Top Features of VPSrobots Pro – Is it the best VPS hosting Option for You?

Top Features of VPSrobots Pro – Is it the best VPS hosting Option for You?


Do you own a website? Are you trying to build one right now? In either of the two cases, you must have come across terms such as web hosting, dedicated hosts, and virtual private servers. If you are new to the field of web designing or building a website, learning these concepts might sound like a daunting task. But in fact, it need not be as tedious as you think it is going to be.

This article will help you to understand what VPS is and whether VPSrobots is the best option for you or not. Especially if you own a WordPress website, this article will help you incredibly in terms of getting a hang of this tool.

What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

First of all, let’s get the basic idea of what a VPS is. Each website on the World Wide Web (www) is connected to a server, which performs primary functions such as storing content and delivering it on the internet. A server can be shared or dedicate just to your website.

Similarly, a virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual division of a physical server. It provides a perfect combination of a shared and dedicated server to build and run your website in an efficient manner. A VPS performs all the necessary functions for your website to run faster and be safer on the internet.

Why is a VPS Necessary for WordPress Websites?

Ideally, not just WordPress websites, but any other website may require having a VPS hosting during its lifetime. If you are a just a beginner blogger or you own a basic WordPress website, VPS hosting may not be a necessity for you. But as your website starts growing and more content is featured on it, it might need a VPS hosting plan.

Most WordPress websites, when they have a significant amount of content and visitors, become slow. Especially during peak traffic hours, your website might load slower and you may lose some of your new visitors. Some also may come across various internal server errors and security issues. These are typical signs which show that your WordPress website might need a virtual private server for it to function smoothly.

What is VPSrobots?

best vps hosting As VPS is an essential tool for most WordPress websites, there are a lot of VPS hosting providers in the market. VPSrobots is a software that enables you to manage various Linux VPSs vial SSH protocol. It runs on Windows platform (Win 7/8/10 – 32-bit, 64-bit) and can manage all the VPSs with Debian or Ubuntu distribution. VPSrobots supports all the leading content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla!

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VPSrobots Pro is basically a GUI SSH desktop software for building websites and managing VPSs easily. It supports Linux Debian 7.x/8.x/9.x and Linux Ubuntu 14.x/16.x/17.x. I am going to review the best features of VPSrobots Pro Version 1.0.1. This review will help you to decide whether it would be the best move to invest in this software.

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Managing Unlimited VPS on the VPSRobots Dashboard

There is no limit on the number of VPSs you can manage while using VPSrobots Pro. As it supports Debian and Ubuntu, it allows you to manage any of the VPS providers available. Although, it recommends you to use choose among Host1Plus, DigitalOcean, Linode, and Vultr as these VPSs are well-tested by VPSrobots. You can also install LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) environment for your VPSs and view that real-time information about your system.

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Along with an access to unlimited VPSs, VPSrobots pro enables you to upload and download files securely with a Secure File Transfer Protocol (sFTP).

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Deploying Unlimited Websites Automatically with SSL Settings

best vps hosting

Using VPSrobots Pro, you can automate the function of deploying all of your websites on your Linux VPS. It also enables you to configure SSL settings for any number of websites and secure all your data. With the help of the detailed, step-by-step guide provides by VPSrobots, you can simply add or delete any website of your choice. VPSrobots Pro stores important CMS information such as database or user passwords, which simplifies the process of deploying your website on VPS and becomes a more flexible tool for users.

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Scheduling a Back-up for Integrated Websites

VPSrobot provides you with the most flexible mechanism to manage multiple websites. Taking a timely back-up of your website is a time-taking yet important task. And it becomes even more complex if you own more than one websites. Using VPSrobots, you can not only add all your websites to the server, but you can also schedule a back-up for all those websites you integrate with the software. It allows uploading the backup to your Amazon S3 storage. VPSrobots makes it seamless to ensure that your websites are backed up on a schedule and reduce the risk of losing your data.

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Migrating Websites Easily

Apart from all the aforementioned features, VPSrobots Pro enables you to migrate your website from one server to another. Manually transferring a website from one server to another is a complex task, even for webmasters. While it sounds look like rocket science, VPSrobots Pro makes it much simpler to migrate websites a much simpler task. This is an excellent feature of the software, which lets beginners manage their websites with an ease. Enabling users to migrate their websites from one server to another is the feature that is making VPSrobots popular among users.

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Why You Should Purchase best VPS hosting “VPSrobots Pro” Right Now

VPSrobots pro enables beginners to perform all the complex functions associated with building a website and managing multiple VPSs. You need not be an expert to use VPSrobots, which is the biggest advantage of using VPSrobots Pro.

VPSrobots Pro is a desktop-based software that consumes less or no server resources.

The cost of VPSrobots Pro solely depends on the number of licenses you purchase and not on the number of VPSs you wish to manage. It allows you to manage unlimited VPAs on a single dashboard, which is a unique and profitable feature for web designers.

best vps hosting

While its high price was one of the big drawbacks of VPS managing software, with the latest release (1.0.2) of VPSrobots Pro, the tool now provides all the amazing features at a much lower cost. Also, with 100% money back guarantee, you can get a refund within next 30 days.

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