How Google’s Search Ads Have Evolved Since 2007 [Infographic]

How Google’s Search Ads Have Evolved Since 2007 [Infographic]


With Google recently announcing a change to the presentation of its search ads, it’s interesting to consider why Google has made this latest change, and how the company has sought to improve the performance of its search ad product over time.

To help with this, the team from Search Engine Land recently put together a listing which displays how Google Search Ads have changed since 2007. The graphic lays out the various updates, and offers some interesting pointers as to how Google has sought to make their search ads increasingly effective.

Are they trying to hide ads within organic results? Does the latest iteration of Google’s search ads lessen the clarity on what’s paid and what’s not?

Check out the infographic below and decide for yourself.

Infographic shows how Googles search ads have evolved over time

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