Facebook Releases New Guide on Reaching Your Audience at Key Moments

Facebook Releases New Guide on Reaching Your Audience at Key Moments


According to Facebook, in the modern, connected era, the ways in which people connect and interact has changed – and not just from a technology standpoint.

As per Facebook’s latest ‘Moments that Bring People Closer Together‘ report, people are now engaging around different events and celebrations, and that shift is important for marketers to note:

As per the report:

“We have entered an age where people expect more relevance and personalized experiences for all the moments they take part in. Marketers and agencies can’t have a one-size-fits-all, calendar-based approach to moments planning. In this curated world, there is more complexity for advertisers, but also, more opportunity to create meaningful connections between people and brands around relevant moments.”

The basis of Facebook’s report – which you can download here – is that due to modern apps and tools, its not just the major events people now celebrate, but smaller events, and even within each event, you’re now able to target your marketing campaigns more specifically to reach your target audience, and appeal to their likely perspective on each.

It’s the latest update in Facebook’s ‘Moments that Matter‘ push, which has been part of Facebook Business team’s focus for the past couple of years. This new report provides an overview of these more specific audience-celebrations and events – here are some of the key highlights.

First off, Facebook provides an overview of how it defines the key moments it’s focusing on, separating important events into their own categories.

Facebook 'Moments that Matter' listing

Each of these moments has its own opportunities for brand connection – if you’re attuned to what your audience is most interested in. By tapping into such events, you can work to establish stronger connection with your audience, based on the key elements that are of most interest to them.

For example, within the report, Facebook provides specific examples of various types of events that would be part of each moment, and includes notes on their importance and relevance. 

Facebook 'Moments that Matter' report example

As you can see on the right here, each event has its own marketing pointers and notes to help businesses understand how they can, and should, be aligning with audience-specific moments like these within their campaigns.

In addition, Facebook also provides specific notes for each category.

Facebook Moments that Matter notes

The idea is that by aligning with the moments of most relevance, you can work to make your brand a more significant part of your audiences’ lives – so its no longer about simple promotion on a broad scale, but also about tapping into these smaller aspects, and how your audience are living their lives, to align better with their interests.

The report extends beyond these day-to-day moments to look at seasonal and one-off events also, in alignment with business focus.

Example of a 'once in a while' moment from Facebook's report

There are some interesting considerations here – by getting more specific, and more in touch with what your target audience is interested in, you can better connect your business with their needs and interests, and become part of these more granular elements within each moment.

Facebook’s key notes, in summary, are:

Facebook's key marketing moment notes

It’s not a step-by-step walkthrough type report, Facebook isn’t providing all the details you need to build your campaigns. But there are some key considerations here that can help you build a more focused marketing approach which will hold specific appeal with your target audience. It’s all about considering the detail within each moment, the human experience beyond the headline banner. Tapping into those smaller, more niche aspects could be the thing that separates your business, and builds better connection with your target market.

And as Facebook notes, once you’ve done that, you can use Lookalike Audiences to reach more people looking for the same. 

It’s worth checking out the full report to get your creative process moving, and to start considering the various impacts and implications of taking a more focused approach.

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