WordPress Must Have Plugin For Speed and Performance

WordPress Must Have Plugin For Speed and Performance


While you’re busy working hard on crafting your website, there are maximum chances of you missing out on one important aspect that can break down your website even before it gets a chance to survive the cut-throat competition. You need WordPress must have plugin to take care of those moments.

And that’s all about speed, which is, somehow, inter-connected with optimization as well as higher performance. Just give it a thought – how long can you wait for a site to load? For sure, your answer wouldn’t cross a minute or two, right?

Generally, more than half of the visitors only wait up to a few seconds. And, if your site doesn’t load within that time, you may end up losing a majority of your visitors just like that. Moreover, back in 2010, it was made official that Google takes a look at the speed of your site when it comes to measuring your ranking factors.

This news gives you an additional reason to keep the site’s speed and performance always higher. However, it’s obvious that optimizing the website for high performance might not be your cup of tea. If you aren’t familiar with these terms or techniques, you may have to seek help from a professional or use WordPress must have plugin, which may cost you even higher.

Don’t fret out! To help you and to ease your optimization procedure, there are several WordPress must have plugin that you can use. These plugins are created to boost the speed of your site through different mechanisms.

Here is the list of top 10 WordPress plugins that you can use for website speed, optimization, and higher performance.

If you are in search of an intuitive and fast WordPress plugin, then this should be your best choice. When coming up with a website, who doesn’t dream to gain tons of visitors. Surely, you would have started with the same intention, right?

However, with heavier traffic comes more consumption of CPU and RAM, which in turn provides you with nothing but slow rendering. With this WP Fastest Cache plugin, you can create a static HTML file. In this way, several users can view that static page at a time instead of rendering it again and again.

Out of all the amazing features of this WordPress must have plugin , ease of use and functionality take the top positions. With more than 400,000 active installations, this plugin surely provides you everything best. However, you’ll have to get the premium version to gain the advantage of the full-featured plugin.

Query on WordPress WordPress must have plugin

A development and free debugging plugin, Query monitor, is meant to discover and debug slow database queries, REST API requests, and much more. In addition to that, this plugin even reports website details, including details of hosting environment, script dependents, and much more.

If you are a developer, this WordPress must have plugin is specifically meant for you. With this plugin in hand, you’d be able to narrow down every query that might be happening on your webpage. Being a developer, you can know about whether or not the plugin is making queries efficiently, which will help you make your decision seamlessly.

Moreover, not just for the front-end, but you can even use this WordPress must have plugin at the back-end to troubleshoot such issues that may impact your website performance.

WordPress must have plugin

WordPress website optimization may seem easier with this plugin like never before. Just with a click of a button, you can accomplish all those tasks that may require expert knowledge. Being a WordPress user, you might be aware of the importance of removing unwanted and redundant data from the site that may slow down the speed.

Hence, this plugin helps you clean MySQL database of post revisions, spam comments, and more. Further, the plugin also provides a schedule, which can help you automate the entire process of database management.

WP-Optimize also sends you alerting notifications whenever it detects a potential threat on your website.

Yoast optimization plugin

it comes to optimizing your website, Yoast SEO is the one you should prefer the most. Being one of the most popular plugins, it lets you improve the SEO of your website by helping you optimize the content as well as the site.

This tool, undoubtedly, provides several beneficial features, including technical WordPress SEO, the page analysis tool, XML sitemaps functionality, and much more. With this plugin in hand, you can ensure that you are always on the right track.

WordPress must have plugin

Images are indeed essential for your website. Not just they enhance the look of web pages but even help in shooting up the conversion rate. ShortPixel Image Compression plugin will turn out to be advantageous if you use a couple of images in every post.

Whether you are using a PNG file or a JPG one, you can easily reduce the image size by compressing with this WordPress must have plugin . Although this plugin doesn’t reduce the quality of the image automatically, you can still do the same if you aren’t giving enough importance to the quality.

WPRocket WordPress must have plugin

WP Rocket is one such plugin that is meant to provide every caching function you may want along with several other beneficial features. Comparatively, the setup process of this plugin is quite easier. With this plugin, you get several amazing features, such as database optimization, lazy image loading, and more.

If you want to optimize the speed of your website, this WordPress must have plugin would be a hit. Amidst everything else, it also provides you with a user-friendly interface, cache pre-load, CDN integration, direct Cloudflare integration, Google analytics integration, and much more.

decrease the image size

You wouldn’t deny the fact that every image that you upload can increase the loading time of the page. So, if you are looking for more image compression plugins, then you must consider this award-winning one.

WP Smush is one of the considerable plugins to retain the quality but decrease the size of an image. Not just it supports different image formats, like GIF, JPEG, and PNG; but it also removes unnecessary colors from your images.

Moreover, this one is even compatible with different plugins. And, the best thing about this plugin is that it can compress up to 50 images at once. Right from the ability to remove metadata from your JPEG images to compressing images in the directory, this plugin can help you in several ways.

WordPress must have plugin

Sucuri is one of the considerable security and WordPress firewall plugins. This one comes with an inbuilt option to cache your content on the website. Not just that, but it requires only a click to enable gzip compression.

Since it is a DNS level firewall, this plugin can help to serve cached content to your visitors even before they reach your website. Hence, it provides an amazing boost to your site. Overall, it might turn out to be the best selection for your website.

WordPress must have plugin

Being associated with the world of WordPress or websites, you must be familiar with the importance of minification. It’s the kind of process that removes unwanted characters, such as newline characters, whitespace, and more, directly from the source code.

In this way, it becomes quite easier to reduce the page loading time. With this WordPress must have plugin , you can enhance the website optimization by minifying specific assets, like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML files. Using this plugin is even easier.

Once you’ve check marked required code boxes, minification process becomes easier. And, if you don’t want the code to be compressed, you can add scripts for the same. You can even control whether you want compressed files to be in the header or footer section of the HTML code or not.

optimize website fast WordPress must have plugin

Complete Analytics Optimization Suite is a kind of plugin that lets you host Google Analytics on your website locally. With more than 10,000 active installations and 5-star ratings, this plugin not just lets you host the Google Analytics JavaScript file but also update it from time to time.

There is an extensive list of features that this WordPress must have plugin provides, including anonymizing of the IP address of visitors, setting adjusted bounce rate, placing the script, and much more. Although benefits provided by this plugin are huge, however, the most considerate one would be the fact that it enables you to have full control over the file caching system.


There was a time when WordPress was considered a platform-specific only for bloggers. However, over the period of time, it has advanced into a functional content management system. If you want your website to reach potential visitors, you’ll have to make it fast and optimized by using WordPress must have plugin. For that, consider these plugins mentioned above and reach the heights of success.


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