5 Amazing Things about WordPress You Probably Don’t Know

5 Amazing Things about WordPress You Probably Don’t Know


One of the most important features of WordPress is its simplicity. The dashboard is incredibly easy to use, and most people with familiarity with MS Word can use it and start publishing online. But along with being simple to use, there are some fantastic WordPress features and WordPress Tips that most people are oblivious to.

In this article, we want to highlight some of these hidden gems. These are five fabulous things about WordPress.

Invoicing Clients:

WordPress TipsIf you are a freelancer or operate your own small business, you will need to provide your clients with weekly or monthly invoices. And creating invoices can be annoying. If you aren’t too happy about invoicing, the Advanced Client Manager Plugin by WordPress can be of assistance. The plugin enables users to generate and send professionally formatted invoices to clients from their WordPress dashboard. Customers can pay via PayPal. Furthermore, you can track any pending invoices from one convenient location.

Price Estimator:

The pricing for some products is relatively straightforward. For instance, when buying a TV, you know precisely what you are getting for the price. However, for web design projects, the final price will be an approximate depending on various estimates.WordPress Tips

Providing manual estimates to every potential client can be time-consuming. The WP Estimation & Payment Forms Builder can help you offer approximate prices to potential clients. This also means that you can spend time dealing with only serious customers rather than time-wasters.

The interface of the estimator looks impressive and can be completely personalized. The interface used advanced conditional logic. This enables the user to arrive at correct estimates for client projects. It also allows you to receive down payments through PayPal.

Geo-Location Based Content:

You can use WordPress to geo-target your content to serve specific content to visitors on the basis of their geographical location. You can use Google Analytics to determine where your users are located and tailor your content accordingly.

Furthermore, visitors using VPN services can view your content from anywhere in the world safely and securely. For further information on VPN services, read more here.

WordPress TipsImproving Credibility:

If you want your site to generate an increasing number of leads, you need to build robust online credibility. To this end, the Terms Logos Testimonials Locations for WordPress is a remarkable all-in-one tool. This plugin allows you to add customer logo carousels, customer testimonials, team profiles and more to your site.

This is a comprehensive plugin that provides dramatic transition animations, ten color schemes, graphics effects, and adds many features to enhance the credibility of your business.

WordPress Dashboard Theme:

If you are a typical WordPress user, chances are that you spend many hours every day on the WordPress dashboard. The dashboard is also known as WordPress backend or WordPress admin. While the dashboard has been given an impressive facelift in recent versions, it can still get boring sometimes.

You can use the Forest Revolution WordPress Admin Theme to give your dashboard a significant overhaul. Changing this dashboard will not have any implications on the live site, but will make the dashboard more attractive. You can improve your site usability to make it look better and boost your traffic.

Conclusion on WordPress Tips

WordPress offers a ton of other features which you may not know about. You can start using the exciting features discussed in this article and keep looking for more interesting plugins. Don’t forget to leave us a comment detailing your favorite WordPress feature!


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