5 Ways to Grow Organic Traffic to Your Website

5 Ways to Grow Organic Traffic to Your Website


One of the challenges for any business organization is to ensure that when customers look for a service or product like yours, they should find you instead of a competitor. However, it is not always about expensive pay-per-click advertising or search engine optimization (SEO). There are a lot of ways you can grow organic traffic to your website at little to no cost.

Growing organic traffic is a task that requires time and hard work. That being said, you have to keep in mind that it takes sheer commitment, dedicated efforts and a lot of time to grow organic traffic on your website. In light of this, here are five best ways you can incorporate to grow traffic and increase your bottom line at the same time:

Grow Organic Traffic

Search Engine Optimization

Always remember that you are developing content for your users, not search engines. This is why it is vital to include specific keywords on your web pages; that being said, your content must be informative as well as meaningful. Your web page must have a few heading tags which include keywords that describe the content on your page. However, steer clear of keyword-stuffing at all costs – make sure you remain conversational while including keywords.

All of the images that you use on your page should ideally have relevant keywords including the file name. Just like the URL structure, make sure each word is separated with hyphens.

Content Marketing

If you are looking to drive more organic traffic to your site to boost your online sales, you should improve your content marketing strategy. Killer headlines are excellent for improving your click-through rate and have your content shared socially. Headlines starting with a number or with an appealing adjective close to the beginning of an article are often the most popular. It is often better to drive traffic to the product pages or a blog if you are trying to convert new users. After doing your keyword research, you might have to create new web pages for the target audience. Whether your pages are old or new, make sure you optimize them to make the most of them. You can also perform A/B tests on your site to enhance its performance and your conversion rate. Many companies like Internet Marketing Company Irvine have successfully implemented this method.


Quora is not a standalone best answer for passive promotion; however, if you utilize it well, you would notice an incredible increase in organic traffic that is an ideal supplement to your other content promotion efforts. Create a profile on Quora to stand out from the rest. This will help instill trust and confidence in other people who are reading your answers.  It is also important to find high visibility questions. This will help you attract the most upvotes and views. When crafting your answers make sure you make them appealing by using visuals, telling a story and digging a little deeper.

Quora lets you add core topics to the bio where you think you are an expert;

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Leverage Social Media Promotion

The choice to bid on a specific social media network will mainly depend on your budget and niche. That being said, Pinterest is often an excellent choice when it comes to designs, DIYs, visual-related businesses and accessory stores, etc. On the other hand, LinkedIn is a great place if you want to target experts and business professionals in many niches. But you will not earn a high return on investment for promoting knitting classes on this platform.

Twitter and Facebook are considerably more niche-neutral and can easily cover nearly any type of audience. Keep in mind that advertising on most social media networks is still more economical than the pay per clicks campaigns you may run on Google. Also, the great thing about adverts you could run on various social media platforms is that they allow you to set up focused or targeted audiences based on specific interests or locations.

There are many different kinds of advertising options you can use on various social media networks. As you may already have targeted content on your blog or website that could convert readers into customers, you could promote your posts, instead of your products or service. According to experts,

A well-optimized and effective post on Facebook could get you about 30,000 in terms of reach, and 2,000 in terms of engagement for about $100. 

Guest Posting

Guest posting is easily one of the most effective and efficient ways to grow organic traffic to your website. Guest posting works most effectively when it can get you in front of your target audience. A top-notch guest post in front of the right audience often generates a swift spike in organic traffic or increase in revenue as well as long-term relevance to your brand.

Guest posting allows you to get more personal and go into more depth than what your website may allow and create an extensive catalog of useful, persona-optimized content that is centered on your market niche. But spammy or poorly-written content could do more damage than good. So, avoid it at all costs.

Try to tap into the blogosphere; it is a very reciprocal type of place. You can read, link to and comment on other people’s blogs and websites, especially those who operate in your market; and they would hopefully read and link to your site and blogs, attracting more prospects in the process.


Grow Organic TrafficGrowing organic traffic is tricky and requires hard work. Any solution that guarantees a shortcut to a lasting avalanche of organic traffic is more to lead to a heavy penalty in the future. You should embrace the day-to-day grind of developing amazing content that can help users and offers a solution to their problem or dilemma. In the end, it would drive more traffic compared to any other shortcut.

Hard work yields the best results, especially in the long run, and it is always true in practice.  It is not any different on the web. If you are looking to grow organic traffic, you will need to work for it. This means giving it your best shot each time, going after details and opportunities your competitors may have missed, using SEO, content marketing, being consistent, and leveraging social media and specific platforms such as Quora.


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