Best forex website Theme & Plugins for WordPress Sites Dealing With Stocks & Forex

Best forex website Theme & Plugins for WordPress Sites Dealing With Stocks & Forex


WordPress themes are important for a number of reasons. For example, a responsive theme adapts to your visitor’s device. Plugins are also vital when it comes to attracting and maintaining an online audience because they improve your site’s functionality. Similarly, forex website theme also makes a difference for sites dealing with Stocks and Forex

forex website theme

Themes and plugins are especially important for websites dealing with Forex and stocks. Therefore, considering a couple of them for your financial site would be an excellent idea. Here are seven suitable themes & plugins for these websites.

Try one of them today and you will see the difference it makes to your site.

Forex Website Theme

forex website theme

This forex website theme is for traders only because it has a unique mix of features that make it suitable for a financial site. One of them is a subtle layout that makes it look professional. This layout facilitates the distribution of useful widgets on your web page. Additionally, it is responsive because most traders check stocks or Forex markets on their phones.

Moreover, it has an almost unlimited number of color combinations as well. This high number of color combinations ensures that you have a color theme that suits your current business.


This WordPress forex website theme focuses on a professional background. Remember, a website’s background determines its tone. Therefore, online visitors are more likely to see your site as an authoritative one if it has a professional background. How does it achieve a high level of professionalism? Well, it starts with a header suite that has different types of business-friendly colors. It has boxed layouts as well ensuring that the organization of information on the site is beyond reproach.

Forex 2 Theme

forex website theme

This WordPress theme concentrates on the dissemination of detailed information to its audience. The purpose of this dissemination effort is to enhance business processing in Forex trading. One of the ways it promotes its goal is by ensuring that you can feed data into it without compromising it.

Another objective that the developers had in mind while creating this theme was its compatibility with various devices. They achieved this objective because the Forex 2 forex website theme is highly compatible with various devices. It helps you promote traffic to your site as well.

Stock Ticker Plugin

This widget is available in an animated format. You can customize it by including stocks symbols, customized names, and the name of your business. Therefore, online visitors will find that this plugin is useful in addition to being dynamic. It is worth noting that changing the color of this plugin is also possible. Change it frequently so that your audience thinks that it is a new feature on your site. This plugin makes your website seem up to date as well because channelling Google Finance data into it is possible.

Premium Stock Market Plugin

forex website plugins

The premium charged on this plugin is worthwhile because it supports a broad range of asset classes and stock exchanges. For example, the asset classes that it supports include stocks, world currencies, major commodities, and US treasury notes. The stock exchanges that it supports under the stock asset class include the NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX. It supports the London Stock Exchange, Toronto Stock Exchange, and the Australian Securities Exchange. Overall, it supports nearly 70 stocks exchanges.

Stock & Forex Markets Heat Maps

This plugin shows you the movement of world economies. In other words, it shows you the markets that are hot and the ones that are not. This map of world markets and their performance provides a straightforward overview of world markets for your audience. More specifically, they can see this plugin and then make financial decisions immediately. Then they can support these decisions with the content that you have on your site. Remember, it works for stock markets as well as Forex markets.

The Easy Currency Converter

This plugin is an ideal one for use on a website that focuses on Forex trading for beginners. Remember, novices in this industry have a difficult time calculating the worth of one currency as compared to another one. Consequently, they usually lose some cash as they make calculation mistakes. Help them by having an easy currency converter on your website.

This plugin, in particular, supports 182 currencies. That means your online visitors will appreciate it even if they are from different parts of the globe.


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