Must Have WordPress Tools to Build & Enhance Your Website

Must Have WordPress Tools to Build & Enhance Your Website


Whether you are marketing pro or an entrepreneur, the online world is full of competitive WordPress tools and one can easily get confused to choose from. It is uttermost important to realize that the tools you are using perform best in the industry as it can enhance your website optimization for search engines. If used properly and continuously the below-mentioned tools will get much change to your website. So without any further ado here is the list of tools that you must use:


Anchorprofiler WordPress SEO Tools

Choosing the right anchor text for your next link building campaign should be your top priority.

To take the guessing work out for choosing right anchor text, AnchorProfiler has automated the entire process. AnchorProfiler has made the process quick and automatic and shows you complete anchor text profile of your website, including a sneak peek into anchor text selection and pattern of your competitor’s website. It is must have WordPress Tools for optimization.

Here are the top features we loved about this AnchorProfiler :

  1. The Insights and recommendations: One of the main function of this tool is to compare your competitors’ website on basis of anchor text profile.
  2. Natural Link Pattern: AnchorProfiler has an inbuilt feature which identifies different link building pattern among your competitors’ website and what has got them benefit.
  3. Anchor Ratio Analysis: With the help of Anchor ratio analysis, you can see the Link ratio pattern of your competitors’ website which has got the results.

You can read about all details here AnchorProfiler

WordPress flipbook tool

WordPress flipbook tool

A WordPress flipbook tool allows you to convert a PDF into a flipbook for easy placement on WordPress sites. They allow you to seamless embed flipbooks on your site, allowing users or visitors to view them on the desktop or mobile devices.

The WordPress flipbook plugin enables your flipbook to retain its original features while it’s published on your Website. Let’s take a look at why flipbook plugins are a must-have tool for your website.

  1. Great for marketing: Adding a WordPress flipbook plugin to your site allows you to create and publish useful flipbook content for your audience while marketing your products and services.
  2. High Flexibility and Impact: Flipbook plugins can convey any kind of image or text just as well as traditional print. It can be used to produce any kind of material from a  brochure, magazine or a comic strip, etc.
  3. Bring in Advertising Income: Using a WordPress flipbook plugin enables you to bring in advertising income through the selling of ad space on your flipbook.
  4. Reach a Larger Audience: By using a flipbook plugin on your Website, you’ll be able to reach a significantly larger the audience all at once with the same effort that it takes to send the content to one user.

You can read more details about this WordPress Tools here WordPress Flipbook Tool 


Clickmeeting WordPress SEO Tools

Do you conduct webinars on a regular basis? What if you can embed your webinar room directly to your WordPress website, allowing you to brand your webinar experience and use your own analytics tools to track engagement? ClickMeeting is what you’ll need in your arsenal of WordPress  Tools.

ClickMeeting’s WordPress plugin allows you to use simple shortcodes to embed your virtual event room on your website.

Some of ClickMeeting’s key features:

  • Extremely user-friendly webinar system
  • A plethora of customization options
  • Record and repurpose your webinar replays
  • Presentation tools, surveys, polls at your fingertips

Check out the full list of ClickMeeting features.

WP Media Folder

WP media folder WordPress SEO Tools

WP Media Folder is a real time-saver plugin: organize your media into folders and subfolders like in your desktop file browser. And it comes from the native WordPress media manager, ensuring that the plugin will be highly compatible with all the other plugins. The plugin also comes with cloud connectors for Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and a dedicated media gallery manager.”

5 main features of this WordPress Tools are following:

  • Sort and filter media using folders and subfolders
  • Import and synchronize media from server folders
  • Use Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive as a media source
  • Create amazing galleries from folders
  • Multiple folders per media

Read more details here Wp Media Folder


HumCommerce CRO Tool

Conversions on your website are the single best metric you want to track and grow. That’d be what HumCommerce provides you in a nutshell. If you had a magic wand and you could just swish it to grow your traffic and sales, wouldn’t it be fun? Real internet businesses, on the other hand, take a lot more nurturing to grow.

With HumCommerce, you can –

  • Record visitor sessions and see exactly what they’re doing on your website.
  • Website heatmap tells you how visitors are interacting with your website. This includes clicking buttons, moving the mouse and scrolling web pages over different devices.
  • Analyse forms and see which fields your visitors are hesitant to fill. You can then decide to add or drop fields according to your analysis.
  • Compare two different versions of your landing page to decide which version results in more conversions.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are 15 more premium features on HumCommerce, available for FREE! (the beginner plan covers people who are starting their journey to internet success – you can buy business plans if you need to collect more data).

You can read more details here HumCommerce

The first photo enhancer with brains (Lifetime Access)

Photo enhancer

Photolemur 2.2 Spectre – An automated photo assistant that enhances your images as a professional photographer.

This is the first photo enhancer that can actually think for itself.It is a robust automated photo enhancement solution available for both OS X and Windows.

This tool sets itself apart with unique features like:

  • Smarter Enhancement Tech
  • New Sky Enhancement
  • New Noise Reduction Technology
  • Super Fast Processing

Read about this tool here Photolemur

The Biggest Presentation Template Bundle

Presentation template

This is a professional presentation templates bundle that has 7320 Unique Slides across 50 different templates. These easy to customize business presentation templates need no knowledge of PowerPoint, Keynote or no Graphic Design needed. Use these awesome presentation designs to create a stunning presentation and you won’t have to worry about your presentations anymore.


  • 7320 Total Slides
  • PPTX and PPT Files
  • 25 Powerpoint Templates
  • 25 Keynote Templates
  • 800 Font Icons
  • Drag and Drop Object Placeholders

Read More about this presentation bundle

SEOPop: Best SEO Analysis Tool

SEO tool SEOPop

SEOPop is an SEO analysis tool to perform in-depth SEO audit and to boost your website’s ranking. It is a WordPress SEO Tools to check your website visitors and analyze the site’s information such as Alexa data, social media data, Moz check, search engine index, DMOZ check, google page rank, malware check, IP analysis, etc.

It also helps and works as SEO tools such as link analysis, keyword position analysis, auto keyword suggestion, backlink creation/search, page status check, website ping, Google Adwords scraper, etc.

Some of the features we loved are following:

  • Generate SEO intelligence reports
  • Track your on-page keyword density
  • Run SEO reports for competitors’ site.
  • Optimize content
  • Analyze social media pages & social signals
  • Improve website’s page load time and speed

Read More about this SEO Tool…

SE Ranking

Rank checker tool WordPress SEO Tools

SE Ranking is a cloud-based software with a complete set of tools for all SEO projects on one platform. It unites 35 instruments like keyword rankings, website audit, competitor SEO/PPC research, and comprehensive reporting. A robust SEO engine and user-friendly interface make SE Ranking a WordPress SEO Tools of choice for online marketing experts and newbies alike.

With SE Ranking You Can:

  • Analyze your website on hundreds of SEO-related parameters and detect all critical errors
  • Track, filter and disavow backlinks
  • Discover a great set of short-tail and long-tail keywords
  • Enhance your marketing activities by following a comprehensive marketing plan
  • Track your social visibility and easily manage all your profiles in one place
  • Generate branded reports in manual mode and on a scheduled basis

Read more details about SE Ranking

A lot depends on how efficiently you use tools. Great results are always achieved after a while. I hope you have found great tools to work with. Let us know in the comment section about your experience.


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