A complete SEO tool for your online business – ScrapeBox Review

A complete SEO tool for your online business – ScrapeBox Review


complete SEO tool ScrapeBox ReviewSearch Engine Optimization is one of the most misinterpreted and misunderstood terms in the realm of online marketing. Despite being aware of the importance that this process has, most of the people still neglect using complete SEO tool for their businesses.

The partial characterization of SEO has compelled several savvy business owners to undervalue its importance in a solid and good marketing plan. In a way, search engine optimization is quite a viable outlet for marketing that can fetch more organic, qualified, and real leads.

Not just that, but over the past few years, it has also been proved that with SEO, you can gain a better return on investment in comparison with other forms of traditional marketing. Similar to other methods, even SEO can help you enhance the visibility of your business, increase website traffic, gain higher credibility, customer behaviour insight, as well as ROI.

Noteworthy Tool for Search Engine Optimization:

Becoming skilled at search engine optimization can be a bit tough, especially if you are someone new in the domain. Although it is not an impossible concept but may take years for you to produce satisfactory results.

Therefore, to make things easier, there are some worthwhile tools that you can use for a plain sailing and better output. However, amidst several tools that are available, how will you select the one that’s best in every aspect?

Without digging deeper, you can simply rely upon ScrapeBox. Trusted and used by several SEO experts, this one tool can be advantageous in several ways.

complete SEO tool

What is ScrapeBox?

complete SEO tool

Inarguably, ScrapeBox is one of the important complete SEO tool . Along with several amazing features, this tool automatically searches for relevant websites and even comments on them to enhance your link building techniques.

In less than an hour, generating thousands of backlinks with this tool is nothing less than a cakewalk. And that is surely not where the game ends. This complete SEO tool consists of several more remarkable features that will help you sharpen your SEO strategies in a better way.

Useful Features of ScrapeBox:

ScrapeBox Interface

  • Search Engine Scraper:

The authoritative search engine scraper feature of this complete SEO tool lets you harvest varied URLs from more than 30 search engines. Being the fastest scraper, this feature can help you easily scrape more than one million URLs in a minute. Amazing, isn’t it?

Furthermore, you can even use this feature on such websites that allow you to search in any which way. Right from a simple blog to a significant search engine like Google, this feature can work upon everything with ease.

Search engine Scrapper

This search engine scraper feature comes pre-trained with 30 search engines, such as Ramble, Ask.com, Mojeek, Excite, Blekko, IXQuick, HotBot, Blingo, DogPile, and more. You can even harvest video URLs from YouTube and domains with high traffic from Alexa.

  • Fast Blog Poster:

There is no denying the fact that generating backlinks is one of the essential tricks of SEO that lets your blogs and website gain high exposure on search engines. Thus, to make this process easier, ScrapeBox came up with Fast Blog Poster.

Being a multi-threaded and a fast feature, it helps you post on several platforms, including Contact Forms, Blogs, Guestbooks, Trackbacks, Image Comments, BBS Sites, Forums, and more.

Blog commentor

It can even process websites with text or image captchas and can ensure that you use whitelists and blacklists keywords to prevent the execution of unethical ways for SEO. Although this feature is pre-trained to post on several platforms, if you want, you can even add your own platforms with a simple text editor.

  • Filtering URLs:

Although ScrapeBox doesn’t fail to provide millions of backlinks at a time, however, understanding the credibility of those links is important before you inculcate in any way. Hence, with this feature, filtering high quality and relevant backlinks seems to be quite an easy job.

Once you have harvested URLs, this feature assesses them based on several authoritative stands, including page authority, domain authority, MozRank, Alexa rank, URL page rank, Facebook likes Pinterest Pins, Twitter mentions, and much more.

So, if you want to comment on such pages that have a page rank of more than 5 and Facebook likes of more than 1000 with no bad words and an overall Alexa rank less than 10000, finding them with this feature would be easier for you.

  • Keyword Scraper:

Another considerable feature that complete SEO tool boasts about is the Keyword Scraper. This amazing and quick feature takes out multiple keywords and even scraps thousands of relevant ones just in the matter of a few seconds.

This feature extracts relevant keywords from several places, such as:

  • Yahoo search assist
  • Google suggest
  • YouTube
  • Amazon
  • Alibaba product search
  • Bing search
  • Wikipedia
  • Google product search
  • Google play
  • Yahoo shopping

keyword scrapper

And, from much more other places. With this comprehensible feature, you’d be able to gain powerful insight into what products, services, or phrases users are searching. If you offer something similar, you’d be able to convert more leads. And then, optimizing your website or content with essential keywords will also impact your SEO rank positively.

  • Proxy Harvester:

Moving forward, if you are looking forward to locating and testing proxies, then this complete SEO tool has an inbuilt proxy harvester feature that can be an efficient one for you. This automation proxy feature can help you perform several tasks with ease.

Be it harvesting URLs from search engines, or creating backlinks, there is a lot that proxy harvester can do. With an intention to reduce the consumption of time for you, this feature has got inbuilt 22 proxy sources. If you want something else then that, you can even and even add customized sources.

Proxy harvester

Once done, this proxy harvester will then visit every website to extract proxies from pages and will automatically eradicate duplicate proxies that might have got published on several websites. Hence, in this way, you can pull thousands of proxies from innumerable websites just with a simple click.

  • Email Scraper:

If you want to scrape email IDs from web pages but don’t really know how to do it, then this is the feature that will allow you to execute this task very easily. Not just it harvests email addresses from web pages but can also keep your identity hidden or averts websites from blocking your IP address, thanks to its proxy support.

The email scraper feature of this tool even works well with https URLs; hence, you wouldn’t have to face any problem when it comes to extracting email IDs from Twitter, Facebook, and other websites that necessitate secure connections.

Email Harvester

When you export emails, this feature even provides you with an option to save URLs along with the email IDs. In this way, you would know the source of every email address. And, you can even filter the emails if you want to extract only definite addresses.

  • Domain Availability:

If you are still struggling to figure out whether a specific domain is available or not, ScrapeBox’s Domain Availability checker will turn out to be a helping feature in this regard. This feature is another aspect of the Keyword Scraper feature.

You would first have to type in the focus keyword, and then, this feature digs out relevant keywords as well as phrases from Amazon, Google Suggest, Shopping.com, etc. After that, you can simply transfer the result to the Domain Availability checker and find out what kind of domains are available with these keywords.

Domain Availability

You can even conduct a research based on .net, .com, .info, and .org. Not just that but finding domains with and without a hyphen is even possible with this feature.

Operating Systems Where ScrapeBox Works:

This software works without any hassle on Apple Mac as well as Windows. This software supports Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 2003, 2008, 2012 server on both 32 as well as 64. You can even use this software under Windows imitation, like Parallels, BootCamp, VMWare, and more on Linux.

Supported Languages by ScrapeBox:

This software generally supports Unicode, UTF-8, as well as ANSI character sets; hence, it can support a number of languages, such as French, English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Russian, and Portuguese.

Conclusion: Is ScrapeBox a complete SEO tool ?

With ScrapeBox by your side, turning the search engine optimization process easier is quite a simple thing. Right from installation to using, this software allows you to get the hang of it within a few minutes only.

Once you’ve played around enough with this software, you’d be ready to use it at any time of the day. So, if you have been looking for a considerable SEO tool and couldn’t find one yet, you must give a try to ScrapeBox. And, unlike other tools, you wouldn’t have to pay every month as it accepts one-time payments. So, get this tool and rank your business higher amidst stiff competition.


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