Twitter Dispels Rumor of New Notification When Tweets are Shared in DMs

Twitter Dispels Rumor of New Notification When Tweets are Shared in DMs


You may have recently seen rumors of a new Twitter functionality which would alert users whenever one of their tweets was shared in a direct message.

Twitter has quickly debunked this – the company’s Product Lead Kayvon Beykpour responded to the above viral tweet with this:

Furthering this, Twitter has also refuted the claim via the Twitter Support handle:

You might have heard chatter about a new update that sends you a notification when someone shares your Tweet in a Direct Message. This is not true. For a roundup of the types of notifications we do send, check out our Help Center:

— Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) June 10, 2019

So, if there was any confusion or concern, Twitter wants to make it abundantly clear – this is not happening.

Which will be a relief for the many users who were concerned that they’d have something new to be paranoid about (‘what are people saying about my tweet?’) and for those who regularly share tweets from, say, friends within their DM threads so that they can ‘politely critique’ them without their knowledge.  

Rest assured, these concerns will not ever be coming to light – there’s no benefit or improvement that could be delivered with such an addition. Though those screenshots do look legit.




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