MailOptin Review: Is It the Best List Building & Optin Form WordPress Plugin?

MailOptin Review: Is It the Best List Building & Optin Form WordPress Plugin?


Marketing is what grows an online business, and it is crucial for sales. No sales, business dies! Many sales, a business thrives. The point is this, if you want to keep your sales on the rise, you need to map out ways to attract visitors to your website and convert them into leads.

As you take several steps into growing your business online, you will be faced with a marketing choice; should you hire an outsourcing company or do you want to handle it yourself. If you decide to go for the latter, there are a couple of things you must consider before spending your money and time into the project and we are going to delve into that aspect in a bit.

Why Do I Need Lead Generation?

Truth is, no matter how your business is set up, you will need to master the art of generating leads. Pushing digital services or physical products on your website has little impact on your choice to build and grow an email list if you want consistency in your business and a tankful of sales. Eventually, you will have to leverage on lead generation.

You have to make your business attractive to your visitors, so they naturally develop a love for whatever you put up for sales. Leads never die, especially when you generate them based on their interests. This way, you are able to send out relevant information to a target audience and in the process, you maximize conversion, which will ultimately bring about an increased ROI.

The Art of Generating Leads

Following the question that was raised earlier; if you want to outsource your marketing or market your products/services yourself? For the purpose of this article, I assume that you have decided to market your online business without the help of a company or an agency – self-marketing.

However, I am going to leave some few thoughts for agency leaders and show them a new set of tools and practices to move them to the next level. Generally, if your goal is to make your business continually rake in sales, understanding the art of generating leads is paramount.

Gone are the days where visitors are bombarded with irrelevant marketing activities, in this day and age, a lot has changed in the process of buying and selling. If you push your visitors with untargeted low-quality ads, they will get turned off quickly, and this easily translates to the downfall of your business. Obviously, this is not what you want to bargain for!

Now, you need to understand your visitor’s behavior, provided them with relevant and helpful resources. An in-depth understanding of your business is necessary for building your content strategy. Try discovering potential problems your business is intended to solve and how these fears can be solved. Basically, your content strategy should be tailored in providing a solution to these issues.

Once your visitors find your content valuable, you can exchange such value for their email addresses. They would be happy to establish a relationship with your business because of the value it provides.

You see, you have masked the original motive of making money behind the shell of a value system. The more leads you generate, the more your business grows and the beauty of building a mailing list as you grow your business is that your generated leads can be bombarded with relevant emails over and over again.

What Are the Popular Lead Generation Software?

There are a lot of popular lead generation software, but if you use WordPress, one of the best lead generation plugins you can install and start generating leads immediately for your business is MailOptin.

MailOptin is a WordPress plugin built to aid you to start generating leads in next to no time. It really doesn’t matter if you have never generated leads in the past, or you are trying to consolidate on your existing effort. If you are already a pro or an agency and need something less complicated and more organized, this plugin has got you covered.

So, here are some of the important checklists you need before selecting a lead generating plugin for WordPress. The plugin must be easy to use and be able to do the following things:

  • Create stylish optin forms
  • Multiple optin form types
  • Email triggers
  • Page-level targeting
  • Exit intent
  • Analytics engine
  • A/B Split testing
  • Email service provider integration
  • Click launch trigger
  • Mobile responsive
  • Priority support

Generating Your First Lead Using MailOptin

Generating leads is not rocket science, thankfully building an email list and generating leads is no longer a difficult task provided you have the right set of tools. This is where MailOptin shows it might, making a complex process of generating leads very easy to achieve. With the plugin, you can start collecting email addresses in your site.

Building Your First Optin Form

In MailOptin, you can start creating optin forms by clicking the ‘Optin Campaigns tab’ which houses several optin form types like:

MailOptin Review

  • Lightbox (Popup)
  • In-Post optin forms
  • Notification Bar
  • Slide-In
  • Sidebar/Widget optins

Whatever you decide, you can customize easily.  Every element of your optin form can be customized, and this includes making changes to the default message, the image, the image orientations, borders, effect, and colors. These changes would be visible in your live editor, also in the plugin making your design activities a bit of fun.

Integration with Email Service Providers

Support for the leading email service providers is unmatched, the plugin will even aid you in ensuring you that you can establish a connection with your email service provider by showing you the best way to access its API.

Some of the email service providers that can be integrated with the plugin include MailChimp, Sendy, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, Drip, ConvertKit, AWeber, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign.

All you need to do is access the “Connections” tab in the plugin and select your desired email service provider to begin the process.

MailOptin Review

Integration with MailChimp is a success!

What is next? Set up triggers, these are the engine blocks that determines the display of your optin forms based on the actions of your visitors.

Triggers Available in MailOptin

Here are some of the trigger settings available in the plugin:

  • Click Launch
  • After X seconds
  • Exit Intent
  • After scrolling down X percent
  • The visitor has viewed X pages
  • Schedule

Exit Intent

MailOptin Review

When this feature is activated in your plugin, you will trigger a less intrusive popup form to your visitors.  It happens only when your visitor is about to exit your site, the plugin is built to detect your visitor’s browsing behavior and make that trigger activity take place within split seconds.

So, if you don’t want to put off your visitors and still aggressively building your mailing list, this seems to be the best approach. Everything feels natural while you harvest your visitor’s email addresses from the backend.

Page Level Targeting

MailOptin Review

Lead generation isn’t just about putting up email subscriber forms on your site, profitable lead generation can only come from a targeted email list. Understanding your visitor’s preferences and behavior is vital in achieving success.

Remarkably, building a targeted mailing list in MailOptin is a good option, especially if your aim to boost conversion.  You can use the plugin’s Page Level Targeting options to build a segmented email list. In the long run, you will be sending out relevant emails to a target audience. MailOptin targeting options are accessed in the “Display Rules” settings, there are several choices you can make to enhance your list building strategy. A better click-through-rate is attainable if you get your act together.

After Conversion

Normally, there are limited things you can do after getting a lead, but with the After Conversion option in the plugin, you can expand our options. You can do the decide to:

  • Display a success message
  • Redirect them to another page
  • Close the optin form
  • Close optin and reload the page

MailOptin Review

Click Launch

Click launch lets you carry out upgraded content; simply put, systematically force your visitors to subscribe to your email list using a bait, which much is of high value to gain access to something of greater value.

Basically, you inform your visitors to get access to an upgraded version of a content. Perhaps, it could a license key, a download link to an eBook or invitation to an event.

More MailOptin Features

Apart from some of the features already discussed, there are some other things you can do with the plugin, here is a peak view:

  • Email Automation –  Automatically send out newsletters to your mailing list when you publish a new post.
  • Schedule – Display your optin forms only at the period you want.
  • Scroll Trigger: Your optin form is triggered when a user has scrolled a fixed percentage of your content.
  • Cookies – Easily set up global or campaign-specific cookies.
  • New vs Returning Visitors – Trigger your optin forms only to new visitors or returning visitors.
  • Visitors Using Adblock – Force your optin forms visitors hiding behind an Adblock wall.

Split Test Engine And Analytics Reporting

MailOptin Review

Take advantage of the plugin’s split test engine; necessary for analyzing data to determine your best perform optin form from a pool of variation.

Clicking the “Create Split Test” button in your list of optin forms will take you to the live editor where you can tweak optin forms.

MailOptin Review

In addition to what the split test engine has to offer, data like:

  • the number of impressions
  • subscriber’s count
  • conversation rate

These and other interesting data can be tracked in your dashboard analytics page.

Pricing & License

MailOptin Review

MailOptin has some flexible pricing plans, including the following:

  • Standard plan: $69 – 1 Site (all lead generation features).
  • Pro plan: $169 – 3 Sites (lead generation and email automation features).
  • Agency plan: $269 (unlimited sites and priority support).

You can get more insights regarding MailOptin price and there is equally an option to try the plugin for free.

Wrapping Up

While social media marketing does a very good job in bringing sales and growing a business, the most potent marketing weapon every successful business has in its arsenal is the email list. The mailing list is what sustains thriving online businesses because it can be targeted and re-targeted with relevant information in other to boost conversion.

MailOptin attempts to make lead generation pretty easy, making your list building strategy worthwhile. As this is purely a performance-based list building WordPress plugin, your commitment to the course and some kind of creativity is all you need to start seeing results.

MailOptin is built from scratch to help assist you in building an email list like a pro. Thanks to its premium features that make the whole process engaging and productive. Some features like the advanced A/B split test engine is essential for optimizing your optin forms as you begin list building journey with multiple templates and different form types, including the express ability to modify them to suit your taste and style.

On a side note, you also get to enjoy priority support and constant updates when you get a license. Without unnecessary complications, this is a top-quality WordPress plugin that is designed to leverage your effort in building the most profitable list for your business. Check out the amazing things you can do with MailOptin right away. Greatness awaits you!


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