Adzooma – Advertise your online business with ease

Adzooma – Advertise your online business with ease


For those who have just got familiar with online advertising, acing varied techniques and being a professional can take years altogether. And, you may even find it difficult to advertise your online business on the internet and overrun your competitors in terms of a thriving business if you don’t have anything significant to rely upon.

Although online advertising necessitates having an appropriate budget to spend on campaigns and other aspects, however, most of the time, people end up spending out of the limit without gaining a satisfactory outcome.

Since driving targeted leads towards the website isn’t an easy job, an advanced tool can surely turn out to be a boon for you. Having said that, one of the best tools for online advertising that is available out there is Adzooma.

Advertise your online businessTargeting business owners with little or no experience in digital marketing whatsoever, this tool aims to offer “done for you” website and promotional services.

So, let’s dive in and know more about this efficient tool that has become a talk of the town.

What Is Adzooma?

Adzooma is one of the significant online advertisement service platforms that intend to provide done-for-you Google marketing services. With this single tool, you can create, scale, as well as optimize your campaigns seamlessly.

In this way, this platform helps you save hundreds of hours that you otherwise might have spent on multiple software and third-party platforms. Adzooma boasts about its simple and easy-to-use interface that lets you publish creatives across different channels within a few minutes.

Furthermore, you can even avail real-time analytical data with this tool. Not just that, but Adzooma even offers several other features, including online lead tracking & management, customized web pages, social media integration, inbuilt SEO, professionally designed graphics & sales copy, along with much more.

Moreover, this software even claims to provide simpler services that can be executed by yourself as well. Meant for small and medium-sized businesses, Adzooma is an inexpensive option to choose when it comes to establishing a digital presence of a business.

Primary Features of Adzooma:

This online marketing tool is loaded with an abundance of effective and advantageous features. Here is an in-depth detail of the primary offerings:

  • Custom Web Pages:

If you are looking forward to creating custom web pages for your business but don’t have enough budget to spend, Adzooma comes to your rescue. This tool helps you create professional web pages, designed to procure high conversion rate.

Along with a responsive design, these web pages are even customized to suit your business requirements. And then, professional copywriters are brought into the limelight to create a relevant and perfect description of your business to appeal more and more visitors.

Advertise your online business

Furthermore, they are even secured as per the latest guidelines of the internet law. Adzooma even installs latest and advanced tracking technology to allow you to keep a tab on where your visitors are coming from.

  • Online Advertising:

When it comes to online advertising, Adzooma can definitely help you transform the entire process into a blissful one. Under this section, there are certain features that you can avail to make your business established on the internet.

This software takes your business to Google, ensuring potential customers discover your brand whenever they search for something relevant. Adzooma even researches on your ideal audience and crafts a business plan for advertisement.

Advertise your online business

Qualified by Google, the team of ingenious experts is always there to help you out with your queries and doubts. They even generate precise and on-point reports to help you keep an eye on every possible result.

  • PPC Health Check-up:

If you are living in an illusion that your pay per click campaigns are running really well, Adzooma is here to clear every sort of myth. On their online platform, you can conduct a 1-minute checkup where this software lets you have an insight into how exactly your PPC campaigns are running.

In this particular test, Adzooma reviews your ad extensions, losing keywords, conversion tracking, losing ads, location targeting, multiple ads, budgeted campaigns, broad modified keywords, network targeting, analytics linked, and re-marketing to provide you with a report with final grades of the overall performance.

  • Optimizing Google Ads:

For optimizing your Google Ads, Adzooma provides some of the best options. By linking your Google Ad account to its inbuilt optimization software, Adzooma offers up to 47 automatic checks on your Google campaigns. Right from click-through rates to text, quality score, and other 17 stats, Adzooma analysis everything and provides a detailed report.

After that, this software offers support of a team, full of digital experts, to understand your report and craft easy-to-implement actions and strategies, with a goal of enhancing the performance of your Google Ads.

With such optimization suggestions, you can easily save a lot of time and money along with developing your business side-by-side. This software even sends periodic suggestions and reports to track the improvements in your business.

Why Should You Choose Adzooma?

There are surely several compelling reasons to choose Adzooma. Some of them are:

  • Seamless Process of Task Execution:

One of the most significant reasons to choose Adzooma is that the software does everything for you. All you would have to do is provide the necessary information about your business, and the team takes care of everything.

Right from generating a web page, crafting copies, to managing your Google Ad campaigns, you can just hand over your advertising responsibilities to the team, and they will get it done in the right manner.

For the price that you would be shedding from your pocket, Adzooma offers superior quality of services and promises best results. You can ensure that there is a human-centric team, sitting and managing your online advertising. Thus, you wouldn’t have to worry a bit.

  • Amazing Web Pages:

Unlike other tools or software, Adzooma doesn’t handover the same publishing templates to every other business domain. Instead, the in-house team of expert designers produces and design tailored web pages by keeping your business requirements in mind.

  • Focus on Visitors’ Conversion:

Furthermore, web pages designed by Adzooma are laser-focused on visitors’ conversion into potential leads for the business. All of the web pages highlight specific USPs of your brand, making it more worthwhile for your visitors.

Not just that, but these web pages also come with inbuilt search engine optimization. And then, they are even created as per Google Ads relevancy. You can even get expert guidance for social media integration and SEO optimization.

  • Leads Management Ability:

With Adzooma, you can easily view reports of how your web pages and Google campaigns are doing. Prominently, these reports display those Google Ads that you would be running at the time. You can even manage the generated leads with ease. Moreover, you will also have a client success manager assigned to you by Adzooma.

How Is Adzooma Different?

Primarily, it is a Google advertising-based software. With this technology, Adzooma aims to handle interactions and relationships with customers, streamline processes, and potential customers to enhance profitability.

While other software is providing email marketing integration, lead nurturing, review management, Google AdWords, cross-channel marketing, and more; Adzooma is quite clear of its goals and objectives.

Despite not providing massive services, Adzooma seems to hit the right market with its packages and offerings.

Advertise your online business

How to Get Started with Adzooma?

One of the best things about this software is that you can get your hands on a free trial PRO package for 30-days. To do so, you would first have to go through the page of health check or the homepage.

Adzooma doesn’t compel you to add your card details to try out the free version, unlike several other tools and software. Once you have entered the required data, you will then be redirected to a page where they will be asking you to specify your business.

Here, you can enter your business name and the type. After this, you will be taken to another page where you will be asked to enter the area where your potential clients are available, be it custom, national, or global.

After selecting the location, you will then be exposed to the pricing of the software. Adzooma offers three different packages with a varied set of features and services. You can choose the one according to your business and requirements.

Conclusion: Is Adzooma best to advertise your online business?

Although Adzooma is a competitively new gamer in the market, however, its services are reasonable and beneficial for a small business owner. If you are not an expert in online advertising, Adzooma will help you at every step.

In terms of quality and the kind of services that this software offers, Adzooma surely stands at the top. It will surely take a lot of time and efforts to find such a solution that would deliver design as well as written content quality at the best possible price.

Hence, if you are looking forward to getting a comprehensive solution for your online marketing, this is the software to choose out of the rest. There are surely plenty of reasons to select this software, including the fact that it has been awarded a Google Premier Partner Status.


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