How to get started with WordPress plugin for newsletter

How to get started with WordPress plugin for newsletter


When you are head over heels into marketing your brand, drawing a line becomes a bit difficult. You may want to try out every possible technique that can etch your brand into your customers’ mind, isn’t it? Including using WordPress plugin for newsletter.

However, while doing so, you may forget to keep a check on whether or not your customers are happy with the way you are trying to reach them. According to common sense, your target audience wouldn’t be happy if you are calling them, messaging them, and emailing them with a similar message.

To prevent this disturbance, newsletters seem to be one of the best ways to get in touch with your audience. An amazing form of email marketing, newsletters are nothing but informative emails that cover up the latest information about your brand, new products or services, offers & discounts, as well as upcoming events.

With every newsletter that you are sending out, you redirect your customers to a landing page that contains every sort of information that you want them to know. As it is stated, email marketing is the third influential source of information.

Not just that, but email subscribers share content three times more than leads who come from other channels. Undoubtedly, in this way, there are several benefits that you can gain from newsletters.

Benefits of WordPress plugin for newsletter:

  • Keep the Relationship Maintained:

Newsletters are one of the effective ways when it comes to being in touch with the target audience. Since they are easy to create, sending them out frequently wouldn’t be a great hassle for you. In this way, you can always stay in the limelight for your customers. And furthermore, customers tend to make a purchase from those brands that make an effort to reach out to them.

  • Inform & Educate:

One of the biggest advantages of a newsletter is that you, as a sender, have the administration over the content. With this, you can educate your audience about your brand, send information of products, share the success rate, announce promotions and discounts, keep the number of employees in the highlight, and can do much more. You can even send coupons and discount codes only to those who have subscribed to the newsletter.

  • Reaching the Target Market:

With newsletters, you can reach your target market with fewer efforts. With people buying your products or signing up for your newsletters, you’ll get to crack their purchasing power, interests, and behavior. Once you’ve gathered this data, you can then raise such discounts or topics that may interest them the most.

  • Inexpensive Form of Marketing:

In comparison with other marketing and advertising methods, newsletters are inexpensive. Generally, newsletters are sent through the electronic method, which eliminates the cost of paper and printing. Whether you are sending a two-page long newsletter or a four-page long, you wouldn’t have to churn a lot out of your pocket.

  • Shows Your Expertise:

With Newsletters, you have an opportunity to showcase your expertise to the target market. You can add clever data and statistics to establish your brand’s credibility among your audience. The addition of relevant information in the newsletter will etch your knowledge into the minds of your clients, hence, making them dependable on information from your end.

Best WordPress plugin for newsletter:

Having a WordPress website makes it easier for you to create and handle newsletters. Thanks to smooth plugins, you’d be able to enhance brand awareness, engage readers, and build an email list with utmost ease. Keeping all the advantages in mind, here are top WordPress plugins that you can use for newsletters.

Optin Monster Email plugin

When it comes to choosing one of the WordPress plugins for newsletter, you can surely rely upon OptinMonster. It allows you to add subscribers easily by using eight types of option popups. Not just that but you can even seamlessly connect it with different email marketing software, such as Aweber, MailChimp, Get Response, etc.

Furthermore, it even enables you to work closely with different marketing automation platforms, like Marketo, HubSpot, and more. With this plugin, you can target your audience based on the behaviour personalization.

With this feature, you can easily customize option forms on the basis of specific traffic, web page, category, and tag.


WordPress plugin for Newsletter

Another beneficial plugin that you can use for WordPress newsletters is this one. With more than 200,000 downloads, this plugin will surely fulfill all your requirements. Not just you can gain unlimited subscribers, but you can even send unlimited emails with this plugin.

Furthermore, it comes with an intuitive drag and drops responsive composer for emails. With this feature, you can create attractive mobile-friendly newsletters. And then, this WordPress plugin for newsletter even comes with double opt-in subscriptions, ensuring that you adhere to the laws of EU spam.

Email tracking comes with advanced techniques and statistics. This plugin provides you the accurate data of the number of people who are opening your newsletters. To target your campaigns, the plugin offers easy differentiation along with several other amazing features.

MailOptin is the ultimate WordPress lead generation plugin proven to grow and engage email list subscribers. MailOptin grows your email list by displaying targeted opt-in forms that are beautiful and conversion optimized across your

WordPress sites without writing a single line of code.

Features Overview 

  • Different types of opt-in form such as Popup, Notification Bar, Inline, Scroll Box, Slide Ins, Sidebar Forms.
  • A ton of professionally designed, mobile responsive and conversion optimized opt-in forms and email templates.
  • Page level targeting and optin trigger to build hyper-segmented email list such as EXIT INTENT, AdBlock detection, New vs Returning visitor targeting, Referral detection targeting etc.
  • Analytics with actionable reporting & insights to improve your lead-generation strategy and make data-driven decisions that will increase your revenue.

Take a closer look at MailOptin.

Bloom WordPress plugin for newsletter

Moving forward down the list, Bloom is another great plugin that you can try. It comes with 115 attractively crafted templates that you can use to gain subscribers. Moreover, it even gives six different pop-up forms, such as fly-ins, pop-ups, widget-area, and more.

With this plugin, you can make use of reporting and user analytics that let you have an idea of converting pages of your site. On top of that, you can even get a lot of triggers and customization options to administer opt-in forms.

WordPress plugin for newsletter

SumoMe offers a lot more beneficial features than just enabling you to build list. Used by more than 430,000 sites across the world, this plugin is considered a fully-fledged marketing product. It’s also an extremely popular free plugin available in the WordPress store with more than 100,000 active installs.

When it comes to the newsletter, this WordPress plugin for newsletter provides different features, including opt-ins. The free version of this plugin also provides a form of customizer that you can use to reflect the identity of your brand.

On the other hand, in the premium version, you can get a myriad of features, like A/B testing, customizable templates, and more. With these features by your side, you can quantify the effectiveness of your CTAs.


As specific as it can get, WordPress newsletter plugins let you gain more subscribers, design emails, send and track them, amidst several other features. Being convenient and time-saving tools, these plugins can help you grow your audience and establish your brand seamlessly. So, try out these above-listed plugins and make your audience relish your company’s advantages.


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