12 Best Ways To Increase Traffic To Your New Website in 2018

12 Best Ways To Increase Traffic To Your New Website in 2018


Just having a website is not enough, if you think so. You should design a strategy to ensure that increase traffic to your new website and also website is visited by your potential customers to boost the sales and revenues. Do you know that your website is your one of the most dedicated employees who work 24/7 and represents your business in the best manner possible?

Why do you need to boost your website traffic? There are many reasons for it such as to create brand awareness, to improve conversion rate, to boost your revenues and profits and to create a loyal customer base.

Your business website is a place where people visit to get some information about services and products you are offering and it is important that they get relevant information. What if you have a new business website that is not getting enough visits? In this post, we have discussed 10 helping tips that can boost your website traffic.

Perform On-Page SEO

Your business cannot survive without SEO in this digital era. It is not an option anymore. You need to hire best SEO professionals who can help you to optimize your website through different organic SEO strategies including on page SEO by creating engaging and informative content and innovative meta descriptions. These strategies surely pay you back in the form of increased traffic and in turn, revenues. In addition to that, Google loves optimized websites and it also helps Google crawlers to rank your website easily.

Use Landing Pages:

Users love to get specific insight and information separately. Ensure that you have separate landing pages for all pages such as coupon schemes, PDF manuals, free trial page and all other possible pages. These landing pages will help users to get relevant information as well as they will visit these pages. In addition to that, landing pages increase conversion rates and improve paid search campaigns and credibility.

Build natural backlinks:

Building natural backlinks are very important to improve your site’s visibility and traffic. However, it is important to note that these backlinks should come from trustworthy sources rather than low-quality sites. It might hurt your traffic and SEO. Check out the website’s trust Rank, credibility, relevance, social media relevance and other factors to decide the site’s quality.

Content marketing including videos and infographics

seo friendly platformMost of the users are seeking for relevant information and if you have the information they are looking for, half the battle won by you. Content creation and distribution is very important for website traffic. Ensure that the content is original, engaging with catchy headlines and relevant content.

In 2018, Videos and infographics are best content tactics to rely on. They are popular and users love them. Create more relevant videos and infographics to generate more traffic to your website.

Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is an activity is a strategy by which you allow content creators to post their content on your website. It is a wayDon’t forget to exchange back-links of your website to reach out to masses by sharing the content. It also sends a clear message to the users that you too share relevant interests in things they are concerned.

Also, you can be a guest blogger and write and post content on different high-quality websites with superior traffic. You will get a backlink from them to drive traffic to your website.

Target Long-Tail Keywords

Short-tail keywords are not bad, but they don’t bring good traffic to your website as they fail to get ranked on search engines. Opt for long-tail keywords with specific products and services and they will bring more traffic to your website as they will rank high on search engines. The buying behavior and patterns are changing and you need to change according to their preferences.

Get Traffic Through Advertising

paid advertising

If you fail to get good traffic through organic efforts, you can also go for some paid online advertising too. One advantage of paid advertising is that you get instant and guaranteed boost in the traffic. You can go for Pay per Click advertising with social media paid marketing, display advertising is as effective as organic SEO.

Social media marketing:

social seach and social media seoYou cannot ignore social media marketing when you are in a digital era. Social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others are best ways to create brand recognition and awareness. you don’t just need to be present there, you need to share original content about your products and services there. Also, you can engage with your customers directly there. It is an added advantage of social media marketing.

Build Internal Links

Link building is an important factor to boost your traffic and that include internal links. Whenever you are writing fresh and original content, try to find opportunities for internal linking and it will surely work wonders for your SEO and traffic.

Design a responsive website


If your website is not a responsive one, you are surely going to a wrong direction. A responsive website is a website that runs smooth and superior in mobiles, desktops, notepads and other platforms. As more and more users are using smartphones to seek information, you need to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.

Decrease Your Website Load Time

Remember, your competitor has a website with almost no loading time. To keep your users loyal to you, ensure that your website loads as fast as possible. The optimum time is 0.02 to 0.03 second. Check out the website’s loading time with online tools and if it is high, make necessary changes.

Engage online:

Yes, it is important. Users would love if you directly engage with them and solve their queries and concerns. In fact, if you do so, they are likely to make buying decisions in your favor. Whether it is a social media page of your business or a blog page, engage with users who come up with queries or questions.

Conclusion on how to increase traffic to your new website:

A carefully crafted digital marketing strategy can boost your website traffic to a great extent. The internet is all about exchanging information and if you do it smartly and authentically, you will surely build a great reputation over a long period of time.


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