How can a WordPress survey plugin help you grow your online business?

How can a WordPress survey plugin help you grow your online business?



March 14, 2018

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WordPress is one of the most popular CMS (content management systems) used to-date. It is ideal for online entrepreneurs and local business owners alike. You can start variety of online businesses using WordPress.


WordPress offers a myriad of plugins, themes, and add-ons. These allow you to fully customize your online presence even if you are not familiar with programming and coding yourself. Using a WordPress survey plugin is highly recommended when you want to expand your opportunities to gather and interpret data from your visitors and loyal customers.


Benefits of Online Surveys

Providing an online survey to your visitors and potential customers can be very useful. It is a way to gather more data from your target audience or demographic in less time. Surveys are appealing to individuals who enjoy sharing their thoughts, input, and opinions on brands, products, and services they prefer.


Surveys are a good way to boost conversion rate.


A WordPress plugin such as Survey Funnel is an optimal solution if you are interested in a platform that offers unlimited surveys and the ability to create custom themes and formats before launching surveys live to your visitors.


Survey Funnel Features

Some of the most popular features available when using Survey Funnel includes:


Mobile-friendly and responsive themes: Perfect for all users, regardless of the devices they use most frequently.


Unlimited surveys: Create surveys for different sections of any marketing funnels you have in place. This allows you to create more intimate campaigns and questionnaires for all types of your visitors and repeat customers.


In-depth analysis reports: Collect and review data and analytics provided from Survey Funnel to learn more about your visitors and how potential customers respond to each individual survey you create and promote.


Formatting: Implement both written essay responses as well as multiple choice options when creating your surveys. It gives you complete control and flexibility over the templates you create.


Mailing service integration: Use today’s top mailing list services in conjunction with Survey Funnel for seamless integration with each email marketing campaign you send to your individual lists.


Ways to Integrate Surveys Into Your Online Business


Ways to Integrate Surveys Into Your Online Business


The options are endless when integrating surveys into your official website, regardless of the market or industry you work in and represent. Integrating surveys can be done using an individual page on your website or even within specific marketing campaigns you are launching. Share surveys on social media or when you are running a specific promotion, giveaway, or contest.


Get creative when considering how your users prefer to communicate with your business and brand. It will help you maximize your reach and the engagement you receive from each survey you share. Learn more about your customers’ preferred method of communication to better optimize your sharing strategy with new surveys in the future.


Putting a survey plugin to work for you is possible whether you are interested in expanding your audience or if you want to pinpoint the type of products, content, or services that are the most appealing to your visitors and prospective customers. Understanding the advantages of using a WordPress survey plugin is a way for you to maximize your online reach while creating the most appealing and effective marketing campaigns possible for your brand.


Share with us how you achieved success by conducting online surveys. Also, do let us know about other survey tools that you use. You can share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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