Learn how to choose the best theme for Ecommerce website

Learn how to choose the best theme for Ecommerce website


It wouldn’t be an overstatement if said that the influx of Ecommerce website has entirely transformed how the online business works. Believe it or not, there are more than 3 million eCommerce companies around the globe. And, this list doesn’t seem to end right there.

Considering how this industry is flooded with opportunities, every other person today has a desire to try luck in this domain. However, an eCommerce store definitely necessitates something more than just a mere idea.

Ecommerce website

Talking about the beginning factor, if you want to make your business thrive, you would have to rely upon an eCommerce website, amidst several other aspects. When it comes to creating this website, either you can do so from scratch, which surely demands a lot of money as well as patience, or you can save time and efforts by using a theme.

If you choose to go with the latter option, the game still doesn’t turn simpler for you. Now comes the time to choose from an array of options of themes to find the one that would perfectly match your website. But, how?

Top factors while choosing the best theme for your eCommerce website.

  • Concentrate on the Visual Appeal:

Regardless of what you are creating, you should always go by the famous adage – “The first impression is the last impression.” When you are trying to attract a massive size of the audience and that too, from all around the world, you cannot do so with a simple and unattractive website.

If your website is designed poorly, you aren’t going to gain anything but a high bounce as well as abandonment rate. And then, you cannot even expect from your visitors to come again and make a purchase from your website.

Hence, while choosing a theme, its visual appeal plays an important role to spread your magic upon your visitors. Also, don’t just select a theme that is full of graphics. On the other hand, grab a one that looks professional, elegant, and correct represent your business.

  • Think About the User Experience:

If you are creating an eCommerce website, you are doing it lesser for yourself and more for your customers. Thus, apart from all the major factors, you must pay utmost attention to the user experience.

If your website visitors are going to find the navigation difficult, they may never spend more than a minute on your website. Hence, the navigation smoothness is what you should be providing them to make conversions.

If you are thinking to purchase a premium theme, you must first cross-check with the demo theme. Try using it for a day or two and from different browsers to ensure that your diverse audience wouldn’t face any hassles.

  • An Interactive Icon for Shopping Cart:

Although there are several elements that stand important in an eCommerce website, however, the shopping cart surely plays a vital role. On the top of every online store, there seems to be an icon on the header, created in the shape of a shopping cart, right?

This icon makes it easier for customers to know the number of items they have in the cart. Furthermore, some of them even show the prices. Hence, while choosing a theme, you may look further to grab such an option that would make this icon look more interactive.

So, if you have selected a theme, look at the kind of shopping cart icon it provides and makes sure it is attractive enough to compel people to add more products to it. Moreover, you can even choose such themes that provide an animated Add to Shopping Cart button that pops out whenever a person hovers the cursor over a specific product.

  • Style That Fits the Brand’s Identity:

If you are just kicking off your eCommerce website, it is essential to keep the brand identity in mind while choosing a theme. For that, make sure the theme supports the basic colours and fonts that represent your brand.

For instance: If you are selling designer clothes for children, a colour scheme that is meant for an IT company’s website won’t suit your store, right? So, make sure that your selection is matching with the domain of your website.

By doing this, you would be helping your target audience relate to your website seamlessly. The moment they click on your homepage or the landing page, they shouldn’t feel anything out of place.

  • Keeping the Interface Intuitive:

Although an ecommerce website design that is intuitive is invisible, however, organizing it appropriately may consume your attention and energy. That’s why you should know a few things that will help you accomplish satisfactory results.

First and foremost, choose a theme that would keep the design simple and efficient. A theme should be able to replace the interface with simple and minimalistic user-friendly elements to make your visitors’ journey easy. And then, it should also keep the UI elements, such as font styles, icons, font sizes, and more, as minimum as possible.

Furthermore, if the layout of the theme is difficult to comprehend, visitors getting puzzled wouldn’t be a new thing. So, choose a theme that would make the journey from a visitor to a customer nothing but fluid.

Also, make sure that the theme is consistent enough. If one page has different colour-scheme and the other one comes with a different set of it, it might not please your visitors as much as consistency would.

  • Customizing Is Important:

Another important factor that you should be looking into a theme is the ease of customization. When talking about the eCommerce website, quick expansion cannot be kept out of sight. Owing to this, you might have to execute several changes over the period of time.

Therefore, the theme that you are going to select shouldn’t come with any restrictions as far as customization is concerned. Once settled, it will be really difficult for you to change the theme after a few months. So, better to take the precaution before than to regret later, right?

Also, make sure that the theme also supports advanced features. It should even be compatible with different WordPress plugins to make your work even easier. Since websites keep changing and innovating, your theme should allow you to walk step-by-step with the transformation that occurs in the industry.

  • Look at The Responsiveness:

Whether you are operating a leading eCommerce website on a desktop or your mobile phone, you would hardly notice any change, isn’t it? That’s because they chose not to keep it different. And, that’s exactly what you’d have to do.

Having a theme which is responsive makes it easier for you to ecommerce website design a website that runs on a smaller screen as efficiently as it would on a desktop. Hence, it will entirely eliminate the trouble that your mobile-users might experience while navigating through your website.

Although you would be concentrating on elements, which is quite obvious, one of the important factors to keep in mind is the touch responses. Choose a theme that lets you optimize the touch factor smoothly.

  • Additional Tools Should Be Present:

Surely, there are going to be thousands of elements for you to look into an eCommerce website. And, the list would only grow with time. However, there are some additional aspects as well that require your similar attention.

An eCommerce website can build trust among your audience in several ways. One of the popular methods is the product review. Hence, make sure that your theme provides an option for product reviews.

Moreover, since you would be new, any sort of exposure at the beginner’s level would be less, right? So, you can even cross-check those elements that can bring you more spotlight, such as social shares, email newsletters signup, and more.

  • Fast Loading Speed:

Out of all the important factors, you must also pay heed on the time people generally choose to spend on a website. And, the fact is that people are always in a hurry. Thus, ideally, your theme should not just be responsive enough but also load quickly.

As a whole, you would have 3 seconds at the maximum to let the website load easily. Otherwise, your visitors will just sneak out and spend their time and money on such websites that provide the quickness and speed.

And then, even Google adores those websites that load quickly and even rank them higher. So, make sure that the theme isn’t a slow one to ruin things for you.

Conclusion on the best theme for Ecommerce website:

For sure, the eCommerce industry has taken everyone with a storm. And, it has been providing immense profit to business owners all around the world. Even the richest man in the world is the owner of an eCommerce store.

So, if you want success to come towards your way, make sure you have all the ways to optimize your store properly. Therefore, begin with choosing such a theme that would match your brand’s personality and would provide an amazing experience to your visitors so that they can visit again. Only then it would be easier for you to survive in the market for long.


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