Plugins that Will Help Unleash the Full Power of WordPress and jQuery

Plugins that Will Help Unleash the Full Power of WordPress and jQuery


jQuery is a cross-platform JavaScript library that was designed with the aim of simplifying the client side scripting of HTML. It is probably the best thing that ever happened to the realm of programming. It enables you to create an interactive, beautiful, and user-friendly website without the need of having diverse knowledge of CSS and HTML. The best thing is that jQuery is fast and concise. It can help produce amazing interactions and animations. What is even better is the fact that there are so many tutorials that you can use to learn how to use jQuery fully.

In addition to the features provided by WordPress and jQuery, you will be surprised to know that you can make your website even better by using plugins that will help customize your site even more. This post takes a look at the top plugins you should consider using to unleash the invisible power of WordPress and jQuery.

J Post Slider

When running a blog, you never want to appear boring. This is something that happens to most blogs not because they fail to add new posts regularly but because they use static designs. Thanks to the J Post Slider, you can add live to your blog or website. This is a simple plugin that will help you display your most recent posts using selected mages, optional post excerpt, or post headlines. The plugin helps you set up the number of posts that you want to rotate, the posts you wish to show, adjust animation speed and so on. The best thing about this simple plugin is that it will save you time that would otherwise have been spent compiling codes on jQuery.

Live Blogroll

This is yet another great plugin that will make your blog livelier. The plugin makes it possible for you to add several recent posts for every link in the Blogroll with the help of Ajax. With this feature, once a user hovers their mouse over the link, the RSS feed from the website will be discovered automatically and several recent posts will be shown. This plugin relies on internal caching for the feed discovery as well as WordPress caching for the RSS feeds. You can edit the looks and position of the hover box using CSS.

GD Star Rating Plugin

Just like with jQuery, the GD Star Rating Plugin will help you integrate ratings in your posts, pages, and comments. The best thing about ratings is that they help you win the trust of new customers. Internet users today want to know what other people are saying about a product and service. With the ratings system, you will be able to inform your new customers what other visitors think about a certain comment, page or post. The more ratings you have the more trust you will be able to build. With this plugin, it is possible also to display ratings and review aggregation data like stats on the sidebar as well as a ton of other great features.

WP Wall

The best thing about this plugin is that it will allow your visitors to add quick comments about your blog as a whole. The comment is then displayed on the sidebar immediately with no need to reload a page. The comments will be handled internally by WordPress, meaning you will have normal SPAM protection, comment moderation, and comment notification.

jQuery Light Box

Being able to edit jQuery further is always a plus. This plugin is designed to help make smaller images larger on the page. You can then overlay the image on the content with the description text of your choice. This is a plugin you should consider asking your web design company to install for you.

jQuery Comment Preview

This is yet another great plugin you should consider installing to add live to your WordPress website. With this plugin, you will give your visitors the option of previewing their comments even without having to refresh. This is a welcome feature, especially when considering after a refresh there might be other comments already posted so the user has to scan through to find his comment.


Do you want to create your posts using the dynamic AJAX interface? If you have been looking for an alternative to the standard text editor, then this is a plugin you should think of installing. The AJAX interface helps load relevant information about a post within seconds. The plugin will also help you interlink posts, insert YouTube videos, insert Flickr images, search Google, search Wikipedia, and insert Google Map and many more.

Slimbox 2

This is a far more powerful clone to the jQuery Light Box plugin. It helps you overlay images over your content when clicked. This is a remarkable way to make your website stand out from the rest.

WordPress sidebar Turned Apple-Flashy

This is more of a tutorial. It will help create an Accordion Plugin in the jQuery user interface so that you end up with a sidebar that looks like Apple Start page. You will also have the option whether to show or to hide this sidebar.

Comment Form Validation via jQuery

The worst thing that happens to a user is when a page reloads and then loads to a validation error. This happens when filling forms. With this plugin, you will do away with this problem and keep your audiences from clicking away. The validation error pops up as the forms are being filled. The plugin helps use jQuery to make instant on-page validation for the comment form.

My Page Order

This is a plugin that will help set the order of your pages using a drag and drop UI. Setting page order using normal methods takes a lot of time and code writing. It can get hectic. With this plugin, you will get to use jQuery to get a smooth drag and drop effect.

There are so many plugins that you can use to make your work easier when using jQuery. The key is to make sure you research the plugin you are about to install. You also have to account for the fact that the overuse of plugins can cause your website to be sluggish.


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