10 Best WordPress Plugins for Writers in 2018

10 Best WordPress Plugins for Writers in 2018


April 12, 2018

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As a writer, having the right plugins for your WordPress website is what can really make the difference the time taken to complete a task and completing the tasks in just one click. But the sad news is that it’s hard to find the right plugin for your WordPress site because there are almost 48,000 plugins available in the WordPress plugin directory and many plugins come with the same function.

In this article, I will be sharing 10 Best WordPress Plugins for Writers in 2018.

  1. Yoast WordPress SEO

    WordPress Plugins for Writers

    Yoast WordPress SEO
    is a top-rated WordPress plugin for writers and there is a reason behind it, Yoast WordPress SEO is the complete SEO solution for WordPress. Yoast WordPress SEO plugin does not only provide a comprehensive list of diverse ways to enhance SEO, but it covers everything needed, it is a user-friendly package with a comprehensive analysis, reports, and recommendations.

    Having Yoast WordPress SEO plugin is just like having a personal SEO professional with you in your WordPress dashboard, and it is suites the needs of writers even if you are a beginner WordPress user or an advanced WordPress user. The premium version of Yoast WordPress SEO plugin is cheap and it adds a redirect manager function, multiple focus keywords function, and support feature. To use this plugin, you need to perfectly setup Yoast SEO plugin to maximize its performance.

  2. MonsterInsights

    WordPress Plugins for Writers

    This is another comprehensive analytics plugin with a series of features that make it a default choice of writers using a WordPress website. The MonsterInsights Google Analytics plugin is very easy and fast to install and it is accessible from your WordPress Dashboard with no stress.Having Google Analytics plugin makes it easier for a user to integrate any Web Ads and the plugin also has other features like A/B split testing and gives insight into your demographics and audience, for monitoring activities. Also, the Premium version of MonsterInsights Google Analytics plugin is embedded with AdSense tracking, 24/7 real-time support, and custom dimensions that allows more comprehensive and detailed analytics.

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  3. WordPress Editorial Calendar

    WordPress Plugins for Writers

    WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin allows a user to easily organize, schedule, and plan their blog posts, it also helps in having better and broad understanding of content strategy. With its drag and drop visual calendar features, WordPress Editorial Calendar plugin allows users to easily and quickly edit posts schedule, and manage posts written by multiple writers.
  4. W3 Total Cache

    WordPress Plugins for Writers

    The faster the website of a writer loads, the better it is. The W3 Total Cache plugin is one of the best and top rated 
    cache plugins because it consists of series of customizable features which allow users to easily optimize their website loading time to a specific specification.

    This feature might be a bit overwhelming for a new WordPress user, but fortunately, W3 Total Cache plugin gives a spectacular user support in a wizard setup, such as FAQ and an exciting user forum in case of inquiries. This plugin is designed to speed up your WordPress website automatically.

    The Pro version of this plugin includes fragment caching features which increase its caching ability, and other special features and extensions which provides higher caching performance like Genesis Framework features.

  5. Updraft Plus Backup and Restoration

    WordPress Plugins for Writers

    Updraft Plus plugin has an enormous customizable feature which allows users to easily and quickly 
    bac up their websites exactly the way they want it. A dozen of backup location can be selected by users, whenever they want to perform any backup task such as Microsoft One Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and users can easily backup any sections of the website or plugins.

    It has the ability to automatically resume failed backups, and users can even access and restore the website data easily. The Premium version of Updraft Plus plugin includes multiple storage destinations option, it has no ads, and it includes the forum and email support.

  6. Image Inject

    WordPress Plugins for Writers

    If you want to save a lot of time looking for the right image for your website on free Creative Commons, Image Inject plugins gives you the access to search for those images right from your WordPress website. It gives users the access to images on Pixabay with over 150,000 images and Flickr over 200 million images. And those images can be easily inserted into posts and pages.

    Image Inject plugin also has the ability to adds proper attribution links, which saves time in terms of searching the internet and manually inserting those pictures and their links. But this plugin easily performs all these tasks automatically.

  7. Social Networks Auto Poster (SNAP)

    WordPress Plugins for Writers

    Social Networks Auto Poster (SNAP) helps users from the stress and time of manually inserting links to every blog post into their different social media profiles. Social Networks Auto Poster provides an SEO and reader-friendly 
    social media post as soon as a post is been published. Users can tweak the posting time of published post and a specific post display format. The Pro version of SNAP plugin includes integration of Google , Pinterest, LinkedIn, and posting schedules.

  8. Akismet Plugin

    WordPress Plugins for Writers

    Akismet Plugin gives the way to 
    restrict WordPress comment spams. Spam comments might seem to be innocuous, but they have the ability to cause harm SEO rankings and expose both the users and readers to the different form of malware viruses.

    Akismet Plugin is updated constantly in order to quickly and easily adapt to any form of modified spamming concepts and technology. With the track record of protecting more than 100 billion WordPress users from various forms of spam comments, Akismet plugin should be user’s first choice in protecting your site from a spam attack.

  9. Sumo Me

    WordPress Plugins for Writers

    Sumo Me is a great free plugin that enhances the 
    growth of subscriber list. Sumo Me plugin does this because it has the features that can be found only in paid premium WordPress plugins, for example, useful subscriber statistics. Sumo Me plugin is integrated into MailChimp in order to provide a perfect click for capturing and nurturing subscribers. Most of all, it is a great plugin and you much have it on your site.

  10. Nimble Portfolio

    WordPress Plugins for Writers

    Nimble Portfolio plugin is a superb plugin which enables bloggers to showcase their work visually in a stylish way. Nimble Portfolio plugin is integrated with both YouTube and Vimeo in order to have access to video portfolios, and also provide PDF previews. Nimble Portfolio plugin is mobile responsive, which maker users’ portfolio to look more stunning both on a desktop and on smartphones or tablets.

Wrapping Up

Listed above are the plugins suitable to meet the needs of the writer. If you want to improve your writing or enhance your blog, you just need to use best tools for your needs.

What other WordPress plugins are you using for your blog, do let us know in the comment section.


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