Amazon Prime Day 2019 date leaked… again

Amazon Prime Day 2019 date leaked… again


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For a while now we’ve been pre-empting the date Amazon Prime Day 2019 will fall on. And for the second time in less than a fortnight, we’ve got hold of some leaked information that gives us an idea of when the deals will drop.

Thanks to a piece of information sent to our friends over at T3 by a PR agency, we can confirm that Amazon Prime Day 2019 will be taking place on a date between Friday, 12 July 2019 and Friday, 19 July 2019.

The technology magazine was told about a deal that “will be 50% off for Prime Day (7/12 – 7/19).” However, this doesn’t mean that Amazon Prime Day 2019 will last for a whole week. In a reply from the PR agency, T3 learnt that: “The deal is running for the whole week! Not just Prime Day.” Read the full story on the T3 site.

When you piece this information together with another leak discovered by Real Homes, it looks increasingly likely that Amazon Prime Day 2019 is due to start on Monday 15 July.

That’s because Real Homes was sent a PR email about a Prime Day vacuum cleaner offer, which is due to start on 16 July. Knowing an opportunity when they see one, the team at Real Homes pushed the advantage and asked if this was indeed part of the Amazon Prime Day discounts.

That’s when the PR contact appears to have let the cat out of the bag by replying: ‘Yes, this is part of Amazon Prime Day deals on July 16th. The promotion will run July 16th to 17th.’ Gotcha! (You can read the full story over on Real Homes). Although in a later email, the PR company covered itself by saying that it was referring to Prime Day 2018.

This is where we have to take some educated guesses based on last year’s Amazon Prime Day. If this year’s Amazon Prime Day kicks off on a Monday like it did in 2018, our best bet is that it will start on Monday, 15 July.

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