Best Ad Management Solutions And Plugins For WordPress Development

Best Ad Management Solutions And Plugins For WordPress Development


Revenue models that are based on Ad Management Solutions are utilized by a lot of sites online. Most blogs online make use of “banner ads” and display “advertisements” to generate a large percent of the income of their website. As a creative web design company, you want a solution that is easy to implement that enables you to maximize the earning of your website without consuming much your time.

Fortunately, there are loads of plugins for managing ads available on WordPress that can save you stress and time. In this article, you will see the best plugins and solutions for as management on WordPress development. Some of the most commonly used plugins will be analyzed, and you be able to determine the ad management plugin that is suitable for your WordPress site. Below are some of the best plugins and solutions for as management.

OIO Publisher

Ad Management Solutions

OIO Publisher is one of the best Ad Management Solutions for ad management available as a plugin website that is powered by WordPress. OIO Publisher allows you to work without a middleman; it allows you to sell your ads directly through your WordPress site. It handles tracking, payments, reporting, and much more. You can make zones for ads of different sizes and types on your site. You can choose the number of ads that will be displayed in each zone, targeting, rotation factor, select a price, and much more.

OIO is a very straightforward plugin to use. Depending on how you want to display the ad, you may have to edit the theme of your WordPress site to insert the zoning code that will be generated by OIO. OIO Publisher plugin for WordPress comes with a sidebar widget; this will enable you to easily add zones of ads to your sidebar. OIO Publisher is actively maintained, and it has a user base that is active. Since OIO is a premium plugin, it has a lot of support options available.

BuySellAds PRO

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For WordPress web development companies that are already selling adverts and they want a solution that is more powerful, then the best solution they need is BuySellAds Pro. This plugin offers you a Graphical User Interface that is easy to use to manage, serve, and sell ads on your WordPress site.

Comparatively, BuySellAds Pro plugin is more expensive than other ad management plugins on WordPress such as OIO Publisher. However, it allows you to have a direct connection with advertisers, and this increases the potential of your earning which is enough to justify the cost of the plugin.

Google DFP

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Google DFP or Google Double Click is a managing and selling platform that is web-based for small businesses. DFP is powered by Google, and it has an edge over other ad management platforms in terms of cost-effectiveness and reliability and easily make in the list of best Ad Management Solutions. It also enables you to sell ads and compete for the same ad position on AdSense or any other third party advert platform.

DFP will automatically select the ad that pays the most for the free position and serves it. DFP also has very good tools for reporting that enables you to measure the performance of your ads more accurately than any other solution. Regardless of how effective it is, DFP is still a bit complex to get started with.


Ad Management Solutions

Adsanity is a simple plugin for ad management on WordPress that is light weighted, and it is very easy to use. Adding ads in Adsanity is as simple as adding a post to your site. It comes with shortcodes support and widgets to display ads and it allows you to display ads in your sidebars, pages, and posts.

You can make infinite ads (that will keep running until you bring them down) or time-based ads (that will run for a stipulated period of time. This Ad Management Solutions  also has stats and graphs for ad clicks and views. Adsanity is perhaps the appropriate plugin for WordPress web development companies and individual that prefer simplicity and do not want to spend much time on looking for features.

WP AdCenter WordPress Plugin

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WPAdcenter is a very simple and easy to use solution for WordPress site selling ads in 125×125  and other dimensions. It provides an interface that makes it simple and easy for you to upload ads on your WordPress site. The setup page allows you to determine the number of ad columns, slots, and a default page for selling add.

The page for sale of ads is the page that has information for advertisers regarding how they can sell ads on your website, statistics, and pricing. You can create a new page on your WordPress site, write all the sales information you want your advertisers to see and link it to your site’s default ad image.


Adrotate is one of the most powerful plugins and Ad Management Solutions on WordPress development that you can use to manage and sell ads on your WordPress site. This plugin comes in two categories; the basic version is available in the WordPress plugin repository to download for free. This free version is good enough to manage and sell ads on your site.

However, Adrotate pro version has more cool and advanced features. With Adrotate, you can create ad blocks and groups to help you manage your inventory very well. It also allows advertisers to submit ad creative for you to give your approval. It has a page for reports where you can see all your ads’ performance.

Simple Ad Manager

Simple Ad manager is one of the easiest and free plugins in WordPress development for bloggers to manage and serve ads on their WordPress site. Even though the plugin is named simple, it is very powerful, and it has a lot of options. This ad management tool comes with a unique feature known as “flexible logic,” and it rotates ads based on their weight.

You can use it for your own ads, Google DFP or third-party ads. It also has a button in the post editor, which allows you to add ads inside pages and posts.

Conclusion on best Ad Management Solutions

All the best plugins have been listed, which do you think is the best? Actually, the answer to that question is dependent on your needs. If you have a lot of zones, and you want to keep track of payments for subscriptions, auto-expire ads, and much more, then the best ad management solution for you is OIO Publisher.

Do you serve ads on an eCPM model and you want to control the structure of your bidding? Do you have much time to spend on set up? If your answer to these questions is yes, then Google DFP is the solution for you. Among all the solutions and plugins listed, just look for the one that suits your needs and goes for it.

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