Develop a Content Strategy – How to Write A 10 Page Research Paper

Develop a Content Strategy – How to Write A 10 Page Research Paper


Writing a well researched and well-optimized content like a research paper is no less stressing than preparing for the exam in the last minute. Every project is unique just the way every individual is in the world. Let’s find out how to crave the research paper that grabs the eyes of the external or your project coordinator, and also how you can go for buying college essays to secure your grades. Let’s us start with the five simple steps to achieve a ten-page research paper.

Discovering the right topic

You’ll be very excited about choosing your research topic. But choosing the right one will make the process on writing research paper easier. So, how will you choose the right one? Just make sure you answer this question “Can you work on the topic you chose, for days and weeks?”. If your answer is Yes, then go for it. Else just drop the topic into the trash and hunt for new ones. Because choosing the right topic will never prevent you from the boredom.

The topic that excites you more in the initial stages will definitely lose its dazzling light in some time. So, choosing the topic that’s less exciting but that could stay close to your heart no matter how stressing it might turn into is the topic you must rely on. Always remember you can edit your topic according to the flow of your research goes.

Collect your resources

You must be aware that writing a research paper holds a lot of resources and references that you will have to include in your paper. When you complete the phase of discovering the topic that you’re going to travel with, you’ll have to hunt for references and resources for almost every imaginative topic is already discovered by the souls, unfortunately.

Surfing the internet plainly will not help you to finish your project soon. But the smartness in surfing will definitely do. There are tons of information you will stumble upon but choosing the right ones that are most reliable will help you. The extensions like .org, .edu, .gov, wiki, will send out more reliable resources than .com and others.

This is because all the former extensions are specially given for scholastic purposes. The online mode of surfing stops you at one point, that’s when you’ll have to rely on the libraries and your lecturers. Be smart before you hunt.

The protocol is your key

For any recipes to be cooked, you’ll have to make sure you’ve all the ingredients before you begin. Agree? Yes, that’s why you began collecting the resources. Now, you’ll first need to follow a protocol before uniting your messy report. The very first step in structuring your report is to be aware of what you’re heading to.

Structure them in a rough way so you can figure out what tools or ingredients you’ve not yet bought. From guidelines to your point of view on the project, jot them down every single point you think is essential. Take a look at them once every hour so as you could have a lot of resources and discussions on them.

Every research paper has ground rules. Collect the tables, graphs on the comparison, reviews by great scientists and everything else that will let your paper look outstanding. Make sure, you add on your point confidently to the research paper though you might end it with the argumentized statement. Make sure you have a structure to rely on any time during the process to see your progress. This will help to make a descriptive research paper that could take you straight ten pages.

Document them

Ever heard of BCI rule? If not, Learn now. BCI is a rule that allows any research paper to document easily. They’re Body, Conclusion, Introduction. Yes, it’s more or less like making a new recipe. The introduction part is a catchy space where your whole research article depends on it. So, drafting them in the last after exploring your entire report or paper helps you to figure out how the intro part can influence people.

Sperate and give equal importance to all the topics. Keep an eye on bibliographical references and document them separately. On writing the body part, make sure you go with the right flow. Document them according to the subheadings leaving all heading with an equal number of words or at least tentatively. This way you’ll get to reach the desired number of pages on writing the research paper.

Read before you edit.

Editing is the main process of making up an article or any research paper. Read out loud. Edit. Read aloud, edit. Repeat again and again. Typos usually occupy your first draft. Grammatical errors are the second. Logical sequences are the third. Take enough time and sort them according to the guidelines. Keep the references part last to make sure you give credentials to the sources. Rearrange the information wherever you want to. Don’t be afraid to edit the thesis statement.

The thesis statement can be written confidently only after finishing all the above-given process. Make sure you can explain your thesis statement even without your research paper and their resources. That’s how you must design your sentences.

To conclude, writing a research paper isn’t an easier process unless you have support from websites such as But sticking to the right process makes your research paper shine in the piles of research stock. Working under pressure will only give you hard times, so always go around the park, hang out with friends and come back to the desk to pour your skills. Following the above process will definitely help you to reach ten pages straight and make it a good one in the market of knowledge.


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