000WebHost – Free Web Hosting Review

000WebHost – Free Web Hosting Review


000webhost has gained immense popularity now due to its amazing services. The best part about this web host is that it facilitates the users to host their website without paying anything.

Does this seem like a fraud or hoax to you? Yes?

Well, know that this web hosting service provider has been in the market for 4 years now. It’s been 2 years since started serving users for free. If you want to get started with experimentations, then 000webhost will prove out to be your best bet. However, it has some drawbacks, but the pros out beat them. Read on to know why this web hosting service provider is worth considering.


000webhost.com boasts some unique features that makes it one of a kind. Unlike other hosting companies, this web hosting company offers a free plan to the users.

The plan features almost everything that is included in a paid plan (there are a few limitations though). It is good for the ones with a small blog or website. Know that shared hosting helps a popular website to outgrow quickly. Moreover, its traffic limit will grow by leaps and bounds.

Also, the support forum of such websites is fairly active. To sum up, 000webhost is a perfect option for the ones looking for a decent support and user-friendly interface. Know here about its different features –

Free Web Hosting

This is one of the core features that set 000webhost apart from its competitors. The best part is that its free services do not conjure up the site’s images with slow loading time and too many ads. There aren’t any strings attached to its hosting services. With other free hosting services, you will have to deal with pop-ups and ads, which is quite irritating.

Wondering how does the company afford free services? The secret is subsidization of free accounts by the paid accounts. The free hosting plan offered by 000webhost includes 100 GB of data transfers and 1500 MB of disk space on monthly basis. It is enough for powering the personal websites with low bandwidth requirement. And to the top of that, this hosting service provider allows 2 MySQL PHP and databases as well as free cPanel. Of course, you’ll have to opt for a paid plan to reap the benefit of robust features. But free web hosting offered by 000webhost mostly fits the bill of websites with the small portfolio.

Impressive Site Reptile Builder

You would be thinking about a number of web hosting companies offering WYSIWYG of some kind, what makes 000webhost different. Well, know that unlike other website builders this service provider doesn’t offer limited drag-and-drop options. Moreover, its Site Reptile includes many “add-ons” that can potentially enrich the user’s website. The add-ons feature news publishing systems, vote polls, photo galleries, and various other options. These small things add interest to a basic website.

Moreover, they serve as a great tool for the ones with limited knowledge of website designing and coding. Plus, the users get diverse selections of templates design. You can either choose a paid or a free platform its Site Reptile.

Great Support Forum

The support forum of 000webhost is unique. However, it does offer other support avenues (live chat and phone). External users can also contribute to its forum. You are assured of fast help through this forum in case you end up with unusual problems with free hosting WordPress account. Know that there is much more to 000webhost’s than just questions. Even if you encounter any problems associated with coding or HTML, the forum may come to your rescue.

What more you say? 000webhost boasts forums in German and Spanish as well. This is a community of highly qualified users with extensive knowledge of web hosting. You can surely benefit to a huge extent from this forum. The best part is that there is no need to sign up with for using it to your advantage.


As reflected by its name, 000webhost offers free hosting services. You can find a number of amazing features in its free hosting version. Veterans and new comers can benefit themselves to a vast extent. The servers are reliable and fast with no compromise on quality. Other paid hosting service providers can’t match the quality offered by 000webhost to the users. Know that if you want increased benefits, you’ll have to go for a premium paid 000webhost account.

Even the rates of its paid services aren’t too high. This is indeed a great plus for the ones looking for cost-effective, quality web hosting options. You may try 000webhost’s free version before is upgrading the plan. The paid hosting plans of the company start from $4.84 per month, which is much fair than the plans of other service providers out there.

Customer Service

What can better than having a web hosting service provider who is available 24/7 for its customers? This is certainly a big advantage for the users. However, note that the customer service offered by 000webhost is OK not too great though. Overall, they meet the queries efficiently. The customer care representatives aren’t readily available but they do get back to the customer later on as soon as possible. Guess, this is not a really big issue. After all, free services do have some limitations.


000webhost is a perfect option for the ones owning small websites. Say, for example, you want to create a landing site for hosting an event. 000webhost will prove out to be the best option for you. Note that you’ll need to switch over to a premium account if your site features a huge amount of heavy content and a lot of traffic. If you have been looking for reasonable pricing, reliable WordPress web hosting then places your bet on this one. It will surely meet up with your expectations. No other hosting provider in the market can beat the cost-effectiveness of 000webhost in terms of free services. When it comes to facilitating customers with free stuff, go for 000webhost without any second thoughts. You won’t encounter any kind of troubles in choosing it as your service provider.


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