7 Tested Ways To Attract Guest Bloggers To A New WordPress Blog

7 Tested Ways To Attract Guest Bloggers To A New WordPress Blog


Having guest bloggers on your blog adds different flavours to your content strategy. Your audience gets to hear a different perspective everytime you publish a guest post. Guest bloggers bring new voice and ideas for your reader. This blend of unique content and audience engagement ultimately benefits your blog.

Finding someone to contribute to your blog is easy, however, finding a quality writer who can contribute unique content to your blog is rather tough. But there are some proven ways that can attract great guest bloggers to your new blog.

Let’s check them out!

Give Spotlight To Guest Content

Once you have published a guest blog, you need to highlight it while sharing it on different platforms. Mentioning the name of the author and where he works will give him recognition for his work. This will motivate him to provide you with more quality content in the future as well.

Moreover, this method will attract other guest bloggers as they would want the same level of recognition from your blog.

Create Engagement

Guest bloggers contribute so that they could have engagement on their articles. If your blog doesn’t have an engaging audience, it won’t attract good contributors to your blog.

Start building a community by encouraging your audience to comment, share and interact with each other. This will only happen if you have unique content that drives engagement.

Provide Backlinks in the Bylines

Getting high-quality backlinks is one of the primary purposes that writers contribute to other blogs. Blogs with an option to have guest bloggers on their website include author bios where they give a link back. Since the author bios are right at the end of an article, they go mostly unnoticed by the readers.

The right way to include a byline goes something like this “This article was contributed by (name) who works for (company name). If you’re interested in writing a guest post on our blog, read the guest posting guidelines.”

Engage with the Community

WordPress has a huge community where you can find developers, designers, and writers. You can interact with them on different forums and groups. However, you need to brand yourself as a blogger who runs a specific type of blog so that you can attract the most suitable writers.

Since the community includes a large number of writers, the screening process might take long but it’s a good way to reach a greater pool of quality guest bloggers.

Jazzup the Author Bio With Gravatar

author bio

Guest bloggers look for exposure when they are contributing to a blog. Apart from giving them traffic, engagement and backlinks, you can include a Gravatar in the author bio. This would include their name, profile picture and the place they work.

Add Contributor Guidelines To ‘Write for Us Page’ on Your Blog

Write for us

Having a contributor guideline page shows that you are accepting guest authors. Guest bloggers looking for blogs to contribute may find your blog attractive because you have a dedicated page that has all the information they need. You can specify on that page that whether you are looking for WordPress tutorials or plugin and theme reviews.

You can also include a contact form on the landing page for contributors so they can easily pitch their content to you for approval.

Reject With Grace

Reject With Grace

Every guest post you receive won’t meet the quality standard of your blog. Therefore, you must go through a rigorous screening process. While you accept the good articles, don’t forget the ones you reject.

Go through every article and point out some things that can improve the content. Communicate those mistakes to the writer so that he can improve as a writer. This will create a positive rapport between you and the writer and he might revert back to a better quality guest post.

Final Words

Having guest bloggers is a great way to grow your blog, however, finding contributors with spot-on writing skills is a challenge. In order to do that, you must become a talent magnet that attracts high-quality guest authors. By following the tips mentioned in the article, you will stand out from the multitude of blogs looking for contributors.


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