Facebook Announces New Tools for Watch, Updated Usage Stats [Infographic]

Facebook Announces New Tools for Watch, Updated Usage Stats [Infographic]


I’m not sure these numbers are as impressive as Facebook is framing them to be.

To mark the almost first birthday of the global rollout of its long-form video Watch platform (Watch was actually initially launched to US users back in August 2017), Facebook has published a new infographic of key usage stats and insights, which show that Watch usage is growing, but it’s not exactly building huge momentum. At least, not yet.

As per Facebook:

We launched Watch globally less than a year ago, and there are now more than 720 million people monthly and 140 million people daily who spend at least one minute in Watch. On average, the daily visitors spend more than 26 minutes in Watch every day.”

I mean, that sounds impressive, but at Facebook’s scale, it’s not amazing. 140 million people equates to only around 6% of Facebook’s total user base of 2.38 billion – so that means that of all of Facebook’s audience, only around 6% of them, every day, are bothering to look at any Watch content at all. And when they do, Facebook is only saying they spend at least a single minute watching. Contextually, it’s less impressive.

But Facebook can still make Watch a more important destination, it may still become a bigger platform. On that front, Facebook has announced its latest set of Watch programs, including new shows from Zac Efron, Anna Kendrick and Jessica Biel, among others. It’s also testing a new section within Watch to highlight content that’s popular among your connections, while on the business front, its launching ad breaks in Canada, and adding support for five more languages

If Facebook can get a big show on Watch that starts drawing in more viewers, it could still become a more significant element. But it’s got a way to go yet.

Check out Facebook’s full infographic below.

Infographic provides an overview of Facebook Watch's performance over the past year




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