Why is video taking over the internet? : Video Marketing

Why is video taking over the internet? : Video Marketing


Currently, Video Marketing is dominating the online world, specifically social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. And, there are indeed an array of reasons behind the ever-increasing popularity of videos.

Your audience, tired and bored of monotonous texts posts, is in search of something more appealing and compelling. Matching their requirements perfectly, what else can be better than an attractive video?

It’s obvious to figure out why videos are thriving – they are not just the best way to promote business but are also easier for your audience to look at, regardless of the device they are using. So, if you haven’t had the chance to understand the importance of video marketing, here is everything you should be knowing.

  • Psychology Plays the Role in Video Marketing:

There is an interesting reason behind why your audience prefers videos over the same old text posts. Their brain plays an essential part here. Accordingly, the human brain processes a video content almost 60,000 times faster and quicker in comparison with the text.

While reading a text makes the brain undergo a completely separate process, when it comes to videos, humans tend to comprehend the visual content in a better way. Even though reading is an active activity, humans still get inclined towards videos.

If a recent study is to be believed, one user watches approximately 206 videos in a month. And not just that, but even a majority of marketers believe that with video content, they achieve more goals efficiently.

  • They Boost Conversion:

Not just videos are meant to enhance your reach and audience base, but they can even help you make money. A lot of it. It is said that you can increase your conversion rate by 80% only if you add a video to your landing page.

Furthermore, it is even possible that your videos may even fetch you a significant number of sales. For this, you can create your product videos and market them well to get better output. And, when it comes to developing videos, the internet doesn’t have any smaller number of tools.

You can use tools like VSDC Pro and more to edit your videos professionally. Such tools come equipped with several advanced features, including importing videos from different devices, easy editing, visual effects, easy exporting, and much more.

  • Videos Are Meant to Build Trust:

When it comes to increasing conversion and sales rates, you ought to build an unbreakable trust among your audience. Video MarketingUndeniably, the entire content marketing concept is depended on long-term relationships and trust.

Since you’d want your customer to come and buy your products, you must provide them with interesting and valuable information. So, videos are meant to do everything. Such kind of content ignites emotions and engages more and more people.

Even you can create promotional videos and market them to foster trust. While consumers always remain skeptical when it comes to buying products online, you can show them why your products or services are going to be beneficial for them through a video. Therefore, if you are serious about the content market, you got to try videos as well.

  • Videos Generate Great ROI:

Moving forward, almost 83% of businesses have admitted that using videos helps them generate a better return on investment. Therefore, regardless of how much you are investing in your videos, you can be sure of the fact that you are always going to get that money back.

Also, you even don’t have to create a perfect and out-of-the-box kind of videos. For your audience, if there’s anything that matters the most is the content, given that you are presenting it in different forms.

Although video development isn’t an easier or cheaper task, you still have several options to get attractive videos and share them on your social media.  You can even download videos directly from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more platforms to post on your pages. There are even helpful tools that can download videos for you seamlessly.

  • Google Considers Videos to be Effective:

In a way, videos help users to increase the time that they usually spend on your website. Therefore, exposure for a long time not just builds trust with your audience but also provides a signal to search engines that your website contains valuable content.

If you have a video on your website, your chances of showing up on the first page of Google becomes comparatively higher. Now that Google is the owner of YouTube, you can even embed links on your website to rank higher.

However, you must ensure that you are optimizing YouTube videos adequately. Right from interesting descriptions to titles, you must add relevant keywords and tags. You can even give backlinks to your products, services, or website.

  • Videos Are Easy to Explain:

Video Marketing

When it comes to an explanation, there wouldn’t be anything easier than a video. While texts may help you explain a concept, it will not necessarily get inside the head of your audience. Whether you are coming up with a new service or a new product, videos can help you reach out to a wider set of audience.

Not just that, but you can even create a video for your entire brand and make your target audience understand the aim and vision of your company. It will help people connect with your brand effectively.

Furthermore, even if you are trying to connect with the international audience, chances are they might understand your concept, unless they know your language, or you are explaining them in their native language. However, with an animated video, this hassle can be taken out.

  • Enhance Open & Click Rates:

There is no denying the fact that email marketing is one of the advantageous ways of generating leads. And, those who are dubious, mind you, this advertising tactic still works and can get you amazing results.

However, what if you’ve worked hard on a campaign and added all the valuable information but still couldn’t get an anticipated open or click-through rate? You may sit back and ponder upon where you went wrong.

In such a situation, videos can be of great help. Just by adding the word “video” in the subject line of an email can help you gain double the number of open as well as clickthrough rates. An amazing thing to try out, isn’t it?

  • Videos Bring Social Shares:

Video Marketing

In this current era, videos are posted to make them viral. And, more than half the number of your audience would be sharing your videos with others, given your content is exceptional. Therefore, it’s a golden chance to let them know why your brand exists.

By adding a tinge of humor, you can compel people to share videos instantly. Also, videos that are created for a specific reason may fetch you more and more shares. All in all, the fact is, when you post videos, you may get a higher number of shares on social media.

With each passing day, video marketing is only thriving. Be it a how-to video or going live on social media, you have several opportunities in front to choose from. So, this is another reason that would let you begin with videos.

  • Videos Can Increase Online Presence:

The more space you are covering on the social media, the better will be your chances to get high conversion rate. Once you have established your brand, you would have to shout out for it. And, what would be a great way than to do it with an attractive video?

Videos are today helping businesses expand their online presence. With different social media platforms supporting this type of content, it has become easier for marketers to post one video on each platform.

And hence, by creating just one single video, they can target different sets of audience available on different social media platforms. This, indeed, is helping them save a lot of time, efforts, as well as get more conversion.

  • Videos Boost Engagement:

After all these reasons that delineate why video is taking over the internet, this fact would be quite obvious. Right from Instagram live to Facebook videos, the audience is only looking forward to a video that is relatable and funny.

And, regardless of how amazing you are making your text content to be, if your competitors are posting valuable videos, gaining audience attention is going to be a tough battle for you. As mentioned above, since videos are shared the most, they boost engagement as well.

So, even if you are fed up of constantly posting high-quality content and not getting worthy results in return, it’s time to switch to videos. And, you can have better engagement results.

Wrapping Up about Video Marketing:

Video advertising is becoming more widespread as well as affordable. Not just the advancement of technology is the case behind the popularity of videos but the easiness to make it viral also holds importance. Creating marketing videos demand knowledge as well as creativity. With such factors in your video, you can create miracles at a low cost.

On the top of it, you can even use several tools, such as Time-lapse Video Bundle, and more to create a buzz on the internet. So, begin your journey today.


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