Facebook’s Working on a New ‘Preview’ Option for Page Posts

Facebook’s Working on a New ‘Preview’ Option for Page Posts


This will come in handy for Facebook admins.

According to reports, Facebook is currently testing a new ‘Preview’ option for Page posts which would enable you to see what your update is going to look like before you hit ‘Share’.

Facebook post 'Preview' example

As you can see in this image, shared by user Ahmed Ghanem (who is based in Egypt), the new ‘Preview’ button appears beside the ‘Share Now’ prompt. When tapped, you’re then taken to a new preview window, which shows you exactly how your post will look once you share it – with options to view in mobile or desktop format.

Facebook post preview example

The option could help Facebook Page admins to better manage their posts and output, ensuring that what they aim to publish, and what actually appears, match up. It would also help highlight errors and mistakes before they happen – if you get into the habit of checking the preview, you’ll be able to catch errors and/or formatting problems before you go live, which could help reduce clumsy looking slip-ups.

Of course, you can already do this, in large part, via the existing Page publishing tools – if you schedule a post, you can view it from your scheduled list and see what it’s going to look like to your Page fans. But if you’re publishing live, you’ll often skip that step. This would enable you to maintain awareness of how your posts are going to look in all instances.  

There’s no word from Facebook on a proper roll-out of the option at this stage (we’ve asked and will update this post if/when we hear), but it would be a simple, handy option to have to ensure the quality of your Facebook Page posts and updates.  




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