YellowPencil – The Best Visual WordPress CSS Editor Plugin (Must TRY)

YellowPencil – The Best Visual WordPress CSS Editor Plugin (Must TRY)


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Whether your WordPress theme doesn’t allow you to customize menu background or provides problems when it comes to resizing or positioning the custom logo, there are several such cases when the need of a WordPress visual CSS Editor plugin arises.

On the top of that, it is even important to look out for such CSS editor that helps you design an array of web pages, quickly, especially if you have no idea about coding or are entirely new to WordPress.

In such a situation, a WordPress plugin, meant to perform such actions, comes into the picture. With the help of such a plugin, you cannot only alter your entire website on your own easily but can even save the changed data in the database. The good part is even if you update the theme or remove this editor plugin, your saved data wouldn’t go anywhere.

Although there are several editor plugins that you can get, however, YellowPencil might be just the right thing for you. Without touching a line of coding, you would be able to change the entire appearance of your website with this one plugin. Fantastic, isn’t it?

So, let’s dive in and check out more of its amazing features.

What Is YellowPencil?

wordpress css editor plugin

YellowPencil is a plugin that lets you customize any theme and page without the need of coding. Just by clicking on an element, you can begin visual customization instantly. Moreover, you can even adjust colors, fonts, positions, sizes, and much more.

The plugin offers more than 50 properties of style through which you can administer and alter your website as you please. There are several other advanced features as well, like measuring tool, drag & drop, visual resizing, google fonts, background patterns, and much more.

Furthermore, there are innumerable such aspects that make this one quite a demanding choice. Ease of use, no need of coding, detailed support documentation, and intuitive interface simply mean that you can easily access this plugin, even if you have restricted experience in designing and coding.

Features of CSS Editor:

wordpress css editor plugin

YellowPencil lets you have access to tools that simply help you edit and enhance the entire appearance of your site in real time. The plugin creates extra CSS code instead of just editing the files of WordPress theme.

This editor also comes with revert to original, undo, and redo buttons; hence, making it easier to mend mistakes done during the editing time. Below-mentioned is some of the main characteristics of this plugin:

  • Element Inspector:

    While you are engrossed in editing, you can simply choose layers in your design with this tool. All you have to do is just click on a layer and you can instantly begin customizing it with a floating menu.
  • More than 50 Properties:

    If you are a beginner, this feature would be nothing less than a Pandora box full of treasure. YellowPencil editor offers you more than 50 CSS properties that come with apt descriptions to help you get through it. With these properties, you can have full control over the design of your website.

  • More than 600 Font Families:

    With this visual CSS editor, you can expect more than 600 Google Font Families. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to install a third-party plugin just to make the content on your website look more stylish and effective.

  • More than 300 Pattern Assets:

    Apart from the mere font, you can even get 300 pattern assets. You can easily use these assets for headings as well as backgrounds on your WordPress website.

  • Live CSS Editor:

    YellowPencil provides you an excellent opportunity to fine-tune almost every aspect of your layout or design. Built for both beginners and experienced designers, although the plugin doesn’t ask for CSS knowledge, there is still alive editor for those who are too much into coding.

  • Drag & Drop Controls:

    Eliminating the need to code entirely, with this plugin, you can simply drag and drop elements when it comes to altering their position on the website. Not just that, but you can even resize images and make them look striking.

  • Visual Animation Generator:

    Furthermore, another great feature of this plugin is Visual Animation Generator. It helps you create advanced animations comprising images and text quite efficiently. Hence, engaging your website visitors wouldn’t be a tough task, right?

  • Visual Animation Manager:

    Not just you can generate animations but can even manage them. Either you can use custom animations or can use from the 50 existing ready-to-use animations. You can even manage the duration of the animation. Furthermore, you can even create CSS or HTML based movies with this tool.

  • Measuring Tools:

    If you have any sort of doubt for your design being the perfect one, the tool simply takes away your worries. YellowPencil comes with measuring tools that make you sure of your designs being pixel perfect.

  • Smart Logic:

    Integrated with smart logic, YellowPencil is competent enough to generate code just like a professional developer. This plugin filters tag names and classes to discover the best of CSS Selector for the specific element.

    Apart from these above-mentioned ones, there are several other features that you can get in this tool, such as trendy colour palettes, responsiveness, hover & focus selectors, design information, element search tool, wireframe view, gradient generator, visual margin & padding editing, eyedropper tool, CSS3 filter effects, and much more.

How Is YellowPencil Different from Other CSS Editors?

If searched and navigated enough, you won’t feel the scarcity of CSS editors. However, YellowPencil simply outperforms others when it comes to features, ease of use, and affordability. One of the best parts about this plugin is that you can get lots of features just in its free version.

Furthermore, just the fact that this plugin allows you to choose any element on a page and change the CSS property along with monitoring the changes in real time is enough to choose it over others. And, even if you would want to purchase the premium version, you wouldn’t have to shed a huge amount from your pocket. That would be another reason to buy this plugin, right?

Price of YellowPencil:

Generally, there are three different versions of YellowPencil that you can check out:

wordpress css editor plugin

  • Lite Version:

    This one is the free version that lets you use this plugin without paying a single buck. However, if you are going for this version, you wouldn’t be able to get access to animation, font family, and size properties.
  • Regular Version:

    By paying just $20, you can get this regular version of YellowPencil, which contains every feature required to make your website look magnificent. However, you could only get a license to use this plugin for either one project or one website with support for up to 6 months.
  • Extended Version:

    Another version of YellowPencil is the Extended version. This is appropriate for those developers who are in the business of selling themes. Just by paying $125, you cannot easily attract more and more customers but can even get the support up to a year.

Installing YellowPencil on your Website:

Installing YellowPencil is quite a plain-sailing. Whether you are choosing the free version or going to buy it, you’ll get a zip file to download. Once you have downloaded the app, then:

  • Login to WordPress
  • Upload the plugin zip file to the WordPress
  • Activate the plugin

And, that’s it!

Reasons to Try YellowPencil:

If there is still a room for persuasion, here are some considerable reasons that will help you choose the best of this plugin-

Customization of any WordPress theme available

  • Appropriate for both beginners and professionals
  • Inexpensive price
  • Responsive customization for phone, desktop, tablet, and more
  • Alter the website efficiently
  • Several advanced features to choose from
  • Insanely simple to use

Conclusion: Is YellowPenchil WordPress CSS editor plugin?

If you need help customizing your website but are short of budget for a professional developer, YellowPencil is the plugin to grab. If you want, you can even try out the free version, with limited features, before you take the plunge to get the paid version.

To attain the best outcome, make sure that you have a clear mission and vision for your website design. So, try it out and let us know about your experience.


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