SERPSTAT – Complete SEO Solution for Small to Large Businesses Website

SERPSTAT – Complete SEO Solution for Small to Large Businesses Website


seo solutionWith more and more businesses taking their brands online, Search Engine Optimization has become way more important than ever before and so SEO solution. These sets of rules that website owners are bound to follow, so as to optimize their websites, have been helping them to rank higher.

Be it getting more clicks by positioning higher or promoting their businesses on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines, there are numerous whys and wherefores for SEO being considered to be advantageous.

Apparently, SEO is not only restricted to optimizing the website. However, it is an in-depth concept that comprises several other aspects, like backlinking, keywords, and more. And, to help people with easy searching and analyzing, there are innumerable online tools that can turn out to be beneficial.

seo solutionseo solutionseo solution

Talking about tools, Serpstat is an amalgamation of different tools. In a way, this tool condenses the efforts of managing multiple tools for different tasks. What makes this tool stand out from the rest of them is its competency to provide on-time results for competitor analyses, backlink and website audit, SEO metric tracking, and much more.

This one tool is surely designed to add worth to your SEO campaigns. Let’s begin with knowing about Serpstat.

Things to Know About Serpstat:

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Made public to the audience in 2013, Serpstat was initially launched as a famous tool to analysis competitors and research keywords. Since then, the tool has undergone a lot of transformations and today, it is boasting about its well-developed SEO skills. Over the years, its database has seen a considerable growth and today, Serpstat encompasses more than 200 million search recommendations and 180 million ads.

Keeping its elevated acknowledgment in mind, the owners expanded its keywords database and now, it is worthy of giving a tough competition to major players in the industry, such as SEMrush, Moz, and more.

This tool can benefit digital marketing agencies, in-house SEO teams, SMB & enterprises, and many more. Debunking the perception of some people, Serpstat is successfully serving 100,000 professionals all over the globe.

Features That Will Amaze You:

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Although the tool works in a similar manner, just like the giants of the industry; however, Serpstat is loaded with several incredible features that will surely make things easier for you. These features can be divided into different categories, such as:seo solution

  1. Keyword Research:

    Search engine rankings are specifically dominated by keywords. In such a scenario, when your competitors are ranking higher with certain keywords, how can you stay behind? Keyword Research by Serpstat offers you several additional features.
  2. Keywords for PPC & SEO Campaigns:

    With this, you can find a list of beneficial keywords that your competitors and niche leaders are already using and rank at the top position.
  3. Value of Keywords:

    You can find the value of your keywords by comparing them with performance indicators, like competition level, search volume, number of search results, and cost-per-click.
  4. Long-Tail Keywords:

    Long-tail keywords are generally the ones that hold less traffic. And, regardless of come what may, you cannot afford to miss upon these keywords if the top search engine position is what you aim for. So, this feature can surely help you significant long-tail keywords.
  5. Pay Per Click Research:

    If you are dependent on PPC to drive traffic, then this one would be useful for you. Upon entering a keyword, this feature will let you know the competitors, related data, ad research, and ad examples. And then, using this data, you can assess the PPC strategy that your competitors are using, and can subsequently enhance your strategy.

Search Analytics:

When dealing with online business, it is imperative to know where your competitors are standing. What is working for them and what is not? What are their strengths and what are there weaknesses? And, how you can improve your business with this data?

  1. Discover Organic Competitors:

    With the help of Search Analytics tool of Serpstat, you can discover your direct organic competitors. The patented algorithm of Serpstat collect competitors’ data and displays it accordingly on the graph.
  2. Competitor Keyword Ranking:

    With this tool, you can discover a list of all those keywords that your competitors are using and ranking as well in top 100 search results of Google.
  3. Domain Ranking Changes:

    Serpstat even lets you track the position changes of a domain. All you have to do is add the domain to the monitored projects and you will get frequent email updates whenever the domain will change its rankings.

Advertising Analysis:

Online advertising, obviously, is one of the most important factors for your business. Without online promotions, not only it will be difficult, but somewhat impossible to run a business successfully. So, what if you get to know how your competitors are running so that you can make the changes into your strategies accordingly? Surely, that is possible.seo solution

  1. Competitors’ Advertising Budget & Strategy:

    This is probably one such thing everyone wants to keep an eye on. So, Serpstat makes it really a cakewalk for you to find out how much your competitors are spending, what keywords they are using, what is the position of their ads, and what is the cost per click in AdWords.
  2. Localizing Advertising Campaigns:

    If you are intending to expand your business to a foreign audience and rank higher in the broad market as well, then this tool will help you find out what keywords are working in different countries.

Content Marketing Ideation:

Content is, undoubtedly, the king. And, Serpstat helps you controlling the realm of your content.seo solution

  1. Content Share Tracking:

    This tool helps you discover what type of content is being shared the most on Facebook. Through this, you would be able to generate more audience relevant content and get a competitive edge.
  2. Analysing Traffic on a Web page:

    Once you have found out the traffic that your individual web pages are procuring, you would be able to decide better so as to what page to promote the most.

On-Page Audit:

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While you are busy dwelling in the idea of promoting your business online, there are several things that you must care about. Talking about the business website, it should be appropriate enough to work according to the search engine’s demands. So, through seo solution like Serpstat, you would be able to perform an on-page audit, which in turn, will help you make your website more efficient and faster.

  • It will help you find problems in the optimization of domain
  • It will let you discover & fix both on-site and off-site problems
  • It will help you enhance the crawl rate of your domain

Apart from these few considerable features, there is much more than this tool provides, like:

  • Competitor Research
  • Rank Tracking
  • Market Intelligence
  • Reports & Infographics
  • API
  • Backlinks Analysis

And much more!

What Makes Serpstat Different SEO solution from Its Competitors?

Through a succinct view, you may perceive Serpstat to be just another SEO tool. However, what makes it distinct from its rivals is its amazing tools, of course, other than what has been mentioned above.

Serpstat Keyword Clustering Tool:

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Keyword clustering is one such methodology that sections target search terms into clusters that are pertinent to individual web pages. This tool helps you combine different keywords and place them on web pages accordingly so as to organize and structure the website perfectly.

Missing Keywords:

seo solution

This is one of the most considerable features of Serpstat. With the help of this feature, you can find out all those keywords that you should be using and ranking well, in comparison with your competitors, but are not. By implementing these suggested keywords in your articles and blogs, you can procure more traffic on your website that you are already missing.

While writing a post, you can check out the keywords that your competitors are using. And then, check out the keywords they have missed. By adding those keywords SEO solution to your blog, you can get an upper-hand here.

Serpstat Conclusion: is it the best SEO Solution out there?

There is no denying the fact Serpstat can easily be compared with other SEO tools. However, it is also true that other tools lack something or the other when it comes to a thorough assessment. When talking about Serpstat, it provides an appropriate keyword number, and also analysis backlinks very quickly. In comparison with other tools, this one has better backlink index.

If you are considering to choose an SEO solution only for adequate backlink research, then without any further delay, you must get your hands on Serpstat. Also, this tool is not extra expensive as well and can fit your budget quite easily.

The best thing about this tool is that you can try all of their features for free. Either you can log in from your social media account or your email ID and can use their features to make sure whether it will work out for you or not.

Even after making the payment, it does not work for you, there are still chances of getting a refund within 14 days. Amazing, isn’t it?

At the end of the day, it is you who have to make the right choice. Now that you know everything about Serpstat, it would be easier for you to make the decision, isn’t it?


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