Graphic designer’s price list is (still) priceless

Graphic designer’s price list is (still) priceless


Calculating your rate as a designer or illustrator is a notoriously tricky task, as is managing clients that think they can design, or believe they are masters of design thinking, who are hiring you just so you can agree with them.

If you can relate to the above, then you’ll appreciate the graphic designer’s price list. We originally wrote about this price list back in 2015, but have found that versions of it are still doing the rounds, suggesting that it continues to be relevant today. Plus, it’s still pretty funny (or sad, depending on how you look at it).

parody designers price list

Still want to design everything? [Image: Digital Synopsis]

There are several version of the price list on the net, this one is one of the better-looking ones around (some of them seem to be horribly low-res, we assume on purpose?), and is from Digital Synopsis

Based on the Fibonacci sequence, the fees follow the 1:1.61 ratio – otherwise know as the Golden Ratio – spiralling upwards as the client increasingly takes control.

Clients: take note. If this price list is anything to go by, your design ‘skills’ might be about to get rather costly.

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