, it is easy to detect errors on your site and immediately fix them.

Conclusion – Best affiliate marketing tools

In addition to these affiliate marketing tools, you may also install a trading calculator if you have a blog dedicated to the financial markets. It will help visitors to your site to make quick and accurate trading decisions. Go ahead and pick the tools and plugins you need for your site.


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