How to save money using VPN – Does it really work?

How to save money using VPN – Does it really work?


According to some people, using a Virtual Private Network isn’t just a good way to ensure online privacy and security. It’s also a proven way to find lower prices and save money. Save money using VPN.

It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But this might actually be one of those instances where hype matches reality. When you dig a little deeper, you’ll find plenty of ways to save money with a VPN. Here are just a few that we use all the time.

Book cheap flights and beat geoblockers

Save on tickets using VPN

If you’ve ever tried to book flights in two different countries, you’ll be familiar with local pricing. It turns out that airlines charge very different ticket prices for passengers in different places, often leaving travellers hundreds of dollars out of pocket.

However, a VPN can solve this problem. By anonymizing your IP address, VPNs allow you to pose as a traveller from almost anywhere in the world. So you can make an end run around US prices and find cheaper fares in Japan, Mexico, or Germany.

Make big video streaming savings

save money using VPN

Entertainment companies use a similar battery of blocking tactics to segregate markets. This doesn’t just mean that prices for Netflix or pay per view football are higher in some jurisdictions. It also limits the choices available to screaming fans.

Thankfully, VPNs have a simple, effective answer. If streaming sites can’t tell where you are from, or they think you are located in a cheaper jurisdiction, their geoblockers can be rendered obsolete. That way, you can hunt for the best prices for a much wider variety of content.

Shop smart when buying online

save money using VPN

Online retailers are getting smarter all the time about how they deliver their prices. Unlike in bricks and mortar stores, online retailers don’t need to put a single label below their products. By using tracking cookies, the prices customers see can be personalized for each individual.

For example, you might be thinking about flying to Dubai. After searching through an airline’s flights, heading somewhere else to cross-check, then returning to the original site, you find that the price has jumped by $40. What gives?

When companies know that you are keen to buy something, they feel emboldened to raise their price. But if your browsing is anonymous, they can’t use these strategies. With a VPN shielding your browsing activity, the lowest prices will apply, every time.

Give yourself gold-plated fraud protection

Security using VPN

Finally, this one isn’t exactly about deal hunting, but it can help you save plenty of money (and stress). Identity theft and online credit card fraud costs Americans at least $100 billion per year. Eventually, it’s likely to hit you as well.

However, using a VPN can be an effective deterrent against most online scammers and thieves. VPNs can prevent man-in-the-middle attacks where thieves harvest the data you type. They can encrypt your data from end-to-end, making it impossible to decode. And they add another layer of malware protection, too.

Conclusion: save money using VPN

So as you can see, saving money with VPNs is definitely possible. So don’t let scammers and corporations get the better of you. Invest in a good VPN instead.


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