VdoCipher – WordPress Video Plugin for Premium Online Videos

VdoCipher – WordPress Video Plugin for Premium Online Videos


June 5, 2018

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wordpress video pluginAre you a video content creator, producing premium content? Is the content paid courses or movies? Then, you might be worried that it can get pirated from your WordPress site using free downloaders, plugins. Here, we talk about Vdocipher WordPress video plugin which provides encrypted video streaming and viewer specific watermarking to eliminate any chances of video piracy. It ensures that no hack or downloader can grab your videos from the website.

Need for Secure Video Hosting with WordPress

Commonly for video creators, the revenue model is based on creating a subscription website, or a pay-per-view model for a single video. In the video streaming industry, the subscription model is increasingly becoming popular to monetize videos. VdoCipher, through their WordPress video plugin, offers a secure video player with full-stack DRM (Digital Rights Management). 

WordPress users can create a full membership-based site, hosting content behind a paywall, without the fear of their videos being shared through unauthorized channels.

 Below is an image displaying most common downloaders.

wordpress video plugin

Most of the videos there on the web ( like youtube and Vimeo), can be easily downloaded by free tools and downloaders. Paying users can download videos, and share them with their friends and social circle. Sometimes they can even put it on online piracy sites like a torrent. For education content providers, word-of-mouth through existing students is very important. Students share their good experience with an education content provider to their friends, thereby helping expand market reach. However, it is very much probable that this word-of-mouth publicity turns into illegal video sharing. 

A study reveals that about 25% of the world population uses common video download tools to pirate content. This directly leads to loss of revenue and lower top line for the content owner. Same is the case for movie and entertainment businesses. Secure video hosting and streaming are thus essential for content creators to ensure a growing and healthy topline.

wordpress video plugin

VdoCipher has optimized their video streaming infrastructure to enable seamless video playback on low bandwidth networks. This optimized video encoding also means lower costs of video streaming – HD quality at bitrates of 200-500kbps. The user is delivered high-quality content with minimum bandwidth usage, and for video creators the bandwidth use is minimized, meaning lower costs of video streaming.

VdoCipher’s secure video hosting can be used alongside WordPress membership plugins & themes such as WP eMember, Woo-commerce, Sensei, and LearnDash. Membership plugins offer features such as preventing multiple logins to the same account, thereby discouraging users from sharing access to their accounts).

Smooth video streaming behind a paywall makes VdoCipher a very important WordPress plugin for E-Learning and Media.

wordpress video plugin

Steps for 10-minute Integration with WordPress to keep your videos from downloaded and pirated

  • VdoCipher WordPress video plugin can be installed directly from WordPress directory, the plugin works through shortcodes.
  • You create an account on VdoCipher.com – there is a free trial account you can create for which you can upload up to 10 videos of for secure video hosting.
  • On creating the account you will get a client secret key to your mail account and in the config section of the user dashboard.
  • Click on the VdoCipher menu on the WordPress menu bar, Enter the client secret key here.
  • Also enter the format of your watermark here. A sample code is also provided.
  • Add videos to the dashboard, under the name of the video, you would find the video id. Copy the video id and paste it inside the shortcode. Example – [vdo id=”123456789?]
  • Your content is secure live on site.

DRM level secure technology details with VdoCipher to prevent illegal download

wordpress video plugin

  • Encrypted Storage – Video file is stored in encrypted format on the cloud. Encryption means that the raw video is always out of reach of any online URL.
  • Encrypted DRM Video Streaming to video player – VdoCipher uses a DRM proprietary streaming technology. End-to-end encryption ensures that no plugin, tool, a hack can download the video. We use industry-standard Widevine DRM technology, similar to that used by Netflix etc.
  • Viewer specific Watermark to deter screen capture/Screen capture blocking on androidWatermark overlay of user ID/email id/phone number/time stamp etc. discourages screen capture on a desktop. The color, transparency, movement of the watermark can be customized. For Android, the screen capture is disabled by default, it will not work with VdoCipher secure playback.
  • Backend authentication Whitelisting– The stream is authenticated from backend licensing to sure that video URLs do not play outside your site domain.
  • IP/Geo Restriction ensures that videos are only accessible in your desired geographies

Packaged Video Streaming for business features

  • Dashboard to upload and manage contentTagging and searching enabled. Videos can be imported from Desktop, Amazon S3, Dropbox and other cloud platforms. 10 Minute integration WordPress video plugin.
  • CDN, Server & transcoding package based on AWS, Google and Akamai servers & CDN.
  • Custom Smart Video player – Speed change, forward/rewind, custom seekbar as a player function.
  • Multiple bitrates adaptive streaming – VdoCipher provides various qualities depending on user device and bandwidth.
  • Daily Analytics– Video views, location, browser etc, detailed real-time analytics for your content.


  • Affordable video streaming– VdoCipher provides a free full version trial plan with 5 GB bandwidth and 10 videos. The starter plan starts from $350 annually. Hollywood standard DRM has never been so affordable in past. So start your own Netflix or Udemy in 1 day withwordpress video plugin

Visit for detailed pricing 

Use Cases for VdoCipher’s WordPress Video Plugin

VdoCipher serves businesses across 30 countries across various segments.

  • E-Learning (Tutorials, Test Prep, Flipped Classroom) – Investment returns on premium course content is of utmost priority. The video is booming in education – Explaining complex concepts in a video, personalized teaching content, quizzes overlay all add to videos. Millions of students across the world already enjoy the VdoCipher player.
  • Corporate Training – VdoCipher video plugin also helps corporates to host their training videos. Our videos are securely hosted on AWS servers and are accessible only to authorized users. IP/Geo restriction & detailed video completion analytics provide higher security and data on course completion.
  • Movie and Television Distributors – Movies and Serial content can be released through VdoCipher platform alongside the theater release. VdoCipher has been instrumental in the fresh release of online movies. Geo Restrictions make sure that viewers outside the allowed countries are not able to access these videos.
  • Independent artists – Releasing movies/serials online in the most secure manner is an ideal video platform for independent artists looking to host their videos and make them available to paying subscribers.
  • Marketing and Product videos – VdoCipher’s detailed analytics to know engagement and response from videos used for marketing and promotional videos.

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