Email Marketing Made Easy: 10 Best WordPress Email Marketing Plugins

Email Marketing Made Easy: 10 Best WordPress Email Marketing Plugins


In this digital era, people can do almost everything through digital media or online. And when it comes to, whether large scale or small scale, businesses, advertisements, and promotions are now, believe it or not, preferred to get done through digital media such as emails. This is where Email marketing and email marketing plugins come handy.

Email Marketing Plugins

Having that said, the most excellent way to promote your business online and reach a wider audience is through email marketing. It’s one of the cost-effective and probably most straightforward way to keep your audience updated and engaged.

Email marketing might sound easy at first, but when you have to send out tons of emails daily, it could become a cumbersome task. For that reason, this is where email marketing plugins become helpful. And WordPress offers a lot of plugins for email marketing.

For a little help,  here are the ten best WordPress email marketing plugins that can help you save both your effort and time. Check them out and determine what works for your website and you as well.

Email Marketing and WordPress

Of course, there’s no doubt that WordPress takes care or deals with every single detail their users need. Along with that are the many email marketing plugins. But what exactly are those plugins?

To put it simply, WordPress email marketing plugins are plugins that help in simplifying the method of sending out messages to your daily users and boosting your subscribers by handling and managing the responsibility as a whole. With these plugins, you control what information you’d want to send, and to whom you’d want to send it to.

Within minutes, you can set your preference and send thousands of emails and newsletters to your users. However, here’s the thing. Which plugin will work the best for you? To help you out, here’s a list of the ten best WordPress email marketing plugin and their importance to applying them to your website.


Email Marketing Plugins

This WordPress email marketing plugin has become popular over the years because of its fantastic service as an email marketing provider. With regards to WordPress, you can easily connect it to your website through the WordPress plugin SendinBlue.

With this plugin, you can send out thousands of newsletters and emails without any inconvenience and struggle to connect. Also, you can segment and boost your audience limitlessly. Some of its key features are unlimited custom fields, easy integration with SendinBlue, advanced segmentation, auto-installation, drag and drop design, and analytics feature.


Email Marketing Plugins

Another plugin that’s popular over the years is MailChimp. It’s one of the most excellent email marketing services available, and the good news is that now it offers a WordPress plugin. This plugin is like a bridge that connects your MailChimp account and your WordPress for much effective website performance.

If you’re not a MailChimp user yet, don’t worry. Setting up a new account takes only minutes, and it’s free. If you’re a professional marketer or a booming business owner, there are, for the most part, premium plans for you. Some of its key features are unlimited subscription forms, mobile-optimized and user-friendly forms, translation ready, seamless integration with other plugins, lots of available add-ons, developer-friendly, and dedicated support.


Ninja Kick is a premium WordPress email marketing plugin that is absolutely worth investing, especially if you want to boost your subscriber list. The opt-in form of this plugin is a fantastic way to entice your users to your website.

Ninja Kick is one of the most excellent plugins available in the market that handles and manages all of your email marketing demands. Also, the beautiful layouts is a big plus to it. It has excellent integration with other email marketing services such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.

Some of the key features include translation ready, supports other email marketing services, advanced inbuilt buttons, Google tracking, responsive designs, and lots of available layouts.


Email Marketing Plugins

Are you searching for a premium plugin that will aid you in promoting your website through newsletter and email? If so, then Mailster might be the one you’ve been looking for. It’s a WordPress email marketing plugin that’s mobile ready with drag and drop design. With the help of this plugin,  you can get all the support you need and have the best experience on your WordPress.

Some of its popular and significant features include unlimited subscription forms, drag and drop builder, translation ready, responsive designs, controllable autoresponder, advanced analytics, and supports other WordPress plugins.


As the name implies, WP Subscriber Pro takes care of all the email marketing job for your WordPress sites. With this plugin, you can, without a doubt, boost your subscribers. Plus, it also supports other email marketing plugins such as MailChimp and FeedBurner.

Additionally, you can get the best, believe it or not, user experience, getting your users hooked up to your website, and sending out many emails within minutes. Some of the key features include 24/7 live customer support, mobile-friendly design, customizable plugin, optimized for speed, lots of pop-up animations, built-in widget support, and supports other email marketing services.


Email Marketing Plugins

OptinMonster is yet another email marketing service provider that is, more often than not, known for their fantastic services. From basic plans to professional plans, you can certainly get that one plan that will best suit both you and your users.

It’s a versatile and flexible plugin that takes care of all your email marketing needs. And with the advanced and powerful segmentation option and audience targeting, you can, without a doubt, get more leads and entice more subscribers. Some of the key features include advanced analytics option, responsive design, supports other platforms, drag and drop campaign builder, and advanced targeting and segmentation.

MailPoet Newsletter

Email Marketing Plugins

With the updated version of MailPoet, now you can have the best experience with this plugin. This free plugin is great for sending out at most 2000 of emails and newsletters without having to leave the WordPress platform. The new features will, without a doubt, take you to another level of email marketing.

Moreover, the configurable and flexible options of this plugin make it even easier to use. And the best part is that you can go to the premium version in minutes if you have more than 2000 users. Some of its key features include easy configuration, responsive templates, automatic email sending option, solid reliability, responsive customer support, and translation ready.


Another free WordPress email marketing plugin that is as good as the premium ones is the Newsletter. It is perfect and great for sending out emails and list building without any hassle. The Newsletter will give you the best experience with adding subscribers and promoting things to your site.

With the revolutionary features added within this email marketing plugins, you can craft and make unlimited campaign and email for your subscribers. Not only that, but you can also integrate more features if you want to add more. Some of the significant features include reliable user support, responsive design, easy installation, unlimited newsletters and subscribers, premium and free add-ons, and translation ready.

Email Subscribers and Newsletters

As the name implies, Email Subscribers and Newsletters are another amazing plugins that aid in helping you to create newsletters and send out emails to your subscribers. With the help o this WordPress email marketing plugin, you can gather leads easily and send automated emails and blog posts, craft newsletters, and make your subscribers click.

It is great for all your email and newsletter needs, especially for website owners, developers, bloggers, and marketers. With this plugin, you can keep your subscribers updated and engaged with one click. Some of the key features include easy installation, automatic email option for users, helpful customer support, scheduling, supports other free plugins, and controllable user access.

Sumo List Builder

If you wish to boost your subscriber email listing with email marketing plugins, Sumo List Builder is a great and excellent addition to your WordPress. This WordPress email marketing plugin aids in converting your first-time visitors to permanent users with the aesthetic looking pop-ups and newsletters that show up on clicks.

Also, Sumo List Builder is most probably the most advanced yet the easiest drag and drop campaign builder, and one of the most excellent plugin to keep your subscribers hooked. The best thing about this plugin is that you can try it first before switching up to the premium version. Some of its key features include dedicated customer support, lots of templates to choose from, supports other email marketing services, powerful audience targeting tools, and drag and drop design.

Takeaway – Best Email Marketing Plugins

Ultimately, integrating or applying a WordPress Email Marketing plugin on your website certainly does help, especially if you would want to update and boost your subscribers. So, whether you’re searching for a plugin to keep your users engaged or to have a beautiful looking newsletter and email, the list above can help you.

Feel free to check the list to resolve your dilemma on which WordPress email marketing plugin will work best for you. Also, you won’t have to worry about WordPress Maintenance because the software itself will take care of all your needs.


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