20 Fascinating Google Facts and Stats [Infographic]

20 Fascinating Google Facts and Stats [Infographic]


Few tech companies have come to symbolize the digital age quite like Google. Not only has Google completely dominated the search engine game for decades – with even the nearest competitor barely scratching the surface – but it’s also got its finger in multitudes of other tech ventures and industries.

That expanded reach may be the most interesting element of the search giant, with initiatives reaching into robotics, AR glasses and drones, just to name a few within the tech giant’s ever-expanding empire. You may not know it, but Google is always buying up new companies, and working on new projects, all with the vision of constantly staying ahead of the competition.  

And there are plenty of other details you may not know about the search giant. The below infographic from VizionOnline outlines 20 fascinating Google facts and stats, which will not only provide you with a better understanding of the company, but they may also help you better understand some extra complextities of the search process. 

Google facts infographic




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