Manage your small business from a WordPress website

Manage your small business from a WordPress website


It is quite distinct that you will continuously face new challenges if you do own a small business. Especially, when it comes to the operational process you will have to face the music of a set of different kinds of stuff like hiring and managing employees, assets, and payroll; automatic book-keeping and maintenance of accounting; generating automatic reports; maintaining sound relationships with your clients and what not!

Manage your business with wordpress accounting system

These might seem bewildering altogether due to the massive workload. Be that as it may, eat up a lot of time, you can still enjoy extra holidays with your friends and family.

How? Using nothing but a business automation tool with no coding required – Yes! As simple as that. Today we will show you how to manage a small business from a WordPress website using WordPress accounting system plugin.

Why WordPress?

Because it’s the most versatile, scalable, safe and above all, free CMS and website building platform! More than 30% of the websites are built on WordPress platform including BBC America, Sony Music, MTV News, Sweden’s Official Website, Microsoft News Center, The Walt Disney Company, Mercedes-Benz and many more!

The coolest part is that whenever you are in any trouble, never feel stranded. It’s because there is a large WordPress community across the internet from which you can take help to shoot your trouble.

The use of plugins makes WordPress stand apart and usable for any purpose like WordPress accounting system. The same goes for your purpose of utilizing it as an ERP solution.

Operate your small business with your WordPress website

To operate your small business without any coding or hi-fi technical knowledge with your WordPress website, you need a plugin like WP ERP. Being a unique WordPress plugin, WP ERP is not only tailored to meet the requirements of a small business but also aimed to meet the various needs of a medium-sized business with its three sophisticated modules – HRM, CRM, and Accounting.

As of today, the plugin has over 7000 active installs in more than 160 countries with an impressive 4.5 rating.

Use an ERP tool from the convenience of your WordPress Dashboard

If you already have a WordPress site and require WordPress accounting system then you can start using WP ERP right away! The installation process is super easy like any other WordPress plugin. To know how to install and configure WP ERP follow these links:

A full-fledged ERP to manage your small business

WP ERP is best WordPress accounting system which manages your small business by automating the repetitive and mundane tasks in an efficient way. Let’s start with the three module’s exclusive services that you can get from the solution:

The HRM module

Managing human resources can be a little baffling if you would like to do it on your own. That’s because you may have to deal with a number of employees from different departments on various matters. Here’s how WP ERP can boost you with its automation:

Is your recruitment process eating up a lot of time?

Hiring process generally includes posting jobs on your website, screening, interviewing, making an offer by selecting the appropriate candidates. However, this is not the end of the story.

wordpress accounting system

Because in real life, you have to specify the interviewing room, assign interviewers, getting Curriculum Vitae easily both in digital formats and hard copies and notifying with email is the most common workflow in the hiring process.

The Recruitment plugin is an extended feature of WP ERP that will allow you to do just that!

Employee leave management

Employees are like the soul of an organization. But as a small business owner, if you want to monitor each and every employee’s working hours, chances are high that you can lose your concentration from the other kinds of stuff that matters more to your business.

According to our observation, the plugin is capable of tracking important aspects related to employee leave management. It can calculate total worked hours, overtime hours, available leaves etc. on its own.

wordpress accounting system

Precognitive self-attendance service

To get the most out of your employee’s you should ensure that all of your employees regardless of their ranks are coming on time. But it gets really tough to track all of your employee’s attendances if you plan to do it manually.

But, the best of all is that, with this WordPress accounting system, your employees can easily check themselves in or out using whitelisted IP addresses. It is, however, a paid service which can be availed after installing the Attendance extension.

Attendance plugin for wordpress accounting system

Go paperless

Worried about the safety of your important business documents? Not to worry!

With the Document Manager extension, you can create, edit or save your documents in the live server. This extension will ensure zero damage to your documents because all your documents will be saved as digital formats. You can save a lot of office space and money if you use this service.

Document manager wordpress accounting system

Get employee reports

Never get exhausted at preparing employee reports by your hands. We know how much pain it is to create employee reports by wading through all employee’s work records.

Luckily, the HRM module has 6 types of employee reports which will help you understand how efficiently your employees are working. The currently available 6 types of reports include Age profile, Gender Profile, Salary History, Headcount, Years of Service and Leaves reports.

HRM reports wordpress accounting system

Make announcements on the go

Often, you will discover yourself outside of the office and you will need to announce something urgent.

Whether you are at the office or at home, just type in your text in the announcement option in the announcement option and get all your employees notified in no time. Because your employees will be able to find your announcement right on their HRM dashboard.

This is how your employees will see your announcement from their individual dashboards if you are using WP ERP:

Office Announcement wordpress accounting system

The Accounting module

You will be able to tackle your business accounting like a pro. The only thing that you need to do is insert a transaction into the ERP system as a basic activity and the system will do the rest of the things for you:

Simple Dashboard with good insights

If you go to the Accounting module, you will get a dashboard which will give you a rapid understanding of the current condition of your business. You will get to know how much is the monthly income and expenses; business expenses; cash and bank balance; revenues; bills receivable and bills payable.

wordpress accounting system

Futuristic Bookkeeping and Accounting process

Contemplating to hire a professional accountant to tackle your business’s accounting related things or feeling afraid for not having accounting skill? No problem.

The basic version of the plugin covers Journal, Trial Balance and Final Accounts which are the bare minimum for any business. Here is an example of a journal entry while keying it into the system:

wordpress accounting system

Automatically generated financial Reports

No matter how much money your business is making, the viability of your business pivots on the informed decisions you make.

Thanks to the developers that they did not forget to embellish it with financial reports like Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Sales Tax.

Accounting Reports wordpress accounting system

What’s more! You can extend the functionality with the Inventory extension to keep track of inventories and get reports on them.

Easy switching between the bank account and petty cash accounts

This is another free feature with which you can easily switch between your Petty cash account and Bank account to receive, send or transfer money between these accounts.

wordpress accounting system

Even a third grader can create customers and vendors

The simple yet intuitive interface will help you create customers and vendors swiftly. Below is a screen you will see while you create a customer:

Add customer wordpress accounting system

Creating invoices and receiving your payment from your customers

Use the ‘Sales’ option to create invoices for your customers if you are selling on credit. Later, you can receive the cash and debit your “Petty Cash” or “Savings Account”.

If you are selling your inventories in cash then use the Payment option. You will get options to choose whether to add the received money to “Savings Account” or to “Petty Cash” account.

sales transaction wordpress accounting system

Don’t get overwhelmed at managing expenses

There are a lot of business expenses like inventory expenses, operating expenses and so on. Don’t feel lost at recording these expense accounts.

The interesting thing is that the plugin will allow you to record both the inventory expenses and operating expenses separately. You can use the “Journal Entry” option to record the operating expenses.

To record any inventory purchase transactions use the “Expense Transaction” option.

Whether you have a bucketload of expense transactions like purchasing your inventories in cash or on credit or in installments, recording with WP ERP will be a fascinating experience.

Voucher wordpress accounting system

The CRM module

It does not matter if you are doing goods oriented or service-oriented business, a sound customer relationship requires utmost priority. This undeniably important factor can easily be ameliorated by the CRM module of WP ERP.

Looking for a CRM that connects to another platform?

It is quite a common scenario for the users that they become unable to integrate their current software platform with the other similar type of software. You may need to import tons of contacts from your old platforms or you may want to use two similar pieces of software as a complementary to one another. For example, whenever a support ticket is created in Zendesk or Helpscout, you might want to have it in your ERP tool too.

To this end, premium integration solutions like WooCommerce integration, Zendesk Integration, Helpscout Integration, Awesome support sync, Hubspot Contacts Sync , Hubspot Contacts Sync are there for you!

Get a 360° view with an amazing dashboard

Whenever you log in to the CRM module of the plugin you will get a sophisticated dashboard that will pinpoint you with how many schedules are coming on your way, how many contacts or companies are there and the total number of the inbound emails. You can also see your schedules on the weekly, monthly or daily basis.

wordpress accounting system

Not just adds contacts

At times, you will need to know the life stages of your contacts to communicate them with effectively. Breaking down the contacts will help you target the right contacts easily.

The polished CRM module will not only help you create contacts but also help you their life stages (whether they are leads or opportunities or customers or subscribers). This customer life segmentation will allow you to target a particular group of customers to upsell or cross-sell your products easily.

Add Contacts wordpress accounting system

Filtered search service

The search segment option will allow you to add “Filtered Search Service” to get a particular set of contacts across.

The good thing is that you can even save the filtered results as “Contact Group” or you can even save the filtering conditions so as not to create the same filtering condition over and over again.

Search segment wordpress accounting system

A separate listing of contacts and companies

If you are using a single Rolodex to keep both the contacts and companies. It can create a problem for you to look up contacts and companies separately.

Luckily, the plugin keeps every contact and companies separately. This is helpful to keep your CRM tool neat and clean so that things look tidy.

Add note for a contact

Ideas are elusive, isn’t it? But the “New Note” functionality of the plugin will enable you to grab and hold the ideas or any note for a contact.

wordpress accounting system

Send emails to your contacts

Tired of switching between Gmail and your ERP tool? Luckily, with the built-in Email functionality of the plugin, you will be able to send emails on the fly. It works like a regular Gmail or Yahoo mail service. You will find a text editor along with an attachment option with which you can send any type of file.

wordpress accounting system

Add activities for a contact

You can add separate activities (log a call, email, meeting, and SMS) for a contact or company. This activity log ensures that there’s nothing amiss when it comes to an effective communication with your contacts or companies.

wordpress accounting system

Few cons to consider:

  • The plugin currently does not directly support POS machines. To work POS machine and WP ERP in tandem, you may need to export the pos machine data in CSV format and later, you will have to import the data into the system.
  • The Invoice has no ability to add terms and conditions.
  • As you need your own hosting to store all the data of the system, the responsibility of data recovery entirely banks upon you when it comes to any data loss.

Wrapping up: ERP – WordPress accounting system

To have an edge over your competitor, ERP tools will undoubtedly make your workflow more simple, swifter and easier. According to Panorama’s Report on ERP Systems and Enterprise Software:

“81% of organizations are either in the process of implementing ERP software or have completed implementation.”

Though the plugin has some downsides, it has covered almost all the nitty-gritty required to manage a small business. But the best part is that it will allow you to set custom user roles (Manager, Editor, Accountant etc.) throwing the influence of WordPress behind.

Finally, for a lean startup, you will have to make sure that you keep the initial expenditure of your business low. This is where a solution like WP ERP can make a good amount of difference.

Small businesses deal with a great number of PDFs whether they are invoices, contracts or data analysis. After using WordPress to manage your small business, you’ll probably go to have to deal with the reports of these insights. In order to edit your PDFs for your small business, you can learn more about PDF editing from this How to edit a PDF guide.


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