Snapchat Publishes New Guide to Major Events and How Brands Can Tap into Them

Snapchat Publishes New Guide to Major Events and How Brands Can Tap into Them


Snapchat has published a new guide to major events, which highlights all the key dates and happenings of note throughout the year, along with specific insights into when the conversation around each ramps up among Snapchatters, how many related Snaps are viewed, how many Lenses are used, etc.

The guide could be a significant help for those looking to plan out their Snapchat campaigns – and what’s more, Snap has also provided regional variants, highlighting the events of note based on geography.

Here’s an overview of how the new Snap ‘Moments in Focus’ guide works.

First off, Snap provides a complete listing of all the major events throughout the year, with bubbles growing in size to reflect when the relative conversation for each gains momentum among Snapchatters.

Snapchat seasonal events guide

The listing is similar to what Pinterest included in its seasonal insights guide, and will help marketers map out exactly when they should launch their tie-in campaigns, and look to meet audience interest.

Snap then provides a more specific breakdown for each – month by month, the guide lists all the major events of note, and includes details on the specific on-platform discussion, along with tips to help marketers connect with interested users.

Snapchat seasonal insights guide

As you can see, along with usage stats, Snap has also included associated mentions and prompts to get brands thinking on how they can reach interested users.

Snapchat seasonal insights guide

The guide could be a massive help for planning – and not only on Snapchat, but for overall insights in general, enabling businesses to better map out their digital marketing strategy as each event relates to their audience. In this case, Snapchat’s audience skews young, so if you’re trying to reach younger demographic groups, these insights will likely hold true off Snapchat also.

And as noted, Snapchat has taken its guide a step further with regional variants for:

Given the need for Snap to expand its operations into new regions to maximize its revenue potential, it makes sense for the company to provide more dedicated focus for each – which also means more targeted insight for your campaigns, based on each region’s unique listings.

Even if you’re not sure the guide will be of value, it’s definitely worth checking out and seeing if anything stands out as something you can and should be planning for. 

You can download Snap’s events guides from the Snapchat Business website.




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