7 Actionable Tips to Drive Traffic to Your New WordPress Site

7 Actionable Tips to Drive Traffic to Your New WordPress Site


A new website is like a newborn baby that needs intensive care to groom and nourish. The webmaster starts with basic structure, adds content, and leave it open for the entire world to visit. But, how will the world know about it? Internet users can find it either through search engines or social media. Drive traffic to your WordPress website by focussing on increasing user engagement organically from search engines and from social media.

You need to start with the basic integration of SEO factors and then make it popular among folks through social media networks. Following are some of the actionable tips that can help you effectively drive traffic to your WordPress website.

1. Install and configure Yoast SEO add-on

The Yoast SEO plugin is one of the essential tools that’ll help you to easily add meta details to different pages of your WordPress website. In the absence of meta details, the search engine robots are unable to understand what a page is all about. The plugin is not limited to the incorporation of meta keywords and description, but it also assists webmasters in configuring social media profile as well.

Keep the title and description consistent with the meta keywords so that your web pages are ranked higher in search engines which ultimately drives more traffic to your WordPress website. Carry on the optimization technique to page content as well. Whether you write a product description or a blog post, the keyword needs to be mentioned a few times in the body. The Yoast SEO plugin can help you optimize the content according to the recommended practices.

2. Pursue internal linking to increase page views

Internal linking is the core of driving traffic and engaging users to your website. The first and foremost advantage of linking other pages in a page is getting a higher SEO score. Search engines give ranking juice to websites that discuss and share things within a context. And, context can be built by writing about products and topics while mentioning similar things on your website. It gives the impression that you are running a comprehensive WordPress website where all the pages and topics are interconnected.

Let the users find more of your creative yet older posts while reading the latest ones. The new users can reach out to older posts which they have missed earlier. Internal linking is one of the effective methodologies in bringing previous articles and blogs to the limelight and making the users revisit the old stuff.

3. Add Rich Snippets for higher CTR

The way your website appears in search engine defines the click-through rate (CTR). By default, a search engine displays the title, URL, and meta description in search engine result pages. You can add product-specific information into the rich snippet to improve the click-through rate that brings in more traffic to your website.


The addition of rich snippet or structured data is beneficial for the search robots to know the information a landing page contains. So, your website can be ranked accordingly to the provided details. You can opt to display product price, stock status, or customer reviews to compel users to click the link and reach your website.

4. Add Social Sharing Buttons

social sharing buttons

Social media is becoming the second most important source of traffic for a new WordPress website after search engines. More people are joining social media networks day by day to share and talk about their interests. If you intend to improve traffic to your website, let your fans easily share the website with their social circles.

Integrate social media buttons that represent the common social websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Select from a variety of plug-ins that adds social media share icons to your web pages and blog, as it is a key to your social media exposure.

5. Be Active on Social Media

Getting traffic to your recently started website from social media is to keep your pages active and engaged. The target audience of any brand or manufacturer likes to talk about the products, news, services, or anything relevant. And, they chase such brands on the social media platforms they use. The first step is to create your official handles on difficult networks with brand logos so that you are easily recognized among the copy-cats. And, secondly, start publishing creative posts regularly.

Automating social media posts is one great idea, but to keep the users engaged and entertain, you need thorough interaction. They may need to ask questions through comments or direct messages, which needs to be answered in a timely manner. Be sure to make yourself or a representative available most of the times.

6. Encourage Users to subscribe

Encourage Users to subscribe

Email marketing is a proven technique for increasing traffic to your website. A recent setup website does not have a fan following. The users visit, review, and leave if they don’t find anything attractive. With the help of options like ‘Subscribe for updates’ or ‘Subscribe to Email Alerts’, you can make them revisit when publishing a blog, launch a product, or offer discounts.

Aim to collect email subscribers as soon as you launch the website, because your targeted audience may want to keep in touch. They like to revisit the website and they are among the highly converting users because they already know about your business and the products you deal.

7. Add Images and videos to website

Add Images and videos to website

The written content is a method of attracting search algorithm to rank your website against their ranking standards, whereas images and videos are added to catch users’ attention. The addition of captivating images communicates nature of your business to the users at a glance so that he or she no longer needs to read the text. In fact, images have the power to create a visual context that compels the users to know more about the website. Hence, they keep on browsing more posts, pages, and products.

Addition of videos is a way forward in making the users understands a product or service. Internet users are known to be the laziest species as they give preference to videos over images and text. They would like to watch and listen to your promotions rather than reading the sentences one by one. You can upload videos about products on the popular video sharing networks and get traffic directly to your website.


Every website depends on traffic either it’s a news publishing agency or eCommerce website. They need traffic to educate, entertain, and serve them to earn money. Writing creative content that is duly optimized for specific business keywords will help you build traffic.

The search engines are deeply in love with unique and useful content. Pay attention to the content that is text, images, and the videos you create and distribute it one the prominent channels, that will drive traffic to your website.


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